Monday, July 3, 2006

So Far, So Good

The surgery went well, and John is in the Heart ICU, he is still in a drug sleep, but doing good. They said he should start coming around by tomorrow. He tried to open his eyes a little while we were there for the afternoon visit but is to far out to. If he continues to do well (which I feel like he will) he will remain in ICU for a couple of more days then be transferred to a regular room on the heart unit. Hopefully he will be out in about a week, but will need someone to stay with him for another week. His lady friend is going to try and do that if he is agreeable, so that is a big help. My daughter and I both have to work, so he needs someone during the day. Thankfully once he gets on his feet a bit I am close enough can check on him at lunch and fix some for him and cook him something at night (or our daughter can make his supper), We will just have to take it a day at a time. A lot will depend on how he does. The hardest part for him will be giving up smoking. He is a chain smoker and smokes four packs a day. Yes you read that right FOUR packs. He has for all the years I have been part of his life (32). He quit briefly when I was pregnant with our son, but has puffed one after another since then. He says he is going to quit. I have my doubts but I won't let him know that. Who knows maybe this is the wake up call he needed

At lest things are good so far.

Again thanks for the positive comments.

Oh don't think I have had time to mention it, but the grandson started with a new baby sitter today. The mom of one of my co-workers. She keeps her grandson who is two. We are happy to have him in a home daycare, and hopefully things will work out there. She is charging a hundred dollars a week less than the public day care and he should get more personalized care.

One of these days I'm going to take time for a nervous breakdown. But today isn't the day.



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