Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How I Met My Honey

A question over at a new chelsea morning was “How did you meet your honey”? Stop by there and play along


Here is my story

It was late spring of 1998 and I was chatting in my favorite chat room. I will admit right up front that I was a mess. My marriage was in big trouble, my kids were out of control, and I was on the edge of a mental break down. Not a pretty picture huh. Chatting on line was an escape for me. I had just moved back from Knoxville Tn. Where I had been living for the last 6 years. I hated it there and I had become severally depressed. I had turned to Internet chat rooms a few years prior and was hopeless addicted to them. It was an emotional outlet for me. I had lots of “friends” on line, so the name PonyMan was just another nick to me. I chatted with a lot of people on a daily bases. I don’t really know who said hello first, him or I but we started chatting, sharing bits and pieces of our life like most people do on the net. We both liked country music and found we had a lot in common. It wasn’t long before we started emailing little jokes back and forth in email. PonyMan was always trying to find a way to make me smile. He knew I was unhappy, and as we got to know each other better I began to confine in him. I shared with him the problems in my marriage and how things had got as bad as they did. I told him I wanted out and that I intended to leave my (ex) husband. He had been separated from his (ex) wife about a year, and he tried to encourage me to stay in the marriage and to work things out. . He told me about his heartbreak and how it affected him. I turned a deaf ear to it. I was hating life right about then and no one was going to change my mind. PonyMan and I shared a lot in those first months. Forming a strong friendship. The closer I got to him emotionally the more I knew I no longer wanted to be with my (ex) husband. I won’t go into all the details here as to why and how, but the marriage was not going to make it. My (ex) husband and I were already sleeping in separate bedrooms, and as far as I was concerned we had nothing left. I told him upfront that I had met someone and planned on going to see him. After about 6 months of chatting, email, and phone calls I knew that PonyMan was the man I wanted. We started making arrangements to meet in “real life”. I had to do a lot of soul searching in those days leading up to our meeting. I knew once I went to see him that was the end of my marriage. I knew my life would change and I had no guarantee. I was willing to take that change. As hard as it is for some people to understand I knew that I was in love with this man I had never met before. I had to take that chance. In Oct. 1998 on my 45 birthday I flew from Norfolk VA. to Salt Lake City Utah. I was met at the airport in the middle of the night by a man I had never laid eyes on except for photos. He had a smile on his face and a dozen red roses in his hands. He took my hand in his, and I never looked back. We spent 36 hours together. Talking none stop. I met his mom, and some of his friends. We toured the city and fell deeper in love. All to soon I had to get back on the plane and face reality. It was a bittersweet moment. Would we really ever see each other again? I had to believe we would. When I arrived home I told my (ex) husband that I was leaving, and about a week and a half later I moved into a motel. In Dec. of 1998. PonyMan sent me an airline ticket to once again come to Utah. This time he was waiting for me with a uhaul. We spent 4 days driving cross country and moved in together in an apartment I had rented just days before. Two years later we were married, and today I thank God for every moment we have had together.

Has it been easy? No, Would I do it again? Most days yes... Am I sorry? Never. Will we live Happily ever after? I hope so. Do I believe in love at first sight, or falling in love over a computer, of course I do. PonyMan sums it up best. He said that when I flew out there the first time, he was looking for some sort of a sign, something to let him know what he should do. Was what we were feeling real? When he got in the car after my plane left he turned on the radio..this song was playing..

Was it real? Yes....very real...

How Do You Fall In Love..Sung by Alabama

How do you fall in love
How do you say I do
When is the perfect time
To spend the rest of your life
Seasons may come and go
And sometimes it rains and snows
And there will be highs and lows
So only you will know
You never know just where it will find you
cause it can come on you so fast
Seems like it takes forever
When you want it so bad
But dont ever take it for granted
cause its more than sowing some seeds
It takes sun and water
So give it what it needs
And thats how you fall in love
Thats when you say I do
Thats when you know its time
To spend the rest of your life
Now seasons may come and go
And sometimes it rains and snows
There will be highs and lows
So only you will know
There will be highs and lows
So only you will know

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