Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No She Didn't


My last customer of the day today asked me if she could put a notice on our bulletin board. It seems she had rescued two kittens about 6 weeks old. Their mother was a feral, and these two were the only ones that they could catch. It perked my attention since I have halfway been thinking of getting another kitten to go with the one I have so I asked her what color are were, and if they were male or female. She said one of each and that one cat was black the other white with a little black on it. Hmm I said. I might be interested in the white one (which she said was the female). I took her number and told her I wanted to talk it over with my husband first and would call her later tonight My daughter was over at her dad’s when I got home tonight, so I went down there to see my grandson and say hello. I casually mentioned the lady to her and to my surprise she said she wanted to go see the cat. I reminded her that if she got a cat it was HER cat, and I was not going to take it. Ok, she said. So I called and set up a time to see them. Her dad needed to go buy some food for his own cat, so he came along for the ride. When we got there I picked up the kittens only to find that both of them were males, and that what she was calling white, only had a mostly white belly but was a tabby. At first my daughter said sorry she was not interested in a boy, but there was something about this kitten that stole her heart, and the next thing I knew he was in my arms so I could check him out for her. He seems pretty healthy other than an eye infection, which I can get some medicine for tomorrow. We went to Wal-Mart and got a litter box, dish, bed, toys etc. for him and came home. The first thing I did was put the cat in the bathroom sink and gave him a good bath. He doesn’t have any fleas, but looked a little rough around the edges. I guess living outside the first few weeks of his life had settled dust into his coat, because he was filthy. The woman who gave him to us said she had kept him two weeks, and I was surprised that she had not bathed him before now. Oh well, you just can’t tell about some people. When we got home we gave him some can food, and he ate like he was starved too. So I guess he has had it pretty bad. Poor baby. We think he might have a bit of Siamese in him. It is hard to tell though with his colors and age. The daughter decided to name him Simon though, and the name seems to fit him. My cat was jealous and would have no part of this kitten even though she is just a few weeks older than him. My grandson patted his head, and jabbered at him, but he loves mine, and didn’t pay much attention to this new one. I think he will love it though in a few days when he realizes it is going to live at his house. One of the neighbors stopped my daughter, as she was walking home with the kitten. This was a lady I had never seen before. It seems she lives in my building, just in the next doorway. There was something about her the minute I saw her that made me think she might be Pagan and after talking a few minutes she came right out and told me she was. She didn’t know anyone in any of the groups I have been involved with, but said she had just moved here a few months ago from Florida, so her and I both said we would like to talk some more when we have time. She said she was in her 40’s and has no kids. Wasn’t sure if there is a spouse or not. We only talked a few minutes. I plan on seeking her out later in the week in hopes of getting to know her better. I haven’t met anyone who has a similar belief system to mine since I moved. Should prove to be interesting.

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