Monday, July 10, 2006

Way To Go Grace

I have had a fasination with witches since I was a small child. It is not a wonder that I am now interested in and study a religion where people call themself a "witch". Every Halloween I would be a witch. Go figure. Anyway I first heard about Grace Sherwood as a teenager. I attended high school not far from where her home stood. I remember a group of us kids riding out to the old house when it was still standing. It was an eerie feeling. I put my thoughts of Grace on the back burner for years, until my own children came along. Once again her name came to mind. After all she is a local legend. When my oldest was young I bought a book entitled The Witch of Pungo. It told the story of Grace along with other local history. My kids grew up hearing about her. I never forgot her. I have gone down the road where she was dunked in the river many times. Last year plans were made to build a memorial in her honor. The women's group I was part of at the time donated a brick to it. It read, "Blessed Be"

I think it will be errected sometime next year. Today marked the 300th anniversary of her being tried and dunked in the river. Was she a witch? Or just a woman ahead of her time? Only she knows for sure. I think it is wonderful that today she was pardon for "being a witch"

Witchcraft should not be a crime!

Way to go Grace!!

If you want to learn more about her, just put her name in google.

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