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Witches Bottle

Thanks everyone for the supportive comments you left for me on the recent rant about my grandsons sperm donor family, Also thanks miss r for a reminder about sending out protection. I always surround him with a protective spell when he has to go with them. I usually just whisper to him that he will be safe and in my mind surround him with that thought. I think now that they are bothering my daughter again it might be time for something more permanat. I have been thinking of doing a witches bottle. When my grandson was very young I got VERY angry at the "sperm grandmother" and I buried a witches bottle in my front front yard. I put a lot of things into that bottle (which I won't revel here) including all my anger. It kept his sperm donor grandmother away from my daughters house/my house for all this time. This past weekend was the first time she had set foot in my daughters space in over 2 years (my daughter usually takes him to her for the visit). My daughter had a very hard time not aguring with her and the vibes were very bad she said. I am thinking it is time for another witches bottle because when my daughter moved this time she left my circle of protection. When she moved things changed and along with those changes it has allowed the protection to thin.
Interested in making your own witches bottle? Here is a brief history and how to make one.

(From Wikipedia)

The witch bottle is a very old spell device. Its purpose is to draw in and trap evil and negative energy directed at its owner. Folk magic contends that the witch bottle protects against evil spirits and magical attack, and counteracts spells cast by witches.

A traditional witch bottle is a small flask, about 3 inches high, created from blue or green glass. Larger and rounder witch bottles, up to 9 inches high, were known as Greybeards, Bellarmines, or Bartmanns. Bellarmines were named after a particularly fearsome Catholic Inquisitor, Robert Bellarmine, who persecuted Protestants and, in consequence, was labeled as a demon by his victims. Greybeards and Bellarmines were not made of glass, but of brown or gray stoneware that was glazed with salt and embossed with severe bearded faces designed to scare off evil.

A witch, cunning man or woman, would prepare the witch's bottle. Historically, the witch's bottle contained the victim's (the person who believed they had a spell put on them, for example) urine, hair or nail clippings, or red thread from sprite traps. In recent years, the witch's bottle has taken on a nicer tone, filled with rosemary, needles and pins, and red wine. Historically and currently, the bottle is then buried at the farthest corner of the property, beneath the house hearth, or placed in an inconspicuous spot in the house. It is believed that after being buried, the bottle captures evil which is impaled on the pins and needles, drowned by the wine, and sent away by the rosemary.

Sometimes seawater or earth are used instead. Other types of Witch-bottles may contain sand, stones, knotted threads, feathers, shells, herbs, flowers, salt, vinegar, oil, coins, or ashes. A similar magical deceive is the "lemon and pins" charm.

Another variation is within the disposal of the bottle. Some witch's bottles were thrown into a fire and when they exploded, the spell was broken or the witch supposedly killed.

This form of "bottled spell" dates back hundreds of years, and were prevalent in Elizabethan England - especially Anglia, where superstitions and belief in witches were strong. The bottles were most often found buried under the fireplace, under the floor, and plastered inside walls.

The Witch-bottle was believed to be active as long as the bottle remained hidden and unbroken. People did go though a lot of trouble in hiding their Witch-bottles - those buried underneath fireplaces have been found only after the rest of the building has been torn down or otherwise disappeared. The origins of this tradition have been dated at least to the 1500s. In ancient times the bottles were made of stone and originally contained rusty nails, urine, thorns, hair, menstrual blood, and pieces of glass, wood, and bone.


First select the Bottle you want to use. Your bottle maybe clear or tinted. Some people say seal with wax, but you can use a spice jar type bottle just as easy. An old mayonaise jar would work fine. I didn't want to dig a huge hole so I chose something small. It is really what feels right for you.

Clean the bottle you are going to use. Wash it with warm soapy water carefully (if you can use a specific soap made for protective purposes, so much the better) and dry it well. You can leave the bottle over night in the light of a full moon to charge it. Choose a place to hide the bottle. For a bottle to be filled as part of a ritual or ritually, it is a good thing to have all the necessary tools at hand, on your alter. You can also construct your ritual and spells and chants beforehand.

On a piece of paper write the situation or person's name you need protection from. Then start adding things like some broken glass ,some needles and/or nails (rusty nails are good too if you can find them), then add protection herbs if you wish basil, bay leaf, caraway, cinnamon, mandrake, mullien, nettle, are just a few.After this, add urine, menstrual blood or semen, or prick your finger with the sterile lancet and add as the very last thing a few drops of your blood. You won't need large amounts, blood and semen are considered potent, so few drops will do. Your bodily fluids being the very last ones as you don't want to store them even for a day. You can collect other items intended for a Witch-bottle over a long period of time, storing them until you have all the necessary items and enough of them. Items found on the ground suit the purpose well.
Fill it full of things that upset you and symbolize your anger and hatred of this person or situation you are involved in.Be sure and seal it tightly or seal with wax.

Bury the bottle in your yard. Put it someplace safe from ever being opened-most times you will want to bury it where it will remain undisturbed. Handle it as though it were toxic waste.
As you do you might say something like this.

From the darkness I conjure light
from the light I summon force,
from the force I invoke the power
to trap that which intends me harm

Let this anger stay in the bottle and believe that the person will get what they deserve from karma and not from you.



Blogger *~*Cece*~* said...

OMG this is wonderful. I've been feeling a bit uneasy lately and don't know why. I know it has to do with my husband's exwife & their kids. Then toss in the full moon and this Cancer woman is off balance. I think this is exactly what I need right now. Thanks!

October 25, 2007 at 6:43 PM  
Blogger Julie Marie said...

Wish I'd know about the witch's bottle about six months ago! I could have used it then.


October 26, 2007 at 10:23 AM  
Blogger Sacred Suzie said...

I think a witch's bottle is a perfect idea for you right now!

October 26, 2007 at 11:47 AM  
Blogger miss*R said...

i have read of these bottles alot the past few days..
another thing you could do too:
is to say to your grandson to close his eyes and to see himself on a stage.. then all the lights go out except the spot light that is all around him.. like in a concert.. tell him to stand like that for a few mins..he will think it is a fun thing and you know that he has just white lighted himself.

October 27, 2007 at 3:33 AM  
Blogger paganboynuneaton said...

Hi. Please remember a witches bottle is a very powerfull spell and talisman. The thought behind one needs to be pure and with direct intention. Many think that this kind of thouthtform can be used for general purpose but it can go wrong. Please remember the rede and give your intended bottle just cause and love, even though it is for protection.

Love and Blessings


March 20, 2008 at 8:07 AM  

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