Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wheel Of The Year (Sept)

Wow where has this month gone? I can't believe it is more than half over and I am just now taking photos. I really had hoped to get the exact same shot, a month apart but it hasn't worked out that way. Oh well, at lest I can look back and see the changes throughout the year. We haven't had much fall weather here yet. Warm weather usually holds on at lest until Nov. Regardless the wheel is turning and next week I will celebrate Mabon, better known as The fall or autumn equinox . It is also our local pagan pride day next Saturday and we plan to attend. There are usually some crafters there. Food and a ritual. I haven't been to one in a long time and I am looking forward to it. The fall is my favorite time of year, and I will be doing my decorating in the house soon.



I still haven't cleaned off my patio


They still haven't busted up the cement from the old laundry room

the log still hasn't been movedThe leaves are still green



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