Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers Day

A few days ago I went shopping for fathers day cards. I needed three, one for my husband, one for my son and one for my ex. I don't know who writes these things but nothing I saw seemed appropriated.My husband is not the father of my children, and it seems all the "To my husband" cards center on words stating what a great husband and dad the man is to "our kids". After reading almost all of them I managed to find one that said something about never being lucky enough to win the lottery but being lucky to have found him. Who are we kidding here? I want the cash from the lottery ha ha. Oh well one card out of the way. On to card number two.

Trying to find one for my son was just as hard. My son and his wife are separated. He has not seen his daughter in about a year. The cards all seem to say I am so proud of what a great dad you are to your kids. Well, he is a great dad, but the kid isn't here. Why rub his nose in it. Nothing seemed to work I finally picked one out that said we are proud of the man you have turned out to be. Short and simple. One problem. It said WE. I didn't see that until I got home. I’m giving it to him anyway. His dad and I are proud. I just wish I had found one from "mom" Oh well, it's to late now to look for something else.

Card number three was for the ex. Now I know it is probably a bit unusual to buy a fathers day card for an ex husband, but he is the father of my kids, and he is a good father and grandfather. He deserves a card from me letting him know that I feel that way, and that I am glad he is there dad. Only one problem. They don't make a card that says that. The cards that say you’re a good dad also say you’re a good husband, and he isn't my husband. I finally settled on a funny card for him. Dilemma solved. There is one man though that I did not buy a card for this year. My dad. My dad passed away in Dec. 2004, and I'm missing him. For some reason this fathers day is hitting me harder than the one last year. Maybe it is because his death has finally sunk in. I just know the longer he is gone the more I miss him. I will go visit his grave tomorrow, and tell him I love him and I miss him and what a great dad he was. I don’t need a card to do that. He already knows. Happy fathers day everyone.

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