Friday, June 30, 2006


I’m a people person and I love watching others. That is one reason why I enjoy working in retail. Over the years I have talked to some really strange people. I have waited on everyone from the snobs to the drunks. I usually just ring them up and send them out the door, not really paying a whole lot of attention to what they wear. I am no good at detail and have often said if we ever got robbed I wouldn’t be able to tell the cops what the person had on. I couldn’t even tell you what color shirt my husband wore to work yesterday. Today however I had one lady that stood out. She came shopping in her p.j. bottoms and bedroom shoes. This was at four in the after noon, which made me wonder what she had done all day. Now I know I am lazy, but this was too much even for me. I have never gone out of the house in my p.j's. unless maybe to the front yard to get the newspaper or take the dog to pee. Never in my wildest dreams would I shop in them. To me that was the Height of Laziness. What kind of person goes to the pet store in pj’s. I mean come on lady. Can you not take two minutes to throw on a pair of shorts and some flip-flops? The bottoms she had on were not even the sweat pant kind of pj bottoms. They were flannel/brushed cotton, and had a print in the fabric. She had on pink fuzzy slide on slippers. To top it off she was shopping with her husband. I couldn’t help but wonder what he must have thought when he got home from work at four in the afternoon to find his wife still in her PJ’s.

Maybe it is just me but I get dressed everyday. I very rarely even sit around the house in my nightgown/pj’s. I wouldn’t dream of letting my husband come home and catch me in them. (That is unless he came home to find me in something sexy which is a subject for a different blog post ha ha.Anyway mind out of the gutter and back to what I was saying.)I always get dressed. When I was a young bride living with my ex, I got up got dressed and cleaned my house everyday. I had supper on the table every night. I put makeup on and greeted him at the door with a kiss hello. Of course times have changed, and I know most women don’t have the luxury of staying home like I did back then. I don’t even have that luxury. I now work full time, Dinner is not always on the table and the house is a bit messier than when I was young, but at lest I have on shorts, oh and my husband still gets a kiss hello. Anyway, it takes all kinds and it gave me something to blog about.

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