Friday, July 27, 2007

At the Crossroads

I was cleaning up some files when I ran across this and read over it. It reminds me of more than one time when I was standing at a crossroad.
Thankfully right now things are going smooth in my life, but Hecate is still one of my favorite Goddess, so I wanted to share this.

I sit in the blackness of the
dark moon night
with my hounds
at the crossroads
where three roads converge
at the crossroads
the place of choice
All paths lead to the crossroads
and all are desirable
but only one can you travel
only one can you choose
choice creates endings
and all beginnings come from endings
at the crossroads
Which one will you choose?
which way will you go?
though the choice is yours
here's a secret I'll share
The way to choose is to enter the void
the way to choose is to let die
the way to choose is to fly free

The Lessons of this Goddess
Hecate meets you at the crossroads when you must make a choice. Times of choice are not easy times. The challenges presented by choice necessitate a leap of faith from the person doing the choosing. Hecate says to let go of the idea that there are wrong or right choices: there is just choice. Have you been putting off making a choice because it seems to be too overwhelming or a "no win" situation? does the choice bring up fear of the unknown? Does it seem better and/or easier to remain with what you know?
Sometimes a choice must be made, yet you are not ready in such cases, the way to nurture wholeness is to acknowledge where you are and let it go. Trust that you will be able to make a choice when the time is right. Give yourself time and space. Don't press, berate, or blame yourself. You need nourishment here. When you let go, suddenly clarity comes to show you what you need. The Goddess urges you to enbrace the unknown. Know that whatever you choose will bring you something invaluable that you can use on your path to wholeness.



Anonymous Fey said...

She's one of my favorites, too. Queen of the Crossroads. Oh, my. Do I know what those crossroads look like!

July 27, 2007 at 4:06 PM  
Blogger miss*R said...

I like Hecate too and I love this information! It was between Hecate or Cerridwen for me.. and Cerridwen kept pointing the way.. any information on her? I am wanting to do a consecration/dedication to her.. nothing to serious or organised though..

July 27, 2007 at 7:27 PM  

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