Friday, September 1, 2006

The Storm

Ernesto is expected to come through here today and we are already getting wind and rain. Electricity went off twice during the night and just came back on. I don't know how long it will stay so if I disappear don't worry. I will be back when the electric comes back. Lots of closings here today. Thankfully it is my day off already so I don't have to go out anywhere. My son is off but my sister is suppose to work unless the mall in Va. Beach closes. My daughter called in, so her and the baby are safe and sound. My husband is preparing to go..They have back up generators, but I am concerned about rising water on the streets as the heaver rains come in. If he goes he may get stuck. The ex works just down the street so I think he can get home, but I worry about my husband. Also my brother is a police officer in a nearby city and I am sure he is out on the streets today. Everyone please keep our family (and the entire east coast ) in your thoughts and prayers today. As I mentioned if the eclectic stays on I will update on and off today. I have charged the batteries for the camera so photos will also be posted from time to time..

See ya...

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