Monday, September 18, 2006

Freaky Day

I had a customer come in today asking for advice on muzzles. She explained that they had recently moved and now both of her dogs bark in the house. She said neither of them ever barked before. She said they are especially bad at night. I ask her if they were hearing a neighbor or perhaps another dog. No, nothing she said. She went on to explain that she can go to a friends house and they are fine. She said even if she brings the dogs into the room with her they bark..Weird I said, yea it is spooky she says. I said maybe you have a ghost and laughed. She looks at me seriously and says. I thought that too. She said these dogs are seeing something she doesn't see. We continued to talk a minute or two about the possibility of that, and I suggested she sage the house. I rang her up and she left. No sooner had she got out the door I got an over whelming chill, and became very uneasy. Ok, I know I am into all this witchy stuff. I am sure I have an over active imagination, and Halloween is just a month away, but I don't usually scare easy so I surprised myself by having this reaction. I went to the ladies room and by the time I got there I felt like I was having a mini panic attack. I was definitely feeling something strange. I immediately ran water over my hands and arms, and stood there for a few minutes letting it run. One of the first books I ever read on negative energies talked about doing this as a way of releasing the energy. It seemed to work because I was fine after that..Weird huh..

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