Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Home (Photos)

Several people have asked me about my house photos, so I am reprinting them. I will not however republish the orginial post. I am still hurt by the unkind comments made to me during Boo Mama's home tour because they were closed minded indivuals. Karma will come back to kick them. Ok enough on that...If you want to see more photos of my house and some of my collections you can find them in the photo section on my sidebar

The front of our building

img_1185.JPGas you come in my front door. The photo above the couch is John Waterhouse "The Lady of Shalott"

img_1177.JPGanother view of the living room..This one is a little fuzzy.

img_1174.JPGThe top of my entertainment center holds my Goddess Statues along with some of my husbands Budda's, special stones, a feather and flowers. On the wall is a cresent moon, a properity hex, and a besom (broom)

img_1172.JPGLooking into the dinning room. That plaque on the wall next to the white cabnit is of the green man.

img_1196.JPGMy dinning room table. I love the windows, they let in a lot of light

img_08851.JPGMy bottle Collection

img_0609.JPGClose up of the window in photo above. Most of these bottles are old.

img_1170.JPGAs you can see my kitchen is small

img_12341.JPGour only bathroom is tiny

img_1230.JPGMy bed

img_1231.JPGThe dresser

img_1233.JPGA wall hanging of the Goddess

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