Thursday, June 29, 2006

Work Sucks

I need to win the lottery so I don't have to work. I am on the schedule today from 12:30 until 9:30. I was on the schedule yesterday from 12:30 until 9:30. When I was hired I was told I would not work past 7 because they knew I kept my grandson at night. I wonder if they think my daughter can just tie him to a chair or something until I come home from work if she has to leave to go to her own job. Yes, my husband or her dad can watch him but that is not the point. I, ME, GRANDMA, is the one who watches him. I feed him a snack, play with him, and dress him for bed then lay him down for the night. This is the routine. He is use to this five nights a week. His mama has him ready most of the time but even on the nights she is home I usually go down to her house and see the baby before he goes to bed. I'm spoiled and he is spoiled. Working throws off our schedule.

Besides I'm really more pissed at them changing my hours till closing on principal alone. They knew when they hired me I kept the baby. They knew I needed to leave by SEVEN. If I had a second job working at walmart and I had to leave by 7, to be at work there I couldn't just say to them oh gee I can't come in tonight until after 9 because the pet store can't get there act together and give the hours to a part time employee. I would be fired in a heartbeat.

Just because I keep my grandson does not make it any less a second job. How can a company just up and change someone's hours around knowing they have two jobs. This place really sucks. They cut the part timers hours yet they change the full timer to part days and part nights. I don't get it. They would maybe pay some kid 20 bucks a week more to work the extra couple of hours those nights.

Those winds of change I talked about a couple of post back are blowing a little harder every day. I want to get out of this place. It is driving me NUTS. I bored, bored you hear me world. I WANT A NEW JOB..oooh sorry I got carried away. Anyway you get the idea.

The bad part is the hours I am working right now interfer with putting in applications. I am being scheduled off for the weekend which is great but 99% of places want you to apply during the week. The ones I would go to won't open until 10, I have to be back home and gettng ready for work before noon. This give me maybe an hour and a half to get somewhere get the application filled out and get back. Yes it can be done, but it pushes me. I need a day where I can concentrate on where I want to go and dress nice and spent time just job hunting.

Anyway I know today will be another S-L-O-W day, they all are. Last night I did ask off a couple of hours early since we were just standing there with our thumbs up our butt, but tonight I am the only cashier from 5:30 till closing so I am stuck. Yuck

I really need a life

Enjoy your day everyone.

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