Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Throw Away Kitten

About an hour before I got off work yesterday I rang up a lady buying cat food. We chatted a bit and she went on her way. Just as she was walking out the door another customer was walking in. I looked up to greet her and saw she was carrying a box. . MEOW, MEOW,MEOW I heard coming from it. Oh no I thought to myself..Do not be coming in this store with kittens because I can NOT take home another cat. The lady I had just rang up stopped to see what was in the box, and both of them came over to me. Inside the box was a tiny little black and white kitten covered in dirt and mud, a bit damp and scared to death. . It looked to be about 3 weeks old. Way to small to be away from it's mom. The lady with the kitten explained to me that she had found the kitten. It seems someone had throw it away!!

She found it on the side of the road, near the over pass. Of course I scooped the kitten into my arms, and begin rubbing it to warm it up. Meow, Meow, Meow .ohhh my heart was breaking. How could someone throw away something so tiny and precious. The customer I had just rang up must have felt the same way because she immediately told the woman she would take the cat. We all hurry over to the cat isle and got milk supplement and a bottle. I gave the kitty a little bit more love and turned it over to its new owner. There was a part of me that really wished the lady had left just a few seconds sooner than she did, because I would have brought that baby home in a heart beat. It wasn't meant for me though and I am happy it found a home. She looked just like my baby Molly and when I got home the first thing I did was get both of my cats and love and hug them. I didn't realize how much it had upset me until my husband came home, but as I recalled the story to him I started to cry. I just can't believe someone did that..I was so angry. I just wanted to throttle them. I hope they get paid back someday..

Anyway speaking of cats. I don't think I have mentioned the Ferrell's for awhile This afternoon my daughter and I took my grandson for a walk and we were surprised to find that there were four kittens now living among the Ferrell's. They looked to be about 6-8 weeks old. We knew someone had been feeding the cats for awhile because they had food on the balcony. Tonight they were home and as soon as they saw us they came outside.

Both my daughter and myself thought that they were a bit strange, but we are glad they at lest feed the kittens. We were able to catch one of them and it was very calm. The others just looked at us, and ran. They all are in need of medicine for there eyes. The woman living in the apt. told us that she has homes for them, but we think she lied. Supposedly she is going to catch them this weekend and give them to friends. My daughter said she is full of it and probably has no intention of giving them away. She is just one of those crazy cat ladies who keeps feeding them and letting them breed. My daughter told me that she is going to wait a week and if the kittens are still there we will go when the people are not home and try and trap them. Hopefully we can get the one that is a little tame and at lest get some medicine for its eye..

I just don't understand people...

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