Thursday, May 11, 2006

Busy Beavers

Just before my husband and I moved, the apartment complex we are in was bought out by new owners. Not only did the rent go up, (Mine is 45 dollars a month more than my daughter who moved in to her unit at the end of Jan.) but the new owners have gone construction crazy. All the buldings are getting a face lift. On there TO DO list is: New doors and windows, new heat and air units, new sidewalks, new carpet on the stairs, and paint. They are also re-siding the building next to me, and tearing down an old laundry room. The noise continues from sun up to sun down.

I came home from work a few days ago to find my door knob and lock covered in tape. I didn't mind that so much, I just tore a hole for the key.

This is the stairs leading to the door

What concerned me was who ever did the tape also put paper and tape over the porch light. That was THREE days ago. I took it off last night because no one has come back to finish up the paint. The paper was already scorched from the heat. What a bunch of idiots. I'm really surprised we didn't have a fire. If they come back and and get paint on the globe I guess they can bill me. I will go buy a new one. That will be cheaper than replacing everything I own.



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