Monday, June 12, 2006

Tell Me Why

Answer me this. Why are men such pigs? Not all men mind you, but a lot of men as far as I am concerned are pigs. Take my sisters boyfriend or I should say ex boyfriend for example. Today out of the blue, after dating her for over a year he decided he no longer wants to be with her. No fight, no problems, no advance warning, just boom. No excuse at all. Just the words "I don't want to see you any more because I don't think we are right for each other and I want to break up". What a jerk. She is devastated. Her world revolved around this man. She is heart broken and in shock. She doesn't understand what went wrong. I offered to beat him up and cried with her on the phone when she told me. Sisters are like that ya know and if I thought it would change anything I would knock on his door and pop him in the nose. He is a jerk, and a pig and should be hung by his balls until they rot off, then I should bitch slap him again just for good measure because he hurt my sister!Ok now that I vented for a minute let me back up. We are not talking about kids here. My sister is in her mid 30’s and this man is ten years older than her. They have both been married before and he has two kids. My sister deserves better than this loser. She is smart she is pretty and she is younger than me ha ha. Her ex husband treated her like crap when she was married to him and she really thought she had found Mr. Right with Tim. Even though there is a big age difference (ten years) and he was not willing to have a child with her, she thought they had a solid relationship. He even took her out of state a few weeks ago to his daughter’s high school graduation. Now he decides they aren’t working out. Go figure. He makes me sick. Most men make me sick. My husband and ex included. I could go on and on about both of them, but I won’t. At lest not today.I’m going to take a bath now…A nice girly bath, one with bubbles and candles. NO MEN ALLOWED. JERKS!

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