Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tale of the Stonecutter

This was in my email today and is from About U. free email courses "Daily Pagan Devotionals"

A stonecutter was labouring one day, cutting blocks of granite. It was hot and he was unhappy with the hard work. A local official came by the quarry, carried in a covered chair. The poor stonecutter had to walk wherever he went. He watched the official go by, wishing that he could be that important. The Gods were listening, and the stonecutter found himself turned into a city official, being carried through the streets by servents. It was wonderful to be treated with such respect. But as his chair was carried through the streets, he had to stop. He yelled to the servents about the delay. .
One told him that the emperor himself was travelling through the city, and all traffic had to halt to give him passage. The stonecutter sighed and became angry. He wanted to be emperor so that everyone would have to wait for him. Again, the Gods answered his prayer and turned him into the emperor. The entire city stood by while his caravan travelled by. This was living! Finally, the stonecutter was an important man. As the day wore on, he became very hot. Even the cover on his wagon couldn't protect him from the fierce sun. He looked into the sky and became angry. Even as emperor, the sun was still more powerful than he. He wished to be the sun, and the Gods allowed it.
As the sun, he glared down on the world, feeling more powerful than ever. Until a cloud floated in front of him, and blocked his hot rays from the earth. Again he wishes, and again the Gods transformed him. Now he was a cloud, blocking the sun and raining on the world. He moved through the sky, enjoying his new great power, until he was blocked by a tall mountain. How could this mountain be more powerful than I? The Gods turned him into the mountain. Now he was huge, massive and untouchable. That was great power. Then he felt something chipping at his base. What could be stronger than a great mountain, he thought? Down on the ground, there was a stonecutter.
I'm sure the moral here is obvious. Constant yearning to be something you're not, will never lead to happiness. Even people who may seem to have everything, probably don't.

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