Monday, March 19, 2007


If the police wake you up at 4 am pounding on your door, it is usually not good news. Thankfully for my daughter and for her dad it was just an annoyance.
It seems that some one went peeling out of our parking lot during the night on Saturday and wiped out two cars. The police were going door to door in their building trying to find out who the hit cars belong to. We had been out in my daughters car earlier in the day so she did not park in her usual parking space in front of the building. Instead of being in the middle. She parked on the end. My ex and his friend had been parked in the next to the middle space but had gone out to dinner. When they got home the space was taken so they parked a couple of spaces down.The cars that were in those middle spaces were hit. Even with them being parked where they were If the impact on them had been any harder it would have hit my ex on one side and his lady friend on the other. She then would have been pushed into my daughter

Look how close they came to getting hit.

My daughter has the silver car on the end..the light blue car belongs to my ex's lady friend, the silver car sitting half sideways is the one that got hit. It knocked into the black car, and that came inches from hitting my ex. Whew..What a mess.
Here are a few more shots. You can see the skid marks on some of these.

This last photo is of my husbands car. He was parked in front of our building which is next door. As you can see the skid marks came dangerously close to him too.

We all breathed a sigh of relief that none of us got hit. My daughters car is still in my ex's name and he pays her insurance for her. I have a different policy, but it is with the same company. Can you imagine the mess we would have had getting them to believe us if we all called in with claims on a hit and run. I think that one would
have been more like a ripleys believe it or not!

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Blogger Gary said...

You were really lucky. You must have kissed a blarney stone. :)

March 19, 2007 at 11:08 PM  
Blogger That Chick Over There said...

Wow, that would have sucked! Glad it worked out okay!

March 20, 2007 at 6:20 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Good grief!

March 28, 2007 at 5:37 PM  

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