Friday, September 8, 2006


Thank goodness it is Friday. I am really tired. For the last several weeks this has been my day off, but I'm off tomorrow instead. The day has already started off on the wrong foot. My daughter found, that my grandson's sperm doner (I wont even call him dad at this point). Now has a place of his own..evidently with his girlfriend. He is late again this month on child support and now has failed to tell my duaghter (or the court) that he has moved from his parents home. Tomorrow is his day to get the baby for the weekend. What a jerk. If someone hadn't told my daughter he moved we wouldn't have even know or known where the baby was for 48 hours. They go back to court on Wed..I'm beginning to wish we had a lawyer...Grrrrr

Anyway I'm running late....see ya

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