Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Being a mom

Even when the kids grow up, we never stop being a mom. Take me for example. I have two great kids. My son is 28 and my daughter is 24. They both live on there own, they work, and lead fully functional lives. I raised them to think for themselves and be independent. Soooo why is it that when they don't get in touch with me I panic. After all they are doing exactly what I raised them to do. BE ADULTS.
Today was a good example of me still wanting to keep them little. My son is working out the area. He calls once in a blue moon. I think he should call more often...So I dial him up, get his machine and leave a voice mail. Hey son no one has heard from you lately, call someone in the family and let us know your alive. Several hours later, not only does my phone ex husband, my daughter and my mom all get a call..He just wanted to touch base...Ha Ha..
I pat myself on the back.

Now take the daughter. As you know if you read this blog at all her and I are pretty much joined at the hip even if she is Miss Independent.
We talk everyday. Or at lest I talk, but she proved today she doesn't always listen
Our conversation yesterday went something like this.
Bye honey, I will talk to you tomorrow, I am off so call me when you get off work..Ok mom night.
Ok so I go about my morning running errands, doing laundry and so on. I sit down about 2 and think..Well Rebecca should be off soon..(she is usually off between 1 and 2) a half hour passes and I dial her cell. It goes straight to voice mail..hmmm I wonder if her battery is dead. I leave a message. Hi, it's mom give me a call...
I wait about 20 minutes and try again..Same thing. So I figure she doesn't remember I am off and went home right after work instead of calling me. (Usually on my day off I go with her to the babysitter and get my grandson then we spend an hour or so thrift shopping or window shopping at the mall, run to walmart that kind of thing)
Anyway I call the house and her line is busy..This makes me go hmmmm but I know sometimes her boyfriend is sleeping so I figure maybe he is home.
Another half hour goes by and now it is 3. I still cant get her and the line is still busy so I turn into MOM...where is my kid..I call her baby sitter. I ask her to have her call me when she picks up my grandson..She reports to me that my daughter didn't come today..that she had called and said she didn't feel good..Now I am not only MOM I am NEROTIC SUPER know the one who worries, panics and thinks all sorts of horrible thoughts..I have visions of her laying in the floor while my grandson is sitting in the floor in his underwear crying..
I rush out to my car and race the ten minutes to her house...Bang Bang, ring ring..Whew...She comes to the door. I forgot you were off today she says..and the phone wasn't working..
My heart returns to a normal beat and I go in and visit awhile...

Life is good..

(this is a true not try this at home...this was written for dramatic purposes only..I do repeat however that this is a true story ha ha ha ha)



Blogger Carrie said...

My mother lives next door to me. I would say that we are rather close but I am a recluse. I rarely talk to anyone so she makes me spend 2 hours with her every other sunday. I'm not the most amusing or entertaining person to be around so that makes me cranky. Sometimes I like our relationship at a distant because I feel like I am mean to her. We love our mom's but we just aren't as aware of you as you are of us.


November 19, 2008 at 9:34 PM  
Anonymous tipper said...

My Mom used to drive me crazy-asking me to call and check in. Now that I have kids-I totally get it!! I think I'll just sneak some gps tracking chips in on my girls when they get ready to leave the nest!!

November 20, 2008 at 10:56 AM  

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