Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Door

I have to tell you about the cool thing that happened tonight. My husband and I were invited to the home of an old friend of mine. C and I grew up together but had not seen each other in about twenty years. We do occasionally stay in touch via email or myspace, and I recently mentioned to her that I am into ghost hunting She wrote back and told me that she has one in her home. As it turns out the house is an old farmhouse about 150 years old and now sits in a quiet neighborhood with other homes around it. I loved it of course from the minute I walked in since that type of house is my dream home. I got a tour of the house and the grounds and a bit of history on the home. C and her husband are not sure who the original owners were, but they didn’t think anyone had died there. They had owned the house about ten years and they said there has always been a ghost or two, (they are not sure but feel like there is both male and female energy there) C went on to tell me that she has heard footsteps coming from upstairs in the part of the house that does not have an upstairs. (Only part of the house has the second floor) She went on to tell me that the door to one of the rooms downstairs opens on its own. Also just so you know the house is on the market for sale and that they are really having a hard time selling it.
It seems that every time someone comes to see the house, they leave saying the house feels strange or they smell an odor in the bedroom (the one with the door that opens)

Upstairs there is a small room that sits empty. C said she thought it might have been some sort of storage closet. I spent a few minutes in there, I noticed it had a window. For some reason I felt that this room had a female spirit that looked out the window as if waiting for someone to return home. I am not a sensitive, but have read in more than one case that hauntings in a home of this age seem to be women waiting for someone who does not return from the Civil War. The really strange thing about this room is it has the original door clasp and it was placed on the outside of the door as if someone was trying to lock something in the room instead of being in the room itself to lock someone out.
At no time did I feel uneasy or think there was any negative energy in this room or anywhere else in the house.

When I went back downstairs I and did not notice any type of smell. I went into the room in question several times to check.
Each time I made sure the door was closed well. At the end of the night I was not convinced the house had a spirit. Until we got ready to leave that is…..

The door was open, just slightly, but it had been closed security I am sure. C showed me that just turning the knob would not open the door. You had to push it after you turned the knob. No one had been near the door. At lest no one human.
I hope she invites me back. I suggested to her that I come sometime when it would just be her and I at home. I want to do some EVP recordings. See if anything shows up.
I will let you know if I get a chance to go back.

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