Monday, July 3, 2006

The Dr. Said

The Dr said that it is a bit more serious than we thought this morning. We are looking at a triple bi-pass. Three arteries are clogged. One at 100% and two at 75%. Surgery scheduled at 7 am EST. John should be in there for about 5 hours, then on a respirator at lest two or three days, min. of a week in the hospital, with two to three months out of work once he comes home.

Please keep him in your thoughts. My children and I along with his lady friend will be there before 6 am to see him before he goes under the knife..I'm tired, and I feel so helpless. I am angry because I have no control over what could happen. Even though I tell myself that everything will be fine. I'm still scared. Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers I've seen in my comments. It means a lot to know people care.



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