Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Family Tree


I wasn't going to blog tonight, but I just revieved some wonderful news and I had to share it.

For several years now I have been searching my family tree. I have been very lucky and have found much more than I expected and can take several sides of the tree back four or five generations. The only name that has been really lost to me was that of my Great Grandmother Martha. Martha died when my grandmother was just a baby (about 1904) and my great grandfather quickly remarried since this left him with SEVEN children. I have been told that his new wife was a mean woman and never really treated the children well, but they stayed together and went on to have Four more children. As the household of children were growning up the ones that belonged to Martha were never allowed to ask about her and my grandmother never knew anything about her. This of course has made it very hard for me to trace her. I have looked for every Martha there was with her last name and posted on serveral geneology forumns. This week out of the blue I got an email from someone who had the same name in there tree. I wrote back and tonight I got the letter I have been waiting for. Martha's parents and grandparents names.

It turns out that Martha is accually Mary Marthena (Martha for short) and this is why she never showed up on the census records. I can not explain the connection I feel to this woman, and finding out more about her brings new hope to my life. I have deeper roots. Now I can continue my search and find more about my great great grandparents and generations before them

I am doing the happy dance

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