Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pet Peeves

I really need a better job.

Pet Peeve #1

People don't bother to tell us when there dog pees or poops on the floor..SURPRISE look what I found..

Pet Peeve #2..Why do people bring a dog into a crowded pet store on a retractable leash and let it out 4 ft. so the dog is wrapped around everyone and everything. Including other dogs who are bigger and meaner than they are...DUMB

Pet Peeve # 3..We have a vet that comes only on Saturday. It is a walk in clinic. The line starts at the front door. We have a foyer way where they wait, then go down a short hall way to see the DR. People are in line with there pets. I'm busy ringing up sales.People will interupt me and ask..Where is the vet..I smile and say to them..Go back out to the front door and get in line..I think to myself. OPEN YOUR EYES IDIOT..Why do you think all those people are in a line out there..DUH

Pet Peeve # 4..People who put there small dog up on my conyvor belt and let it stand there while they are paying me. .I want to say to them. TAKE YOUR DAMN DOG OFF THE BELT..PEOPLE DON'T WANT YOUR FLEAS..I smile instead and pet the little darling and tell it how cute it is..

Pet Peeve #5.

People who stand at the very end of the conveyor belt and won't move there things forward when they hear me tell them the belt is not working..they think my arms are TEN FEET LONG...Snap growl bite!!

I'm sure there are more things I could complain about but this is my main complaint list.

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