Saturday, June 17, 2006

La Dee Da

Not much happening here the last few days. We did get the rain off the storm that hit Fl. It poured all day yesterday, which I suppose was good for the crops and grass. My flowers on the patio got a bit more than they needed and now my tomatoe plant is beat down. I need to find a stick somewhere so I can tie it up. Also one of my chimes I had hanging broke. I went to the grocery store after work tonight and they had some pretty ones, so I was at lest able to replace that. I put some steaks under the broiler for supper, and have just been sitting around tonight being lazy. I don't even have the dishes done yet. I have to get up and get the kitchen cleaned. It's almost bedtime. As I said just a la dee da day..Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting.



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