Thursday, June 22, 2006

I am Earth

Just for fun I took this survey

I am earth. It didn't surprise me. This is my favorite of all the elements. When I have particpated in public rituals I am usually asked to call earth.

This is what it said about a earth person:

The Earth Person

The Earth person cares about what is real, physical, and experiential. She learns by doing. She doesn’t care for “pie in the sky,” and she isn’t a dreamer. Her goals are achievable, and she is patient and methodical in working toward them. She likes things that are real, things that she can touch; which will show even in her aesthetics. If she is an artist, she will be drawn toward things like sculpture, or toward handicrafts, which have a “product” as an end result.

She loves her home, and although it may or may not be tidy, it is a welcoming place, with comfortable chairs, plenty to eat, and pictures on the walls. The Earth person has a highly developed nesting instinct; her home is always a touchstone, she always wants to return to it, and being “settled” is her favorite state. She may very well live near where she grew up, as her sense of rootedness is quite meaningful to her.

The Earth person commits readily—she doesn’t experience much conflict when choosing to commit, and may not see it as having negative aspects. Her friendships, romances, and jobs will all tend to be long-lasting. She doesn’t mind tedium, and is patient and tolerant of the “rough spots” in a relationship.

Romantically, Earth people are marriage-minded; they think in the long term and are generally faithful. They are unabashedly physical and enjoy their sexuality. Earth people are at home in their bodies, not just sexually. They touch readily; a hand on the arm, a pat on the back, or a sympathetic hug are the natural communication media of Earth. They enjoy the physical, even the vulgar, and they love to laugh.

Earth people can be stubborn and bull-headed. They can refuse to change their minds or their ways, even when they’re obviously stuck and need to change. They can be difficult to argue with, sticking to their position tenaciously for no other reason than it’s their position. Likewise, an Earth person can be difficult to get out of the house. Earth people are the ones whose friends drag them to parties because otherwise they’d just stay in every night. Their lives can become an endless rut.

Earth people also have an unfortunate tendency toward obesity. Although some love to exercise, and recognize it as a basically physical activity, many don’t—there’s a lot of Fire in exercise. Probably the unhealthiest Earth people are the ones who stay in terrible, even abusive, situations because they fear change. Agoraphobia—literally a fear of open spaces, but really closer to a fear of leaving the house—is a debilitating Earth disorder.

An Earth person can choose to become balanced, adding Fire, Water, and Air to her makeup for a happier and healthier life.



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