Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We pause for a moment to....RANT

Ok, so I've been pretty good lately not to use this blog to rant, but sometimes you just have to let off steam, so click close if you don't read rants.

Lets see where do I start...Hmmmm, Ok lets begin with my favorite subject. My grandsons biological dad who I choose to refer to as "the sperm donor". Now if you have read my blog before you already know "the sperm donor" is a loser. I won't take up your time going into details as to why. We will just leave it at that and you have to trust me when I say DEAD BEAT. He only pays child support when the courts get after him with threat's and only checks on his son once in a blue moon when he gets a bug up his butt or his mom gets a bug up her butt to be human, which isn't very often. The last time they remembered there was a kid named Cody was around the 4th of July. Keep in mind now that this is October, and not only is it October but we are pushing the end of the month!

Anyway it must have been one of those rare blue moons last Friday because without warning my daughter gets a call on her cell phone from "the sperm donor".
He left her a message claiming he had been trying to call her and that he wanted to come get his son and keep him from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.
And get this..if she doesn't call him back he is going to have the police come with him on Saturday morning to pick the baby up.

Are you seeing red yet! Oh let me tell you I came unglued. HOW DARE HE. First of all my grandson does not remember him. He is two..It has been FOUR frigging months since he has seen this man. He has not once called to even ask if he was dead or alive. I told my daughter ignore him. She has moved and he didn't know her new address anyway (she had mailed him a copy of the new address when she filed it with the courts but it had not reached him at this time)and if he showed up around here with the police the only one they would be picking up would be me after I beat the crap out of him. I'm sorry but you just do not come pick up a child that does not know you and keep him over night without some kind of psychological trauma. This man (and his family) have always been told there is an open door policy to see the baby. They are the one who have chosen not to use it. In the two and a half years since my grandsons birth "the sperm donor" has seen him maybe 15 times. This is not a relationship. Now don't get me wrong. It wasn't him wanting to see the baby that pissed me off so bad, It was how he did it. If he had called and asked to spend some time with him, fine, he should, its his kid. He needs to know his dad. but don't come threatening and trying to take him over night when he doesn't know him. If he has asked for a couple of hours or even for the day, fine, it was the over night and the police part that did it.

Anyway my daughter called the "sperm donors mom" and talked with her. (she is another blog post all in itself and I won't bore you with that today but she has only seen Cody about 4 or 5 times in his life and she lives about 10 minutes away. Again her choice)
Long story short her and my daughter came to an understand and she let her come get him for awhile on Saturday afternoon. We do not know if "the sperm donor" saw his son or not.
I personally would be happy to hit him in the head with a shovel and bury him out back but that is against the law and my morals so I will leave his fate up to karma.

Ok on to the next rant...Oh you thought that was enough..Sorry its been one of those weeks again hit close if your bored with me

Rant number 2 is the DR I saw yesterday.
Ok short version of this rant. I have no medical insurance so I got a number for a low cost clinic that works on a sliding scale. ONE MONTH ago I call and get an appointment for yesterday. I get there and wait one hour past my appointment time only to be taken into a room where I wait another twenty minutes. This woman Dr, walks in ask why I am there. I explain, I need meds for high blood pressure and have no insurance I heard about your clinic I need to get established somewhere so I can be monitored. Also I say to her I have high cholesterol I was border line diabetic at one time and I have arthritis in my knee which bothers me a lot and I need something for it because I work retail. Oh and by the way since I work retail can she give me a note letting my job know that I have it and it is recommended that I wear a supportive shoe such as a sneaker especially darning the holidays.

Can I see your knee she says. I lift my pants leg above my knee...She stands across the room and says Yep it looks like you have ostro arthritis.. I asked her can she give me something for it. Nope, take Tylenol she says. She then walks over with the stethoscope listens for two seconds to my heart and lungs and says come on I will write your prescription now. I was stunned. She never even touched the knee. I said to her are we done in this room. Yep she says as if dismissing me. I really wanted to bang her head into the wall.
(are we seeing a pattern here that I am over stressed lol)

So we go into the other office she writes the prescription and says to me..I want to see back in three months. I don't think your sick I think your just tired...well DUH! I never claimed to be sick, I told her why I was there. Then she goes on to say she wants to do a blood test. When I asked her why she said because I told her I was tired..I thought lady you are pushing me. I had told her when she asked how I was that I was tired because I was on my lunch hour and that I work 40 hours a week and that I had a husband a home and helped my daughter with my grandson in my spare time. Damn I guess I am tired. I asked her..is this for chlorestial..Nope, just CBC and thyroid. At this point I am just over it and ready to go, so I agree to the test.
I think it was just her way of getting more money out of me.
So she hands me the papers and there is no note for work about the shoes. I question her and she goes on to tell me that she doesn't recommend special shoes that she is not a orthopedic, and that if I want a note that I will have to go to one of them. Again I am ready to say something but I bite my tongue since jail is not a place I really want to live.
I did ask her if she would at lest write a note saying I have the arthritis and might be more comfortable in a support shoe. That seemed to satisfy her but it took the nurse ten minutes to get the note once all was said and done, by then I had been away from work almost three hours and was trying to get back, so I grabbed it without thinking and left. When I got to work to hand it in along with receipt showing where I had been it had someone else last name on it.
Pass me a shovel please!
I just marked it out and wrote mine there and handed it anyway.
Oh by the way, ho wis your week going



Blogger Sacred Suzie said...

The medical community drives me crazy sometimes, I don't know how you handle it! That's insane. You can't just look at a knee and know there is arthritis there, that's insane.

I'm so sorry to hear about these donor people, what an absolute mess. These dark entities are awful!

October 23, 2007 at 1:08 PM  
Anonymous motherwintermoon said...

I'm really sorry you're going through all this needless crud right now. I've had more than my share of crud dumped on me, so I can relate.

I've had some terrible experiences with the medical community.

There's just no reason for people to inflict their ignorance and crud on other people. All I can say is Arrgh! with you and for you.

(((Caring, Healing Hugs))), MW

October 23, 2007 at 5:14 PM  
Anonymous gramma storm said...

I've dealt with "sperm donors" before. My daughters' dad was much like your grandson's. Only see them when they could be bothered, then demanded to see them for a weekend (or in my case, two weeks. Can we say "I don't think so!") I ended up having him see them a couple of hours the first weekend, a couple more the next and over several weeks gradually bring it up to overnight. The judge liked my solution so much he used it as an example for other divorced parents with one parent who didn't visit very often. Incidentally, the "SD" would go 6-8 months between visits and then wonder why his less than two year old daughter didn't recognize him. (where are their brains?)

Hugs to you and to your daughter.

October 23, 2007 at 6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH man Autumn I feel for you. I know about those sp's. I am also waiting on karma for ours. If you read my blog you know the story of ours. I mean my God how can someone sign away their rights and then sneak to see a child they have not seen or talked to in 12 years. Oh wait I know if he signs away his rights he doesn't have to pay child support. I feel in my heart what that came down to was he sold his child for like $15,000. He didn't get the money but that is about what he would have had to pay in child support. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Doctors I can't stand them bunch of know it all don't listen to you. It is like they think you can't possibly be right about anything cause you are not a doctor. Ok so now my rant is over. Love Hugs and Blessings

October 23, 2007 at 10:49 PM  
Blogger miss*R said...

I cannot begin to imagine the fear that would be going through that little boys mind if he had to go and stay at this 'strangers' house, because it sounds to me that is what this guy is a stranger. some men just don't get it.
if you grandson ever does have to go..make sure you surround him with light and ask the angels to protect him

October 24, 2007 at 4:35 AM  

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