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Crawford Road Yorktown Va

Repost from Oct. 2007
Crawford Road in Yorktown..
Here is what Shadowlands Haunted Places has to say about this road

Yorktown - Crawford Road - A woman hung herself from an overpass on her wedding day. Her spirit has been seen her spirit, hanging in her wedding dress. Also, African Americans were hung down the road. A lot of spirits dwell on this road. - February 2005 Correction - Formerly listed under - Poquoson - Crawford Rd - There have been other stories about the part of the road where the Tour Road crosses over Crawford Rd. There is a story that on some nights that you can see a black lady in a white dress walk up on the bridge onto the ledge, then she falls off and then she stops in mid air and swings like she was hung. There have also been stories of your car cutting out and not starting. If you drove down it at night you could see someone hanging from the bridge where someone was hung years ago and that cars have shut off underneath the bridge. - December 2006 additional information: Before you come to crybaby bridge that runs about halfway down from the roads entrance on either side of the vast woods lies a fenced off road that actually heads back into a clearing if you're daring enough to cross the threshold. If you enter the clearing, you will find a solitary building that is long since abandoned with no doors. If you watch, there are red eyes that may appear in one of the open doorways (most likely the very last door all the way to the right) 'watching' you as you move around. Should you get close they may end up vanishing before you can locate them. Going into the building itself, however, yields the very eerie feeling of more than one 'being' watching your every move. It has been seen on film of shadow people walking around along the walls without actually anything being in front of the light source (always in the shape of a tall male creeping along). There have also been reports of people feeling like they have had their feet stepped on, voices whispering, and even hands lain upon the middle of their backs. This experience is random, but best done on a clear, moonless night. But you never know what you might find if you actually go to the radio station once the sun is down.

Well let me tell you it was creepy. We did not get out of the car and go walking in the woods there. The bridge was painted with lots and I mean lots of graffiti..We drove under it and kept going..After driving a few minutes and the road not coming out anywhere I told Dean to turn around so we could go back the way we had came. After we crossed under the overpass bridge again I had him stop and this is what we captured on the camera

Enlarge these photos one by one and you will see a bright white light in the first one..Remember we were in front of the bridge and I was standing beside the car shooting BEHIND me towards the bridge, no one else was on the road..So where did the light come from?

Enlarge the second photo and you will see the light has moved forward and now appears as an orb near the car

Enlarge the last photo and you will see several orbs floating around the bridge, also you can see the grafetti

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ABC Wednesday Letter O

O is for Ostrich and these guys can be found at the Virginia Safari Park In Natural Bridge Virginia. We visited last summer and I highly recommend it if you get a chance to go to that area.

For more ABC Wednesday photos visit Mrs. Nesbitt's Place


Monday, April 28, 2008

Tornados hit my area

We are save and sound but at lest 200 people were injured today when a tornado touched down in Suffolk Va. One small town was all but destroyed near there, and reports are still coming in. I was at work this afternoon when the storm came in, and got a frantic phone call from my daughter letting me know we were under a tornado warning. A warning as you know means a tornado has been spotted. She was frightened and I tried to comfort her. Thankfully her boyfriend stayed home from work to be with her and my grandson. I still had about two hours of work before my shift was over, so I snuck into the employee lounge a couple of times to watch the TV.
Thankfully the storms stayed south of us hitting Suffolk, but I really felt sorry for the people there. This is the first time that I can remember that a tornado has come this close to home.
Photos are still coming in.


The Ambler House-Jamestown

Lydia Ambler was the oldest daughter of the wealthy Ambler family, living in Jamestown VA around the mid 1700. It was here that she met Alexander Maupin a young soldier. Soon after they met they married in Aug. 1776. Lydia wore a beautiful while, lace covered gown with a long training . As was the custom the family gave a large dowry to the groom. Soon after the marriage Alexander left for war, leaving Lydia behind believing he loved her. Everyday Lydia would stand on the pier near her home waiting for her beloved. Months went by and not a word came from Alexander.. She didn't know if he had been killed in battle or simply did not want to return. As time passed she grew more and more angry.
In 1781 /the Amblers large Georgian Mansion was burned to the grown. It was rebuilt that same year and Lydia would stand for hours gazing out on the James river. Lydia couldn't shake the feeling that Alexander had married her for her money and eventually the fury caused her to take her own life.
The home burned again during the civil war and again in 1895. Today on the shell remains.
It has been reported that at night Lydia can be seen walking around the ruins of the mansion, still waiting the return of her beloved Alexander.

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Haunted Governors Mansion

In August of 2006 my husband, daughter and I went on a "ghost walk" in Richmond VA. While a bit on the boring side one thing did stick out that I enjoyed. We were taken to the gates of the Governor of Virginia's home. I had heard the stories that the mansion was haunted, and was really excited to read this newspaper article that was printed just a few months after I took my photo showing some orbs.
Here is the article along with some additional information on the "mystery lady" that haunts the home.

Mr. Governor, it’s the ghost again
By CHRISTINA NUCKOLS, The Virginian-Pilot
© December 8, 2006

If there’s a paranormal “Do Not Call” registry out there, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine would like to sign up.

The governor told radio listeners Thursday that the ghost who supposedly has haunted the 193-year-old executive mansion in Richmond for more than a century seems to have taken up telemarketing.

“The telephone will ring once in the private quarters that we have at a very inconvenient time. It rings once, pick it up, there’s nobody there,” Kaine said on his monthly radio call-in show. “It’s always at the exact same moment.”

Legend has it the Gray Lady took up residence in the executive mansion in the 1800s after dying in a carriage accident as she was returning from a party at the governor’s home.

“The story is, she came back to the mansion because that was where she had her last happy moments in life,” said Amy Bridge, director of the executive mansion, the oldest continuously occupied governor’s residence in the United States.

Kaine wouldn’t reveal the precise timing of the calls to avoid “copy-cat poltergeists,” but spokesman Kevin Hall said they occur just after midnight on the same day of the week. Bridge said former Gov. Mark Warner also received the spooky phone calls.

Realizing that his listeners might be unnerved to hear about their governor’s supernatural adventures, Kaine assured them he has never seen the Gray Lady.

“I could have just really unwound my whole term as governor by launching into a description of my communing with the spirits,” he said.

Ghost of the Governor's Mansion in Richmond

By Mary Moss, published Aug 06, 2007

The Governor's Mansion in Richmond, Virginia seems an implausible place for a ghost to be seen, heard and felt. But in fact the earliest sighting of a ghost in the mansion is a young lady sitting in a window. This sighting took place in the early 1890's by then Governor Philip McKinney. He is surely a credible witness! Reportedly, the Governor had come inside, washed up in a bathroom, and entered a bedroom. He was startled to see a young lady sitting in the window. He checked with his wife and was told she had no visitors. When he rechecked the bedroom, the lady was gone. A search of the mansion ensued, but turned up no lady or any clues to her identity.

On another occasion, the ghost of the woman was seen by a Capitol police officer. The officer reported seeing a woman standing at the window of an upstairs bedroom where visitors were not authorized to be. He went up to the room to tell her she was not allowed in the room. When he entered the room she disappeared before his eyes, like a ghost.

In 1972, during the tenure or Governor Linwood Holton, a curious incident occurred that added to the ghost's credibility. Hurricane Agnes tore through Richmond that year, and caused a blackout in downtown Richmond, including the Capitol and the Governor's Mansion. Governor Holton reported that during the blackout someone or something moved several of the paintings in his bedroom. Could it have been the ghost of the Governor's mansion?

Another ghostly incident that occurred during the blackout was reported by Ann Compton, then with ABC television. She was ABC's White House correspondent at the time and was on assignment at the Capitol. She was called to the house by one of Governor Holton's staff secretaries. The woman showed her that the entire mansion was dark except for one light bulb in the ladies' stairwell of the mansion. It continued to shine throughout the blackout. They tried every light switch in the mansion to no affect. Compton reported that Mrs. Holton had told her she always thought there was a ghost in the mansion.

Another Capitol police offer had a hair-raising experience with a ghost in the basement of the Governor's mansion during Governor Dalton's tenure. The officer became curious when the Governor's dog, with hair raised on his back, began barking furiously at a nearby window. As he approached the window he felt a cold chill in the room. There was a summer heat wave at the time, but the officer noticed the window had frosted over and the curtains were swirling. Within moments the curtains stopped swirling and the frost on the window disappeared.

Who is this mysterious ghost? No one has ever determined the answer to that question. But her presence was apparently real enough on one occasion to scare a Capitol police officer so badly he quit his job! The officer was in the basement of the Governor's mansion one night and claims he distinctly felt something or someone touch his face. He was apparently so terrified he threw his badge down on the floor on his way out of the house.

The ghost of the Governor's mansion is one of the most famous ghosts of Richmond, Virginia. She has never been identified and apparently means no harm. The ghost of this poor woman recently endured the complete remodeling and refurbishing of the Governor's mansion. Since no reports of her presence have surfaced lately, maybe she's finally satisfied with what they've done with the place!

Is there life after death? I believe there is. I hope so, anyway, because I have a lot I want to accomplish, and I'm not sure I can do it all in one lifetime!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

It made it!

Look whose photo made the
Ghost of America web page


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A ghostly love story

Chatham Manor-Fredericksburg VA

Her name has been lost in time. A young girl from England, she was sent to Chatham by her father, a friend of Fitzhugh (The owner). In England the girl had fallen in love with a poor English dry-salter. Her father though that the young man was too far below his daughters social station to be married to her. She was promptly sent to America in the hopes of separating them forever. Unknown to her father the young man followed his love to America. He found the girl and they met in secret to make plans for their elopement. Unfortunately their plans were doomed from the start. A servant over heard their plans and informed another guest at Chatham. The servant told General George Washington, who decided to stop them. On the night of their elopement General Washington arrested the young dry-salter. When the girl climbed out of her window she did not find her love, she found General Washington waiting for her. The fate of her lover is unknown, but what is known is the girl was returned to England. Soon she was married to someone deemed more suitable. She never forgot her true love though and vowed to return to Chatham on the anniversary of her death.

Over the years many different visitors and residents of Chatham have seen the girl, now know as the Lady in White. She appears as a spectral figure and glows an un-earthy white wearing a long colonial style dress. Here first appearance was on the day she died in England, June 21st, 1790. Once every seven years between 12 pm and 12 am the lady in white walks the path, known as the ghost walk, which leads down to the river where her lover was supposed to meet her. In 2007 a paranormal investigation was held on June 21st during the time the lady was supposed to take her famous walk. The investigators failed to see the lady or gather nay evidence that she was there. Some think that she did show up and the investigators just failed to see her. The more romantic at heart suppose that she may have finally found her lover and has moved on. Still the legend of the lady in white draws tourists, lovers of the paranormal, and romantics back again and again to Chatham manor

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It made it

Look whose photo made the
Ghost of America web page

Yip pie!!

Cross post on my paranormal blog for those of you who follow it

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Sky Watch Friday 4-25-08

Visit more sky watch participants at Tom's

My photo this week is of Mount Trashmore Park, Virginia Beach Va. Just look how beautiful those clouds were the day this was taken.

World-renowned Mount Trashmore Park is 165 acres, 60 feet high, over 800 feet long, and was created by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil. Recognized for its environmental feat, the park features the Water Wise demonstration garden that boasts xeriscaping where you can learn how to create a beautiful garden with minimal water requirements.

Park is open from 7:30 a.m. until sunset. Facilities include picnic shelters, playground areas, basketball court, volleyball areas, parking, vending machines and restrooms, plus an extensive street course Skate Park which includes a seven-foot deep bowl and a massive 13.5 ft tall vert ramp.

The park also has a walking trail that measures approximately 1.45 miles. Trail maps are available at Park Office.

No private boats are allowed on this lake, but fishing is allowed.


The Difference Between Ghosts and Spirits

The Difference Between Ghosts and Spirits

Courtesy of Jennifer
Peninsula Paranormal
Investigators Hampton Roads VA.

Yes, there is a difference between Ghosts and Spirits. GHOSTS are earthbound spirits that haunt locations or people. They may or may not know they are dead. Some are intelligent spirits that interact with the living. Some like to scare people on purpose. Others are just misunderstood. Some Ghosts are "residual" and don't even know we are their, it's like a record playing over and over again, which could
also just be their residual Energy from past events. Some ghosts don't even know they are dead and will hang on to a place. Others hang on because they have
committed suicide and feel guilty and are afraid of going to hell. Other's have other reasons for hanging on and haunting an area: They may have cursed a person or place, and pledged to haunt it, they may be looking for a lost lover, they may be trapped in a spot because they may have had a violent death, they may have murdered
someone, they may feel guilty about something else and are afraid to
cross over.

SPIRITS that are not earthbound have crossed over, but are not ghosts. They are not trapped in any spot. They can visit us in dreams or while we are conscious, and we can see apparitions of them and communicate with them like a ghost. Their appearance is different than a ghost. A Spirit that has crossed over to the light will be surrounded by light,look younger and healthier and vibrant, where as an earthbound Ghost will look dark like a shadow, or may even still show the scars of how they died. Also, they walk on a different plane of existence. Spirits float, because they are not earthbound. Ghosts that are earthbound, can look like people and their feet are at the same level as the ground...and don't necessarily float. The other main
difference, earthbound ghosts are restless spirits, unsettled, and unhappy, tormented, or torn between one place and another and unsatisfied with themselves. Spirits that have crossed over to the Light, are full of love and light and are complete in themselves.
Those are the main differences between Ghosts and Spirits.

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Berry Love

Look what I did on my day off!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Check The IV

The following EVP can be found at
Harry is a friend of mine and this is his EVP

"Harry, you can check...Thelma"
I have received several EVPs from my Mom who passed away on Nov 30, 2001. She passed away in a nursing home and there were questions because I had spoken with her that night. She was in excellent health, but had a problem with a nurse that was stealing items from her room. It's not uncommon for things to happen to patients in this situation. There are horror stories about these activities. I told my cousin that I wanted to check on this. Here's one of three messages I received from Mom. My name is Harry and her name is Thelma. The message says: "Harry, you can check... Thelma." And when played in reverse, it saye, "Quick, check the IV (intravenous) – Harry D. Flagle


Something to look forward to

It will take me awhile, but I have decided as part of this blog to include The Ghost of Williamsburg.
What I would like to do is go to each of the houses/areas, that are listed as "haunted" in Colonial Williamsburg. I plan on taking a photo and telling a little bit of the history or story of why the place is haunted. I think that will be fun and hopefully you my readers will enjoy the stories as well as learn about our local history.

Also just so you know. I have been invited to go to a meeting of one of our local paranormal groups as a guest speaker. I will be talking about my grandson and how he "sees" the Ghost Lady and other happenings he seems to talk about.
It isn't coming up for a few weeks, but I will be sure and mention how the evening goes.
Probably sometime tomorrow I will make a list of the Williamsburg Ghost stories and post some information.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ABC Wednesday -N

I had a really hard time thinking of any photos I had that would start with the letter N.
Then I remembered that when my daughter was 9 months pregnant with my grandson she loved to sit outside and feed NUTS to the squirrels. I Think she was NUTS to get down on the sidewalk with that big belly but she never missed a day feeding peaNUTS to her little friend.

For more great photos from ABC Wednesday visit Mrs Nesbitt


Monday, April 21, 2008

Miss It

My last post got me to thinking how fast time goes by.
How did it get to be the third week of April already? I look around and find that the grass is green and the flowers are in bloom. When did that happen? The baby birds are already leaving their nest and soon the hot summer will be here. When I was young it seemed to drag and take forever for a week to go by. Now the days melt into each other and I never feel like I have sat down and enjoyed any of them.
I wake up, go to work all the while wishing the hours away so I can go home. When I do, I rush to make dinner, sit down awhile at the computer or read a book trying to relax. I might do a bit of cleaning if I have the energy for it, if not that waits until my days off. I am always anxious for them. Hurry Hurry I am tired I need a day off, wait where did it go. Another week at work, another month goes by. I look in the mirror. I am 54. That can't be, I was just 40 the other day. My kids were babies and before that I was a young bride buying my first home. It can't be 2008. I just graduated high school a few years ago. What do mean that was in 1972?
I miss those happy carefree days. Why is it when we are young we can't wait to grow up. When we grow up we can't wait to marry, then have kids, buy a house, get a new car. Time rushes past and one day you look in the mirror and your hair is gray, lines around the eyes. Twenty extra pounds.
My daughter tells me. I want.....I want this..I want that. The baby is driving me crazy. I look at her and see a little girl. My son should be a young man. yet each are grown with a life of there own.
My grandson is almost three, and I tell her. Slow down, enjoy life.

I breath a silent prayer to the universe telling time to slow down. Your going to fast.....Let it last.....Let it last
I think how fast my own life has gone, I think about the boyfriend and being 14, FORTY YEARS. Where did they go. I tell her
Take time to enjoy each moment before it is gone.
Breath and just live.
Because no matter how crazy things seem believe it or not.
Your gonna miss it.


Day Dreaming

My mom called me the other day. She said she had been out in her front yard when a car stopped. A man asked her if she reconized him. Yes she said, then she told me his name and I felt my heart skip a beat. It was the boy who had lived across the street from us when we were teenagers. I was allowed to have my first "real" date with him.
I was fourteen, he was fifteen. We went to a Sunday School party.
His dad took us, but it didn't matter. It was my first date!
We claimed each other as girlfriend and boyfriend all summer, running out of the house to say hello when one or the other would come out in the yard. Giggling, laughing, holding hands and stealing a kiss. Aww but young love is just that and with the fall my dad got orders to move to Maryland where we lived for the next ten months.
I turned fifteen found a new boyfriend. His life moved on to a new girlfriend. Time changed us both and when we moved back to the same house in the fall before I turned sixteen we didn't really know each other any more.
We did however remain friends, doing some double dating together, he went on to marry and so did I. We lost touch over the years.
I was a bit surprised he stopped in to see mom.
He asked about me and left his me his phone number. Said give him a call, just to catch up on old times. Why does he want to talk to me? Doesn't he know I have gray hair. Where did these grandkids come from. How did I gain all this weight.
Do he know I am OLD....
Awww but for a moment....just that one moment. I was fourteen again.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Ghost Who Cleans

My daughter called me about 11:15 tonight to report that my grandson is telling her that there is a Momo (grand mother figure) in his room. When ask what she is doing he replies that she is cleaning. He was upset and asking to sleep with mom (daughter)
I told her to have him tell the lady to GO AWAY. She said she did but he was still upset. I had her put him on the phone with me, and I asked him what was wrong. He was crying and said " There is a Momo in my bedroom". I told him TELL HER TO GO AWAY..Ok he sniffled cried harder. My daughter then took the phone and said bye. It's been an hour and she hasn't called back. Either the Momo went away, or he fell asleep crying. It has really un-nerved me to think that he sees these "things". I'm thinking of nailing a cross/and or a pentacle above his door.
It's just down right creepy, besides I don't know why she is haunting him. My house is the one that needs cleaning. My daughter keeps a spotless house.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Re-caping last weekend

Yorktown Virginia is where British General Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington, bringing an end to the last major battle of the American Revolution.
Local legend tells us that General Cornwallis hid in this cave on the bank of the York River during the artillery bombardment of Yorktown.

The legends also tell us that this cave is haunted.
Orbs have been photographed and distressing sounds have apparently been heard emanating from within its walls. We tried recording a EVP today and nothing really showed up. If I really use my imagination I think I hear a few whispers, but nothing worth posting. One photo however did show a few orb type lights. (click on next to the last photo to enlarge) It is hard to photograph or try to get voice recordings because the cave is not open to the public, but it was still a interesting place to visit.
Also, the cave does go in further than it looks. The blocked off area is the front of the cave and the other photo shows the cave itself. From what I understand it goes back at lest 10 ft. More than enough room from someone to hide.
Also we climbed on the top and it is very dense and goes off into the woods. As you can see from the sky watch Friday photo in the next post , it over looks the river.

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Sky Watch Friday 4/18/08

Visit more sky watch participants at Tom's

I took this picture last weekend in Yorktown Virginia. Look how pretty the blue sky is. It looks like it is touching the York River. When I took the photo I was standing on top of Cornwallis Cave. The cave is suppose to be haunted.

If you have time see the next post for more on Yorktown and a photo of the Cornwallis Cave.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Real People and Answering A Question(Re-post)

REPOST 4/11/08

I know your all probably tired of reading about my ghost story, but I want to share some thoughts with you.

It is driving me crazy thinking Is this real? Do ghost really exsit. Is my grandson really seeing something. I have tried unsuccessfully to find any information on the net about hauntings in that area. I was just about to give up, when I got to thinking about it this way.

Just for the sake of argument lest say it is a ghost.
Ok with that established we all know that before you can be a ghost you had to be alive. So I pondered over it awhile thinking to myself Just who was this woman (and man/the papa). What were their names, how did they die. What did they do when they were alive.

If I look in the mirror and I see myself I know that I have hopes and dreams, a home, children .And when I die, someone is going to know who I was.
So I realized, that this "ghost" must have been the same way. Someone had to know who they were. So I thought about it some more and I asked myself, ok where do I start. I wondered who owned this land. What happened there all those years ago. How did they die and Why are they haunting it.

Yesterday I took the bull horns and went to our local library. We have a special room dedicated to Virginia history so I knew I could at lest find something on the land.
So in I go, march up to the desk, and tell the librarian my story. Of course she looks at me like I have two heads, but she produces a file with newspaper articles in it. And guess what. It is all about the farm and who owned it and the names of the people who were buried in the graveyard there.

I won't give you a last name to protect there privacy, but I will tell you that it is a family cemetery.

the names and dates are as follows
Margaret born 1797 died 1835
*I think she is our "lady". The timing for the dress the "ghost" is wearing would be about right. Margaret would have died in her early 30's. My ghost lady looks young.

Philip was born in 1845, he died at age 68 in 1913 of a heart attack after coming in from the fields. I believe he is our papa/and the farmer seen by the worker at the farm. A farmer in 1913 would certainly be wearing overalls as she described.

I have different last names for Margaret and Philip, but I feel like they are related. Perhaps she was his grandmother or an Aunt of either Philip or his wife who is also buried in the cemetery.

Philips daughter is also buried there and believe it or not she died just three days before he did. All that I have listed is she died suddenly. She was 40.
At first I thought maybe our lady was her, but she didn't die until 1913 so I think the dress style does not fit.

Anyway I also found out that Philip was born and raised there, and served in the civil war.

Conincident, maybe, interesting thoughts Yes.
So what do you think?

Suzie ask me an interesting question about our "ghost". Did I want them to stay or go.

I thought Well, as long as they stay on the farm and not follow me or my daughter home. I think they should stay, after all this was there farm for hundreds of years. At this point I don't feel like they are harming anyone. This is after all a children's farm, run by the city and if bad things are not happening there then I think it is ok for them to hang around.

I can't help but wonder though if other kids have seen things and told there parents and no one has come forward and reported it for fear of being laughed at or worst.
Let's face it even in today's society where this type of thing is more widely accepted people still band you as a kook. As for me. I don't care. I say bring it on. I would love to have a full investigation out there. Get your camera's, voice recorders, heat sensors and all the other equipment. Whoo hoo, can you see us now on Taps
Ok back to the serious side.
Suzie also suggested that I talk some more to our friendly ghost asking them to give me some sort of sign as to who they are by making a noise such as a tap. Only problem is this is woods and open field. So short of dropping a tree branch on my head I am not sure what kind of noise they could make. In fact I have been twice with a EPV recorder but so far nothing more than the wind. I do plan on trying agin

In the mean time I am going to do an investigation of a different sorts this weekend.
It has nothing to do with this man and lady and is on an entirely different piece of land.
I will tell you more about it later

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Things that go bump in the night


The phone rang about 10:30 tonight and it was my daughter telling me that my grandson was upset and telling her that there were people in his room. It was no surprise to me since this type of thing has been going on for a while now. It started with the lady in the woods (photo a few weeks ago) and seems to be increasing. Last weekend my daughter took him to the park and he saw the lady again (I think I mentioned this) then the next day we took him to Newport News Park.
During the American Civil War, the current park was the site of the Battle of Dam No. 1, part of the Battle of Yorktown (1862). In the days prior to the battle, the Confederate forces constructed rifle pits and other earth works from which they held off the Union Army forces commanded by Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan. The earth works were preserved; though overgrown with woods, they are accessible from the White Oak nature trail on the camping side of the reservoir.
While we were there he said he "saw two men" sitting down, and then he saw lots of men in the distance.
We told him to tell the men to stay there, and we left. Just as we got to the exit he looked out the window and said. THE MEN, Lots of men....Hurry Mama
Sine then we has ask more questions and he said he plays with kids and also a lady.
Now I am not sure if we need a psychic or a psychiatrist but when my daughter called I knew I had to do something.
I had already been preparing, so my husband and I jumped in the car and went to her house. Her boyfriend is working over night tonight and I knew she was afraid.
When we arrived I went straight to work. I planned on doing a cleansing of the home.
First I told my grandson what we were going to do. I explained that the people he saw had to GO AWAY. He wanted to help, so we started at the front door and place sea salt in all four corners of all the rooms in the house. He really enjoyed this. As we finished each room he jumped up and down yelling yippee. At one point he was making noise hitting the tables and doors. It was his way of saying go away!
Once we finished the salt I lit some sage and once again walked the house, using a special feather to fan the smoke. My grandson help fan. Once we were finished I said in a loud voice. Nothing but good and love can live here. Bad things go away!
He was so excited and with in a few minutes he was ready for bed. I had brought a hematite stone with me and he put that under his pillow. He also wanted to wear my hematite necklace I had on to bed. I left it with him. It is now 1 am, the phone hasn't rang and all is quiet. I am hoping the house cleansing will release any negative energy at my daughters and leave things protected there now. I plan on doing my house this next week. I want to do some cleaning first. I have never had any problems here but I have protection around me all the time. One can never be to safe though so I will still do it. Right now the only annoying thing here is my husband snoring in the other room. Hmmm I wonder if sage will work on him ha ha

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He Sees Dead People

Does anyone have the number for ghost busters? Seriously I think we might need one.
Do you all remember the photos of the lady in the woods, and how my grandson said he saw her? Well, it seems lately that he is "seeing" other spirits. My daughter took him back to the farm over the weekend and when he got to the area where the graves are he started talking about "the lady" She said he became quite excited pointing to different areas where he was seeing her when they would asked him about her.
Later that evening, he came over to my house and I asked him if he had fun seeing the cows. Yes, he said. and the lady. I said oh you saw the lady again. Unn huh he said. Did she talk to you this time I asked. Yes, he said, What did she say I asked..
He told me she liked the water. This didn't surprise me since every time he has "seen" her it has been near the lake there. After a few seconds he added...
She lived a long time ago.
Ok, now this is getting creepy, so being the type of person I am I started searching for more history of this farm. I emailed the farm via there website and enclosed the photos. I only told them that I captured something in the photos and did not tell them about my grandson. What a surprise I got when I received a response from a lady that works there telling me that she is the founder of a local paranormal group.
I immediately emailed her back telling her everything. I haven't heard back from her yet, but I was off today so I took a little trip out to the farm. I recently purchased a digital voice recorder, and went with the intent of trying to pick up some EVP (Much to my disappointment they were closed. The office however was being the brave little ghost hunter that I am I went in and asked for the lady who I was emailing. She wasn't there, but I went ahead and told them my story, showing them the printed photos and ask if I could go out to the graves. I took several photos, but nothing showed up. I really didn't expect it to. However it makes me wonder. Was the first photo a fluke, or do you think the lady simply did not manifest because my grandson was not with me. Is he a conductor somehow? I haven't evaluated the recordings I did yet. I have a special program on my computer that wipes out the excess noise, and my husband knows how to use it. He will be home in a couple of hours so if anything shows up on tape I will post it here.

I have another ghost story that has happened in the last few days but I am saving it. I will post about it soon,.

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Ok tell me I am crazy, but do you see the ghost in the forest?
Here is a close up view.

Like I said maybe I am crazy, but I see a ghostly outline of a lady in a long dress facing sideways with her arm on her hip.
Just so you know...I took this photo today right after my grandson told me he saw a lady in the woods. He told me this about three minutes after we stopped here today.

The woods were behind us as I took the photo of the graves. We were not talking about ghost. We were simply looking around. Just out of no-where my grandson pointed to the woods and told us he wanted to go in there. My daughter asked him if someone was in there..Yes he answered, Who we asked. A lady he replied. Where did she come from we asked..He pointed to the sky. I ask him if it was a ghost. Yes, he said. Needless to say we left. This is not the first time we have been near graveyards to have my grandson suddenly started talking about seeing people that we can't see. I have to admit even with my belief in the paranormal I find it a bit un-nerving. When we got home and I loaded my photos from today the image of the woman was the first thing I saw in the photo. I quietly sat my grandson on my lap and asked him where he saw the lady in the woods at. He pointed right to the same area of the photo that I was seeing the "ghost" in. Shit I thought, so I asked him, Cody what was the lady wearing. Did she have on a dress or pants. A dress he said..hmmm I thought, what color was her dress. Blue he said..Ohh ok I said..Well was the dress up here (pointing to my mid thighs) or was it down here (pointing to my shoes). Down here he said touching the ground..
Ok, now I ask you again. Am I nuts? Or do you see a ghost in my photo?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

EVP from Cave

Remeber a couple of post back I told you about Cornwallis Cave?
Well we did a recording that day and look what I picked up from
Corwallis Cave
If you listen to the recording in winamp look at the top where it counts down.
at -0137 seconds into the tape I hear HELP
Tell me what you think


ABC Wednesday The letter M

This week on ABC Wednesday we are posting photos from the letter M. I had a hard time with this one. Finally I remembered I had a photo of Maymont Mansion located in Richmond Virginia. Although the photo is mine the information below comes from the website. (Source listed at end of article)

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"The story of Maymont began in 1893, when a wealthy Richmond couple, James and Sallie Dooley, completed their elaborate Gilded Age estate on a site high above the James River.

Upon their deaths and according to their wishes, Maymont—including its architectural complex, the splendid, 100-acre landscape, and a collection of exquisite furnishings—was left to the people of Richmond. Over the next 75 years, additional attractions were thoughtfully added, culminating in a one-of-a-kind showplace.

Maymont has broad appeal to a general audience, yet enthusiasts representing a great variety of interests seek out the extraordinary and diverse facets of Maymont. We are sure that there is something special at Maymont for you. In fact, it's likely that once you see Maymont, you'll feel compelled to return again and again.

Maymont House Museum
This magnificent, 33-room mansion with sumptuous interiors represents the luxurious lifestyle of the Gilded Age. Restored to reflect its original splendor, the residence and its furnishings give a remarkably intact depiction of high-style taste at the dawn of the 20th century. At the same time, the belowstairs exhibition “In Service and Beyond: Domestic Work and Life in a Gilded Age Mansion” in the basement introduces the lives of the Dooleys’ employees. Visitors can examine an era of dramatically changing household technology and learn the historical context of domestic service in Gilded Age Richmond, the South, and the United States.

Nature & Visitor Center
Opened in 1999, this state-of-the-art attraction interprets the natural environment of the James River. A 20-foot waterfall cascades into the first of 13 giant, linked aquariums that are home to playful river otters, turtles and fish of all shapes and sizes. Interactive galleries complete this memorable river experience. Also housed in this building are the Visitor Center, a Maymont history exhibit, the Maymont Shop and the Maymont Café.

Maymont's gardens reflect the Dooleys' interest in foreign travel. The Italian Garden, with its stone terraces, pergola, and formal beds and plantings, is a popular place for a stroll or even a wedding. The ponds, bridges and carefully-trained trees and shrubs of the Japanese Garden create a landscape of serenity and beauty. Also found on an exploration of the grounds are the Herb Garden, Daylily Garden, Butterfly Garden and other specialty gardens.

Carriage Collection
Maymont's Carriage Collection is one of the largest in the country still housed in an original estate carriage house. A variety of 19th and early-20th-century vehicles demonstrate both everyday and luxury transportation. Carriage rides and carriage tours of the park are available throughout the year.

Wildlife Exhibits
Venture down into the valley and discover native Virginia wildlife presented in an extensive, 40-acre wildlife park. Maymont's Wildlife Exhibits are carefully designed habitats that are home to a variety of species now or once native to Virginia—including bison, elk, deer, foxes, bears, bobcats and many types of birds.

Children's Farm
The Children's Farm features domestic animals raised on Virginia farms. Here youngsters can touch and feed goats, sheep, chickens, cows and even some rare breeds. The Farm offers all visitors insight into the farm-life experience and food production.

Arboretum & 100-Acre Park
The Dooleys developed a collection of more than 200 species of trees and shrubs representing six continents. They were all carefully placed throughout Maymont's 100 rolling acres to allow for optimum future growth. Now, more than a hundred years later, see the Dooleys' collection as they could only imagine it."

Source: Maymont

Be sure and visit Mrs Nesbitt


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Peyton Randolph House Williamburg VA

This small photo was "borrowed" off the web, but the next two were taken yesterday when my daughter and i visited Colonial Williamsburg. This is her standing in front of the Peyton-Randolph house.
We did not go in the house because it is a ticket only entry, but I have this place on my list of must see. I hope to go back soon and take more photos.

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In Williamsburg Colonial Village, the home faces market square, and is one of the original structures. This two story Colonial mansion was built in 1715 by Sir John Randolph. His family lived there throughout the 1700's, and was eventually sold to someone outside of the family. In 1824, Mrs. Mary Monroe Peachy owned the house. One of her children died after falling from the tree.

After the Civil War, a young orphaned soldier stayed with the Peachy family while he went to William and Mary College. He came down with tuberculosis and died there.

Many have heard the shattering of a mirror and the sound of heavy footsteps. In an upstairs room residents have awakened in the middle of the night, to see a white, shimmering, male figure.

Late at night in the small rear 2nd floor bedroom there have been reports of a thin old lady in a gown and laced night cap. Visitors reported that she would wake them up politely by calling them by their names, and then she would wring her hands and cry. Could this be Mrs. Peachy?

Allegedly, the Peyton Randolph House is home to as many as 23 ghosts. Many of the house’s most famous ghost stories center on children. In one such story, a little girl was killed after her ghostly best friend, Elizabeth, grew angry with her and threw her down the stairs. Doctors claimed that superhuman force would have been required to cause such a death, given that she had only fallen from the second floor

Histrical information on the house:

The original structure of the Peyton Randolph House was built in 1715. Colonial Williamsburg's primary restoration of the home began in October 1938 and was completed in April 1940. More restoration of the main section was undertaken in June 1967 and was finished 12 months later. The center and west portions of the house opened for exhibition on July 1, 1968.
Original structure located at the corner of Nicholson and North England Streets
Built in 1715 by William Robertson
Sir John Randolph purchased the west wing in 1721
House willed to son Peyton Randolph
First restoration 1938-1940
Further restoration began in 1967
Center and west portions opened in 1968
Construction of outbuildings began in 1997
Rochambeau, Lafayette, and Washington among notable guests at the home

The deep red Peyton Randolph House is one of the oldest, most historic, and without doubt most beautiful of Colonial Williamsburg's original 18th-century homes.

The west wing of the impressive house has stood at the corner of Nicholson and North England Streets since about 1715. Among the historic figures that took shelter in the house were General Rochambeau and the Marquis de Lafayette.

William Robertson built the house that eventually became the west wing of the Peyton Randolph house. Sir John Randolph purchased the west wing in 1721. He bought the east lot for £50 on July 20, 1724 and had a home constructed there as well.

Sir John's son, Peyton Randolph, built a spacious and well-appointed two-story central section between the two houses. A hall with a large roundheaded window and a grand staircase connect single rooms on each floor. The first-floor parlor measures 19 feet square, and the bed chamber above has the same dimensions.

The southern face of the center section matches the appearance of the 29-foot-square clapboard house that makes up the west wing. The low-pitched hip roof of the west wing was extended across the addition but ends abruptly when it reaches the high gable of the dormered roof on the east wing.

Although the west and center sections of the house were connected by doors on both floors, there was no opening through the brick wall to the east wing. The east wing may have served as an office or a service building, or it could have been rented out. Demolished in the 19th century, the east wing was reconstructed by Colonial Williamsburg after the property was purchased in 1938.

The roof of the west wing was designed to funnel rain to two concealed two-log gutters, which apparently carried the water to a cistern. Only traces remain of this contrivance that may have leaked and was later covered by the roof. A chimney rises through the center of the wing, venting corner fireplaces in three rooms on each floor. The stairway passage is located in the southwest corner of each floor.

The center section contains some of the best surviving paneling in the city — some of it walnut — while unusually fine brass hinges and locks trim the parlor doors. The floor is mostly made of original edge-cut pine

Outbuildings supported household activity

A full complement of outbuildings stood to the north (in back), including a two-story brick kitchen, a stable for 12 horses, a coach house, and a dairy.

Sir John Randolph, the only colonial born in Virginia to be knighted, died in 1737. He left the house to his wife, Susannah Beverley Randolph, until their second son, Peyton, reached the age of 24. Their first son, Beverley, inherited property in Gloucester County; their third son, John, inherited acreage on the city's southern edge; and their daughter, Mary, received a dowry of £1,000. Susannah Beverley Randolph remained in the home until her death sometime after 1754.

Peyton Randolph, Speaker of Virginia's House of Burgesses in the years leading to the Revolution, brought his wife, Betty Harrison Randolph, to the home by 1751. It became a hub of political activity, and its owner Peyton Randolph was elected the presiding officer of the First Continental Congress at Philadelphia in 1774. An inventory taken at Peyton Randolph's death in 1775 indicates how the house was furnished and equipped.

Widow Betty Randolph opened her home to French general Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, when he arrived in Williamsburg with General George Washington to prepare for the siege of Yorktown in 1781. The house served as the French headquarters until they moved to the field.

Peyton and Betty Randolph had no children and, after her death and according to directions in Betty Randolph’s will, the house was sold at auction on February 19, 1783. A newspaper advertisement described it as "pleasantly situated on the great square." It was conveyed to the highest bidder, Joseph Hornsby, on February 21, and the proceeds were divided among Betty Randolph's legatees.

By 1824, the house was in the possession of Mary Monroe Peachy. She had the honor that year of lodging Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette, when he visited the city on October 20 and 21 during a tour of America.

Colonial Williamsburg's primary restoration of the home began in October 1939 and was completed in April 1940. More restoration of the main section was undertaken in June 1967 and was finished 12 months later. The center and west portions of the house opened for exhibition on July 1, 1968.

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House Clearing for Ghosts and Spirits

House Clearing for Ghosts and Spirits
Adapted from The Pleiadian Workbook, by Amorah Quan Yin (Inner Traditions, 1996).

Simple Solution
There are lots of reasons to do an energetic house clearing for your home now and then. While many will want to do a house clearing because they intuit that their homes are haunted, others are moving into houses that are new to them, and desire to remove all the energy of the previous owners. Transitions in one’s life are another good time to do a house clearing, such as after a divorce, or even after an unpleasant argument, or if someone has died.

Here are guidelines for a six-step house clearing. It only takes about ten minutes, and you don’t need anything except a clear mind:

Repeat this process about twice weekly for a few weeks. Doing this process at bedtime may give you a better night’s sleep.

1. Using your imagination, put a grounding cord of light on your entire house or apartment at the floor level. Extend it to the center of the Earth.

2. Visualize a golden sun about two feet in diameter in the center of your home.

3. Expand the golden sun gradually until it fills and surrounds your entire home space.

4. Surround the golden sun with a four-to-eight-foot-thick wall of violet light.

5. Affirm: “This ball of violet light will remain intact until I do this process again. So be it.”

6. Next say this invocation: “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I command that this home and grounds be filled with golden light from the City of Light where the Ascended Masters dwell. Only that which is divine may enter. All that is less than divine, which is illusion, must leave now. This will remain so. So be it.”


Monday, April 14, 2008

The weekend

Look what we did with our weekend.

On Saturday my daughter and I took my grandson to the beach to play in the sand. The tempature was 71 but that water was cold! And yes, he played in it. Brrrrr.

Sunday my husband and I took a little time for ourselves and took a ride to Yorktown Battlefields.

You'd think with all that excitment I would have stayed home today (I had three days off), but my daughter had other ideas.
First we went to lunch, where my grandson enjoyed his meal.

Then we went to Colonial Williamburg.
We are so lucky that we live close by. There is always something to see there.

Aren't those baby lambs sweet, and just look at those beautiful tulips!

We walked around for about an hour and came home. Now I need to get back to work so I can get some rest. Whew. what a busy few days!!

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