Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Sky Is Falling


The sky is falling the sky is falling. Oh wait, that isn’t the sky it is rain. Quick let’s jump in the car and then panic so we can cause traffic jams and accidents all up and down the highway. I swear sometimes that this is what people are thinking where I live. It seems that every time it rains here the traffic is ten times worst than normal. Yesterday was no exception. I had taken my grandson to visit my mom who lives about 45 miles from me. The day was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and I had not had the TV or radio on so I had no idea that rain was even in the forecast. About time I was thinking about heading home I got a call from my daughter. Mom she said. You cannot come home! Puzzled I asked why. Because it is raining so hard that you cannot see out the door, the streets are flooded and parts of the city have no electricity. Crap I thought. I wanted to get home. I’m tired, it’s getting late and I want to just go relax. I told her ok, don’t worry I won’t leave yet. Call me back when the storm is over. I went in and turned the TV on. Yep the bad weather was heading our way. I went out to check the sky and saw where the storm was rolling in. I waited about an hour and nothing was happening. The storm went around us. The TV though was reporting two feet of water on the roads around my house. Not good. Finally a few minutes later my daughter called back with an all clear, and I jumped in the car to head home. I didn’t get far before I was kicking myself and wishing I had waited another half hour. It seems every one else had the same idea to wait out the storm. Traffic was horrible. What normally takes me 45-50 minutes to drive took almost an hour and 40 minutes. To top it off, the rain had not stopped completely. The only dry place in the world must have been in my mom’s front yard, and our apartment complex. I had to use the wipers all the way home. My grandson was a bit fussy when we left my moms but thankfully he took a nap while we were on the road. I would have been pulling my hair out if I had to listen to a one-year-old cry for that long. I was afraid I would arrive home to find my tomato plants beat down from to much wind and rain, but they had been under the patio so they got just enough to give them a good drink of water. I have about 6 tomatoes now so I happy to see them still on the vine. Anyway that was my day yesterday. I will post about the rest of the weekend tomorrow.

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