Sunday, September 17, 2006


Ok, so now I know where my daughter gets it from. she is crazy like me.

A couple of days ago when we were at court the sperm donor (grandson's dad) slipped up and told me the name of the apt. complex he was planning on moving into. By law he was suppose to inform the courts of any address change. So far he hasn't done that because he is lying to my daughter and told her he is "planning" on moving, when in fact he already has.

Anyway as I was saying he slipped up and told me the name of the complex so of course I told my daughter. That same night after work she took a ride down his street (where his parents live and he is suppose to be living) His car was not there and it was the middle of the night. So she decided to go over to the apt complex and sure enough there sat his car. She said she was pissed. Out of the car she jumps and goes into the building closest to where the car is parked. No names on the doors so back to her car she goes. She finds a piece of paper, and writes him a nasty note. Telling him off and sticks it on the windshield...She told me about it the next morning. I tried not to smile because it would only encourage her, but I can see me doing something like that..Only slashed tires would probably have been part of my plan..

Yep she is mine..

Anyway if this isn't bad enough then last night she didn't have to work. My son came by for awhile and both my kids were over here. When my son left to go home, my daughter and I decided to go to Taco Bell..Now I can't help it if it is on the same block as the sperm donors apartment complex can I....Yep you guessed it. We drove by. The car was still there. Almost as soon as we pulled in I spotted a stray kitten in the parking lot. Now if you have been reading this blog for awhile you already know me and kittens. So out of the car we jump, it was drizzling rain and we were trying to be quiet so we didn't get caught snooping..We didn't see the donor, or catch the cat...but gave me something to blog about *giggle*

Like I said she is mine...

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