Monday, September 4, 2006

My Other Blog

One of my readers left me a comment talking about people having "hidden blogs" and I wanted to address that in an open post..My other blog isn't really what I would call a hidden blog. I am just not willing to put my url on this blog because of my ex husband and his lady friend..She knows who she is, and why. She caused a lot of problems the last time I had it public. I know she has read this blog and I don't want her to have the url..I hope no one thinks that the other blog is some sort of perverted double life type of thing..It's not..It simply talks about my life as a child, a teenager, and a young bride. I go on to talk about my life as a young mother, and navy wife. When my ex and I moved to Tenn...around 1991 I was very unhappy and became addicted to Internet chat rooms. I talk very openly about that and the result..which was me having an affair, divorcing my ex and marrying a man I met in a chat room..

I will be continuing from where it left off...Where the blog ended last year was at the point where my ex and I split up...His lady friend had got the url by then and was passing it along..I was not only angry, but hurt because I thought at the time that my ex might be able to read some of the thoughts I had and allow himself to heal emotionally from some of the hurt I caused.. This same woman still has the url to this blog and although I am not sure how often she looks at it she can at any time..There fore my blog is not "hidden" for any reason other than I won't give her the url..I hope this clears up some of the mystery behind "the other blog" As I mentioned before if I know you because you have comment on here and want the url you can email me and I will send it to you..



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