Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm making a list and checking it twice

Yeah! I made it. I am off work until Tues. I can not believe how much money people spent this year on gifts for there pets. It mind boggled me to think that it seemed so normal to people to shell out fifty, sixty, or even over a hundred dollars for dog treats and toys. I certainly don't have that kind of money to spend on a dog(cat, bird, fish etc) I kept thinking to myself, why aren't you at the mall buying real presents. I also thought You are all stupid because the dog does not know what day of the week it is and on Tues all of this stuff is going to be half price. Ok, ok, I confess, I do have a stocking for my dog, but I spent maybe ten bucks on toys and treats, nothing like the people we have had in. I also have to give the stupid person of the year award to a lady that came in today. She asked me a price for a dog bone. I quoted her one and she said good. That she had $20.00 to spend on her dog and that was all she had because SHE LIVES IN HER VAN!. I thought you are kidding me. Nope she was serious. She lives in her van and she was in a pricey pet store spending twenty bucks on a DOG. I just shook my head. Tis the season I suppose.

On that note I wamt tell everyone to
I am not going to be blogging any more until at lest sometime Monday Evening. Tomorrow morning I have to get my laundry done and in the afternoon we will be heading to my mom's house where all my family will meet for dinner and a gift exchange. Then on Christmas morning I will be at my daughters house for my grandson to open his Santa. In the afternoon we will be having Christmas dinner with my ex, then I plan on taking a nap! Take care everyone.

Hugs and warm wishes to all of you.



Blogger peppylady said...

It amazing what one spends on the holidays.
I heard the average this year is around nine hundred dollars.
We only spent about half of that.

In my opinion the media and corporation try to make us a consumer feel worthless.
May on some but I don't.

Have your self a great Christmas and better up coming year.

December 24, 2006 at 1:57 PM  

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