Thursday, March 15, 2007

Warning: Long post full of rants and complaints

Oh God, it's only Thursday and I am really beat. What a hard week this has been. Work really sucks right now. Our store has been in the mist of a major renovation. The owner sent in a team from another store to do the majority of the work, but everything has been out of sorts for several weeks now. Almost everything has been moved around and I feel stupid when someone ask me where they can find something and I go uhh duh, let me go find it. That is bad enough, then to top things off the last few days the owner himself has been in and he has been one mean SOB. I can't believe how he talks down to us. I was asked to sweep the store one day (which was ok by me, I don't mind) and I missed a bit of dirt and dust on one aisle and he came unglued. He told me it was Unacceptable and ridiculous. I just bit my tongue and moved on. Then later in the day he jumped on me for answering the phone (it was the business phone that I always have helped answer when the customer service lady is busy). I almost lost it and snapped back at him that we always help each other out. I was told that I WAS NOT TO BE UP FRONT. I wanted to tell him kiss my grits! I was off yesterday and then today he was there again. I had to sweep the entire store. (I was hired as a cashier not a janitor)Then start mopping it. After mopping for almost two hours, he finally left. I really wanted to just throw the darn thing down and walk out, but I need the job. I may not have to worry much longer. I heard a rumor that hours are being cut and one girl said she saw a schedule for next week and I had been cut down to something like 16 hours. (I am full time and have already been cut to 30 hours because business is so slow)If this is true then I am out of there. I can't live on that little bit of time.
I should know tomorrow when the new schedule comes out.
Anyway this week from hell has come on top of the heels of all the stuff going on in our apartment complex. They did finally come and get the floor in, cabinets and counters done etc. But look at the mess they made with the kitchen floor.

Can you believe they cut the carpet and flooring like that and just left it? They still haven't been back to do any plastering or painting and my ex-husband finally came by and fixed the hole in my bathroom for me. He does that type of work in another apartment complex (owned by the same management company) so he had the stuff. I still have to get that sanded down and paint. On the bright side I did buy a pretty yellow paint for the kitchen and plan pale purple for the bathroom.
Anyway the reason the week has been horrible on the home front is we got a notice at the end of last week letting us know that someone from the office would be coming this week to inspect the work. Typical of this dump. All they told us was that it would be ONE DAY THIS WEEK. Like that tells me anything. Well because I had no idea when they would come I have been hiding my dog and kitty's. Yep, I'm illegal, and the office doesn't know I have them. They want THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS EACH as a deposit plus TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS EXTRA a month PER ANIMAL. (we are allowed two and I have three so that already is a no no). To be honest. I don't have that kind of money. Most of us living out here don't. I have talked to a few neighbors and they are hiding animals too. We all have this unspoken thing between us. I don't tell on them, they don't tell and me and what the office doesn't know won't hurt them.
So for this entire week, my sweet babies have been living in the garage at my daughters boyfriends house. Thankfully he has been taking care of them for me. They finally came today and did the inspection so I am bring them home tomorrow.
I know someone will be back in to fix that floor but I can deal with that because it will be a contractor and not the office staff.
Oh a note of interest. When the staff walked into the apartment two door down from me they caught a would be burglar. Yep just as they were unlocking the door and walking in, a man was trying to crawl in the kitchen window which had been left open. The couple that lives there had gone to the laundry mat. They chased the guy but he got away. We found out that TWO other downstairs apartments have been broken into in the last couple of weeks. Great I thought, since I live on the ground level.
Maintenance came out and installed a security bar for my downstairs sliding door, but the windows just have standard locks. OH well they say you get what you pay for and this is what we get for living near the projects. (We have had one shooting this year in the building next door)
There is never a a dull moment in my life it seems. Oh well, look at the bright side. If my hours at work are cut then I will be home to scare off the thugs.
(Sorry this is a long post but sometimes a girl just has to bitch)

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Blogger Jean said...

Sorry to hear you've had such a bad week! Sounds like it might be a blessing if you have to change jobs! Hope the weekend improves!

March 16, 2007 at 9:12 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

Wow...what a week you've had!!
We would have had to pay extra for a pet at the apartments but here in the house it is OK...the limit is one pet though!
I hope you find and even better job, one that just suits you!! I hate to work for bosses like that anyway, due to some verbal abuse as child I don't deal well with adults that try to do the same now...I do come unglued and end up in deeper trouble ~sigh~
Take care and wishing you a happy weekend!!

March 16, 2007 at 3:00 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

You deserve to bitch. I would too. Sounds like you should send your boss over to your complex and let him look at their work.

March 28, 2007 at 5:27 PM  

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