Thursday, October 30, 2008

Samhain Eve Magic

I know most of my readers do not follow a Pagan Path, but for those who celebrate Samhain instead of Halloween tomorrow I thought they might be interested in the following, and before you ask, Yes it is a "real witches spell". I know this might make a lot of people uncomfortable or even afraid, but remember this has been posted in the spirit of the season.

Samhain Protection Powder

You will need equal parts:

Chili Powder
Black Pepper
Pumpkin Spice
Black Talc(Optional)
Oris Root (If making a lot)

Use a motor and pestle to grind into a fine powder add oris root (preservative) if you make enough to share. Hum the word protection as you mix.

At midnight on Samhain Eve hold a black candle in your hands and ask Spirit to remove all negativity away from you, from the present and throughout the coming year. Light the candle. Put the powder into a clean bowl-hold your hands over the bowl and say:
Witches lair and spirit wolf night
Ancient Ones bring second sight
Blood and bones of those before
Help with with this little chore
Herbs and talc and natural things
At my bidding safety being
North for earth, and east for air
I summon spirit to help me here
Sprinkle some of the powder around the black candle.
Let it burn completely.
Bury candle end off property
Sprinkle in the corners of rooms to overcome irritation and anger
Will help avert future fights and will cleanse the mind of all evil thoughts and negative emotions.

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Blogger Sacred Suzie said...

Thank you for this Patty! I love it! Have a wonderful Halloween my spooky friend.

October 30, 2008 at 12:11 PM  

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