Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Work and other things

I can always tell when a person has never worked retail a day in there life. They are all the same. Rude, obnixious and in a hurry. Today Mr. I want it now and you better snap to it came in. I was on my way to the trash dumpster when he caught me. "I need help he said, walking briskly away from me". What was it you needed I ask...Thinking to myself. If you would stand still jerk and tell me what you want maybe I can help you..

I want this dog bed, I don't see it, How much is it. he says....I look at the bed and say to him..Here is the price..pointing to the printed sign taped to the shelf under it..Thinking to myself open your eyes idiot...

It is $39.99 I say. Well it doesn't have a price on it..he says..I think look jerk I just told you the price..I smile and tell him let me go up front and make sure this is the right tag..and I walk away telling him I will be right back.

As I turn to leave he is saying Well nothing is ever priced in here, I don't know how you can stay in business, It is like this every time I come, I just keep walking and think to myself ...why do you come here then Ass hole.

I return a few minutes later having confirmed the price and that we did have others in stock. I also bring a tape measure to make sure the one I showed him is the one that matches the price sign...I say to him that price is correct , measure the bed and confirm it.

While I was gone he has picked out a cloth pillow bed, which of course was not priced. So I smile again, say Oh I'm sorry let me check that for you and once again go all the way to the front of the store to price the darn thing. I As I am leaving I hear him say...This is why this store is always empty.Your going to go out of business because nothing is priced. I don't say a word as I walk away but think Fuck You...and tell my manager that she needs to go wait on this man before I take the bed pillow and smother him with it. I get the price, take it back to Mr Jerk, He is still complaining because he can't find the bed in a box..I look at the item number, walk right up to the box, point and tell him there they are..Thinking..You are such a jerk I hope they all fall on your head when you pull it down..He jerks the one off display and says to me..I will just take this one..Fine I think...just go (to hell) I walk up front with the man ring him up and smile..Have nice day I say....I tell my manger....I hope his dog pees on the bed..

And how was your day

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