Sunday, July 2, 2006

Surgery Is Tomorrow

Well the test went about like I expected. John has blockage in the heart. I'm no MD so I can't explain it the way the DR did but basically what happened is he had several small blockages which they blew out with the balloon. Unfortunately one of the veins behind the heart has two blockages, one at the bottom, one at the top. The one at the top is right next to the heart itself. The bottom of the vein is 99% blocked. The top of it 75% blocked. The top is where he had the heart attack. They can't blow out the bottom because the flow would be so fast that it would cause him to die when it hit the top. Because of this they will have to do open heart surgery and repair it. The good news is that the DR said they caught it in time and he should be fine. If things go well, which they should he will be in the hospital about a week and then convalesce at home for a few months.

So we are taking things one step at a time.

Thankfully our daughter lives next door and I am just down one building. Between us he will have a good nurse ha ha.

His lady friend is here and she plans on staying a few days. And my husband has been assigned baby sitting duty for the grandson.

Not sure yet what time the surgery will be but we should know later in the day. Updates to follow



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