Thursday, June 29, 2006

Never A Dull Moment

I'm sure you all have heard the saying when it rains it pours. Well in my house that usually refers to more than the weather. I never seen to get ahead. Just when I think life is going to calm down something always seems to come along to mess me up. Today it was my car. I think it is dying. It may be dead and just doesn't know it. Either way it is sick.

For several months now every once in awhile I have been getting a service engine soon light. I didn't pay to much attention to it, because it only seemed to happen if I was stuck in traffic. I just passed it off as a filter that needed changing or maybe a carborator adjustment.

Then today out of the blue as I was heading home for supper break the light came on as soon as I cranked the engine. Hmmm I thought. I pulled on out and headed towards my house anyway. Since I am only about three minutes from my house my thoughts were if it dies at lest I will have it home. I am no mechanic so I can't put my finger on what happened next, but something just didn't seem to sound or feel right with the way the car was driving. I looked down and saw that my speedomator was not working. As soon as I got home and parked the car I restarted it and the light was out, and it sounded better. I wasn't about to get back in the car to return to work, so I called my boss and told her I would be back but I might be late, and what had happened. I told her as soon as my daughter or her dad got home I would have one of them drop me off. The ex arrived first and dropped me back off. My husband picked me up. He drove my car up to get me. It behaved just fine. The speedomator even worked. I have no idea why it was being so weird for me. Maybe one the little fairies that live inside your car sneezed who knows. I just know the car is sick.

I think it might be time to look around for a new one so While I was finishing up my shift my ex went over went over to the car lot where he bought his car and our daughters car and checked out a couple of used cars for me. I had not really planned on buying a car any time soon, but I have to have a car and I am afraid with mine on its last leg that it will cost more to fix what ever is wrong with it than the car is worth. Anyway my husband and I talked to the car dealer when I got off work tonight and if they can swing the right deal for us we will probably try and go this weekend and see what we can find. Never a dull moment here.

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