Saturday, January 27, 2007

Are You Ready

I had to delete the photo for this post..It was causing problems with the layout on my side bar

It said are you ready for the weekend?

No real plans here. My grandson stayed over last night so I had to get up early with him. He is watching Thomas the train on video AGAIN. I think this is about the 900th time I have seen these cartoons. I've never seen a kid this young (20 months) be so involved in a train. He knows which movie is Thomas, and we hear all day long. Choo choo! He must have a dozen choo choo trains already. Thank heaven for thrift stores, as Thomas is not cheap. I don't remember my son loving trains this this much, but he did have some trains. If I recall correctly it was his dad who wanted them more than him though ha ha. Anyway not much is going on here.

My husband has to work today, and I am off...go figure.
It's cold here this morning, but is suppose to get around 60 degrees, so this afternoon, my daughter, her dad and I plan on taking my grandson out to the peting zoo. I will take some photos to share later. I need to clean, but probably won't and of course every weekend is laundry day.

I'm off again tomorrow..Yeah. This is two weekends in a row I have had off. Unfortunately it is due to cuts at work, and my hours are down from 40 to 30, so the old pocket book is hurting. January sucks in retail. Everyone is broke after the holidays so business is slow. I hope it picks back up soon, if not I may have to look for something else. Only problem is 'something else" is hard to find, because the other companies are the same way. They do cut backs and lay offs this time of year. If I do change jobs, I am thinking of getting two part time jobs instead of one full time. It will just depend if I can find two that won't want me to work nights. I don't mind one or even two a week if it is not late, but I can't do more than that, keeping the baby the way I do.
Anyway I hope everyone has a good weekend.



Blogger dot said...

Things should be picking up soon with everyone starting to get income tax refunds. Hope you can hang on.

One of our grandkids loves trains too. I have a little key wound train that I paid 99 cents for and it is the first thing he goes to when he comes here. At home he has Thomas stuff too.

January 27, 2007 at 7:19 PM  

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