Thursday, December 28, 2006

Checking in

I thought I better check in before they send out the blog police for me ha ha.
Sorry I haven't posted since Monday but frankly I needed a few days after hearing the news of my husband's brothers family to just let it all sink in. Not only was the man driving without a license, and drunk, he is an illegal immigrant and does not have papers to be in this country. It makes me sick. I just finished reading the fourth day of front page news for the Salt Lake City Utah papers talking about this tragedy. I have seen my brother in law on TV (via the Internet) forgiving the man who crashed into them and shook my head in awe at how he can do this. I am not as a forgiving person. I have questioned how fragile life is, and ask myself if there is really a plan for each of us. Is there a lesson in all of it? I have thought over and over, what if just one more person had been in line in front of the family as they checked out that night. Would those few seconds of delay changed the moment of impact. What if the city had changed just a few more seconds on the traffic light. Would they had got the red light instead of the green, and perhaps watched this drunk driver speed down the road while they sat safely at the intersection. What if they had not attended the party at all and been safe at home in there bed. Would something else have happened that night to claim there lives. Do you believe that when it is your time to die, do you die regardless of where and how it happens?
So many thoughts have run through my head over it all.
All I know is that this family seemed to be loved by everyone. One article stated that over FIVE HUNDRED people visited my niece in ONE day while she was in the hospital. FIVE HUNDRED...Most of them total strangers who just wanted to go by and say how sorry they were. I am proud of the loving people who have reached out to them Business have donated proceeds from sales, trust funds have been set up. Love is truly and amazing thing. Tonight I am grateful that they have such an out pouring of it.

If you would like to read any of the stories you can do so hereCeran Family
Also I know none of you here in blog land know these people but I have set up a blog page for commentsMemorial Page and I think it would be sweet of anyone reading this to drop them a note just to let them know you heard about what happened and wish them well. If you do visit the site and for some reason mention you read about it here, please use my name as Pat and do NOT refer back to this url..I prefer to keep it private

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