Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2nd ghost hunt

Well the second ghost hunt with my grandson went about the way I expected. Nothing happened. If you remember back last Feb. we visited a local children's farm, and while there visited the graves of the last owners. While at that small cemetery my grandson who was two at the time told us he saw a lady in the woods. We saw no on but when I took a photo of the area this is what I got.

Since then this photo has been shown to anyone who will listen to me talk about it, including a local paranormal group. (Not the one that I went out with over the weekend) This group has shown some interest in my grandson (although they feel the photo is matricking). After several months we finally set up a time for them to meet with him at the same farm in hopes of him seeing something again. It didn't happen this time. I was pretty sure it wouldn't because he seems to have slowed down on these "sightings" of his. I think he is being influenced by his mom (and perhaps others) who are telling him that there are no ghost. Although my daughter is ok with me taking him out ghost hunting, she really and truly does not believe in it. (She thinks it is fun, she just draws the line in agreeing there might be something there)
Anyway, we have been back to this farm several times over the last few months and he has not talked about anything being there. I don't know if what ever he saw has moved on, or simply choosing not to show itself. Others have had personal experiences at this farm and there is talk of it being haunted, but yesterday it was just a quiet place for my grandson to play. (We went in after hours which was great for him, he loved it the cows loved it, everyone loved it but those of us wanting him to see the ghost ha ha). One of the investigators from the group did take lots of photos and those will be analysed in a few days so who knows maybe something will show up, who know. Oh well on to the next hunt....I am thinking about going back to Richmond on Sunday. They have some cool battlefields there and there is a lot more of Hollywood Cemetery I want to see

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