Friday, September 8, 2006

Hello Operator Can You Help Me Place This Call?

If your shopping for a prepaid cell phone service DO NOT get Net10 for your service. My husband and I both have been without cell phones for several months now, having decided not to renew our contracts with our old carrier. Since our credit sucks we thought we would just go with a prepaid service this time BIG mistake. We thought we had done all the homework, looking closely at each of the pre-paid carriers out there. We settled on Net10 because you can't beat the price of minutes per dollar. So.....

We buy the phones, come home, get on line and start the activations procedure on line. About half way through we get an error...Call 1-888 blah blah we do, they finish setting it up and tell us. Ok now it will be approx 24 hours before you have service ( This is after we have already charged the battery over night ) F**k I think. So now we are into day 2 of this "simple" set up.

24 hours later the phone is ready to use...Yippie....WRONG. Every time I dial in or out I have to insert the area code in front of the number. What a pain in the butt. SO.....I'm back on the phone again calling customer service. It is based somewhere in India, and I must admit the girl I'm talking to is doing pretty good with her broken English UNTIL...I try and explain to her. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO DIAL 757 (our area code) in front of what ever number I am trying to reach. She just can not seem to comprehend that I only want to dial the number itself. If my friends call me from a land line phone they do not want to have to dial an area code first. She has me repeat over and over the area code. NO!you idiot..I don't want that number as part of my service. I try to explain in childish words. I say to her. If I live next door to you and I am in my house using the phone I have with my phone company and I want to call my cell phone I do not want to dial 757 first...Well she just could not understand this. I finally gave up. Maybe everyone in India uses a cell phone and they do not know what a house phone is, or maybe I should just have saved up and paid a deposit to get a local carrier because my credit sucks. Regardless, it can't suck as bad as Net10...don't waste your money on them.

ON the bright side Walmart (where we got the phones) did offer us a refund of the phone itself, but the customer service rep. adviced me that net10 still has the cheapest phone cards...I just can win..

So call me...757-MY CELLPHONE SUCKS ask for Autumn



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