Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am so bad

I am so bad about updating this blog! I always think of this great stuff to write about and then it never seems to make its way onto the computer. For example a few days ago I was thinking of complaining about my pet peeves at work. You know things like women who try on 12 pairs of jeans in 4 different sizes and then leave them all inside out on the floor in the dressing room at work for the sales associate (ME) to have to pick up, refold or hang and put back onto the sales floor. Or maybe about the customer who won't get off her phone long enough to make her purchase. (I have actually thought about picking up the store phone and dialing a co-worker and start a conversation in the middle of these people's conversation just to show them how it feels but they wouldn't notice)

Then there is the complaint I have against my local Walmart (Or any store) parking lot. Have you ever noticed that just when you are about to back out of the parking space that someone always walks behind your car. Do people not see the wheels rolling or something ten times the size of there shopping cart halfway out of a parking space. Geez!

Anyway I thought about complaining about all of those things, but instead I am only going to complain that my poor hubby is sick and I had to spend almost the entire night awake and then take him to the ER about 4a.m. He had a gallbladder attack and we now know he has a gallstone. He has an appointment to see a surgeon in mid March and more than likely they will set up surgery. Right now he is snoozing away and I still have only had a short nap. I'm tired, I'm grumpy and I am worried about how we are going to pay for surgery since we have no insurance and no savings.
Why is it one good thing (my new grandson) always brings more bad things to follow. Have you ever noticed that? Life starts going a little to smooth and ZAP!
Ok well that is my world right now..
More another day. Take care everyone


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting back to normal

Whew, Things are settling down and getting back to normal after the birth of my new grandson, I spent most of last week with my daughter helping her out. I had to go back to work yesterday so reality is setting in now. Yuck.
Everyone is doing fine and my older grandson is adjusting to being a big brother.
Now I am ready for spring so that we can get out and do all the things I love like ghost hunting ha ha.
Dean and I are making plans to go to Gettysburg again in June. Hopefully we can get the same cabin we usually do. There are still lots of historical areas of the battlefield I want to take photos of and I am looking forward to just having some down time. Of course June seems forever away, but I know it will be here before I turn around good.
I hope to get back to my blogging a bit more, I have been neglecting it the last few months. I do however post on facebook and if you would like to join me there just send me an email to  tell me who you are and that you read my blog and I will tell you how to find me there. (that email address is NOT associated with my facebook account)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We Have a Baby!

 After only four hours and pushing for eight minutes we have a baby. Noah was born at 12:19 pm and weighed in at 7lbs 11 oz. Mother and son are doing fine

The Big Day Is Here

Well the big day is here! I am at the hospital with my daughter and they started her on an IV with pitocin. No real contractions yet so we are in for a LONG day. More updates later


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can you believe it

Can you believe it did this AGAIN

We never get snow,and now we have it two weekends in a row...All I can say is this baby better not come until Tuesday!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Update

Little Noah is due to arrive any day now. If my daughter does not go into natural labor before this next Tues. the Dr will start to induce her by inserting a foley in her cervix. This will dialate her more and get her ready with some contractions. if that alone does not start the real labor then on Wed. morning they will put her in the hosptial and start her labor with drugs.
We are hoping she won't have him until then because everyone is trying to be off those days, and I have time off at the end of the week next week to be with her. Keep your fingers crossed. Also we are expecting more snow here, so say a little prayer that it misses us. It hasn't snowed in our area in ten years and now it is trying to come two weeks in a row. Sigh..
Anyway please keep Rebecca in your thoughts and prayers that we will have a safe and fast delivery, and that little Noah will be here soon

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