Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Court Day and Huge Crosses

Ok so we are driving down the road this afternoon, and there he is a very strange man carring a huge cross on his back..On second glance we realize he has it propped on his back, but it is being pulled by a wheel...No one else is around, he doesn't have any kind of sign and is just walking down the road...Weird! Some people will do anything to get attention. I know some people take there faith a bit far, but I have a really strange feeling if I was wearing fairy wings, a witches hat, carrying a broom and dragging a giant pentacle down the road. I would be throw in jail. Or worst the nut house. Anyway it was interesting to say the lest and I was wishing I had the camera.

Today was the day my daughter went back to court for her final custody hearing with my grandson's dad. The sperm donor as I lovingly refer to him got shafted this time.

Not only did my daughter get full sole custody, the judge raised her child support by $130.00 a month, and only the sperm donor or his parents are allowed to pick up and bring home the baby on the weekends he is allowed visitation. Also hollidays have to be shared, and not done as a every other year thing..Better for the baby I think, he gets the best of both worlds that way.

I know it is cruel and karma will probably kick my butt in the end, but I have no sympathy for him or his parents. He is on drugs, won't hold down a real job and is going no where fast. He is still home with mommy and daddy and whinned because he said he can't pay her money cause he doesn't make enough. Well maybe he should get up off his lazy butt and get a second job like my daughter does. The religious zealot I saw today might pay him a few bucks to help carry his cross..Who knows..*grin*

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