Sunday, September 30, 2007


OK I admit it, I am a pack rat. I own to much junk and I have it sitting around in unorganized piles in my house. I have things in cabinets that I know I will never use and I need to throw away about half of what I own. I blame my disorganization on never having enough hours in the day to get to it, but the truth is I am a bit lazy and really don't want to deal with it.
Helping my daughter the last few weeks however has got me to thinking about the need to do something about it. Unfortunately she is a pack rat too (although she is a clean freak so her things are always put away)
My husband and I are talking about moving in the spring when our lease is up and I am already dreading it. Just helping my daughter has exhausted me and it isn't even my stuff. I know I probably own twice as much as she does and really need to do something with it between now and then.
I have decided the best way to get a handle on it is to start packing now. Since I don't want boxes all over my house for the next 6 months I opted for storage bins. My goal is to put everything I don't use often into one. I started with my linen closet and have already filled one up with just table clothes and covers. I was pleasantly surprised at how much room I now have for towels and sheets!
Since I celebrate the Wiccan holidays (there are eight in all) my next project is to buy smaller containers and fill them with things I need to decorate my house or altar with. I use to use the top of my computer center as a altar, but when we got the love bird the cage took over that spot. I had just been telling my husband last week that I wanted to move the bird so I could set that spot back up again. A few days later we came home to find the bird dead.
I wish I could say I was sorry, but deep down I was glad to be rid of the messy cage. Feathers were constantly floating around falling on the key board, not to mention the seed the bird kicked out. I made quick use of the space and now have this in it's place. I think the Budda's look nice there and it opens up my other shelves a bit.

Now all I have to do is find time to pack away all the rest of what I don't need. Wish me luck.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moons and other things

In spite of my aching knee I have stayed busy this week helping my daughter move. We have about 99% of it in the new house and she is living there now. All that is left at her apartment is the junky bits and pieces that you have to carry over. After that all that is left is the cleaning. She has to be out in a few days, so I already know my weekend will be busy helping her finish up. I miss her already, but I want her and my grandson to have happiness and a stable life. I am not sure she is going to find it with this young man, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. After all the full moon is the time of abundance, ripening and completeness, dreams, families, love and romance. Can you think of a more perfect time to move in with the man you love?


Oh My aching bones

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before but I have arthritis really bad in my right knee and for the last week it has really been kicking my butt. MY knee cap has fluid around it and I am having a hard time walking. I have it wrapped now in one of those icey hot patches. I've been searching the net for some natural remedies.
This is what I found

Home Remedies for Arthritis
Arthritis treatment using Potato Juice
The raw potato juice therapy is considered one of the most successful biological treatments for rheumatic and arthritic conditions. It has been used in folk medicine for centuries. The traditional method of preparing potato juice is to cut a medium-sized potato into thin slices, without peeling the skin, and place the slices overnight in a large glass filled with cold water. The water should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. Fresh juice can also be extracted from potatoes. A medium-sized potato should be diluted with a cup of water and drunk first thing in the morning.

Arthritis treatment using Other Raw Juices
One cup of green juice, extracted from any green leafy vegetable, mixed in equal proportions with carrot, celery, and red beet juices is good for arthritis. The alkaline action of raw juices dissolves the accumulation of deposits around the joints and in other tissues. A cup of fresh pineapple juice is also valuable, as the enzyme bromelain in fresh pineapple juice reduces swelling and inflammation in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis treatment using Sesame Seeds
A teaspoon of black sesame seeds, soaked in a quarter cup of water and kept overnight, has been found to be effective in preventing frequent joint pains. The water in which the seeds are soaked should also be taken along with the seeds first thing in the morning.

Arthritis treatment using Copper
Drinking water kept overnight in a copper container accumulates traces of copper, which is said to strengthen the muscular system. A copper ring or bracelet is worn for the same reason.

Arthritis treatment using Calcium
Studies have shown that calcium can help arthritis. Several patients have discovered that joint pains have either been relieved or have disappeared entirely after taking calcium. This mineral should be taken in the form of calcium lactate. Two teaspoons of calcium lactate, each teaspoon providing 400 mg of absorbable calcium, may be taken three times daily in water, before meals for at least four months.

Arthritis treatment using Garlic
Garlic is another effective remedy for arthritis. It contains an anti-inflammatory property which accounts for its effectiveness in the treatment of this disease. Garlic may be taken raw or cooked according to individual preference.

Arthritis treatment using Bananas
Bananas, being a rich source of vitamin B6, have proved useful in the treatment of arthritis. A diet of only bananas for three or four days is advised in treating this condition. The patient may eat eight or nine bananas daily during this period and nothing else.

Arthritis treatment using Lime
Lime has also been found beneficial as a home remedy for arthritis. The citric acid found in lime is a solvent of uric acid which is the primary cause of some types of arthritis. The juice of one lime, diluted with water, may be taken once a day, preferably first thing in the morning.

Arthritis treatment using Alfalfa
A tea made from the herb alfalfa, especially from its seeds, has shown beneficial results in the treatment of arthritis. One teaspoon of alfalfa seeds may be added to one cup of water. Three to four cups of this tea should be taken daily by arthritics for at least two weeks.

Arthritis treatment using Green Gram Soup
Another home remedy found useful in relieving pains in the joints is the use of green gram soup. This soup should be prepared by mixing a tablespoon of green gram in a cup of water, with two crushed garlic cloves. It should be taken twice a day.

Arthritis treatment using Castor Oil
Treatment with castor oil has been found beneficial in arthritis. The procedure, as prescribed by a Spanish doctor, is to boil two tablespoons of castor oil over a stove burner. The oil should then be poured into a glass of fresh orange juice and taken before breakfast daily till the disease is cured. It was advised to patients to take it for three weeks, wait for another three weeks and then repeat it again for another three weeks. It is, however, essential that the patient must take an alkaline diet while adopting this mode of treatment otherwise the value of the treatment will be lost.

Arthritis treatment using Coconut or Mustard Oil
Warm coconut oil or mustard oil, mixed with two or three pieces of camphor should be massaged on stiff and aching joints. It will increase blood supply, and reduce inflammation and stiffness with the gentle warmth produced while massaging. Camphorated oil is an ancient rubefacient used for the purpose.
RealHeal Massage Oil - Natural alternative for healing chronic pain.
RealHeal Massage Oil relieves arthritis, rheumatism and all inflammatory joint and muscle conditions. A Natural herbal alternative for healing chronic pain and naturally healing bruises.

Arthritis diet
Take fruits and vegetables in the form of salads
The diet of an arthritis patient should be planned so as to produce alkalinity in the blood. It should include fruits and vegetables in the form of salads, and, at least, two cooked vegetables. In severe cases, it would be advisable to put the patient on raw vegetable juice therapy three times a day, for about a week. Repeated juice fasts are recommended at intervals of every two months.

Other Arthritis treatments
Keep body warm, don't bandage joints
The body should be kept warm at all times . Joints should not be bandaged tightly as this limits movement and interferes with the free circulation of blood.

Take rest, should have plenty of indirect ventilation
There should be plenty of indirect ventilation in the bedroom. Rest is advised when there is acute inflammation in the joints.

Sea bathing
Sea bathing has been found valuable in arthritis. The natural iodine in sea water is said to relieve arthritis pain. As is well known, Iodine regulates the acid-alkaline balance in the blood and tissues, helps to repair and regenerate worn out tissues and nourishes the skeletal structure. It enters into the thyroid gland's secretion. The hormone uses the iodine to cleanse the internal toxins. If sea bathing is not possible, the patient should relax for thirty minutes every night in a tub of warm water, in which a cup of common salt has been mixed. The minerals in the salt,especially Iodine, will be absorbed through the pores of the skin. This will help correct an internal imbalance.


Sunday, September 23, 2007


I thought you might like to see a photo of our Mabon Altar. I used a cloth with the colors of the season. My decorations include a pumpkin, pinecones. fall leaves,flowers and my harvest troll. I also added my moon mirror showing both the light and the dark and a set of scales to show balance. Once the equinox arrives the days become shorter and stay that way until Spring. Here is some more information on Mabon.

MAY-bon, MAY-bun, MAY-bone, MAH-boon or MAH-bawn, - Lesser Sabbat - Fall/Autumn Equinox, September 21-23
Michaelmas (September 25th, Christian), Second Harvest Festival, Witches' Thanksgiving, Harvest Home (Anglo-Celtic), Feast of Avalon, Wine Harvest, Festival of Dionysus, Cornucopia, Equinozio di Autunno (Strega), Chung Chiu (China), Night of the Hunter, Alban Elfed "The Light of the Water"(Caledonii/ Druidic-celebrates Lord of the Mysteries), Winter Finding (Teutonic, from Equinox 'til Winter Night or Nordic New Year, Oct 15th.)

Mabon is considered a time of the Mysteries. It is a time to honor Aging Deities and the Spirit World. Considered a time of balance, it is when we stop and relax and enjoy the fruits of our personal harvests, whether they be from toiling in our gardens, working at our jobs, raising our families, or just coping with the hussle-bussle of everyday life. May your Mabon be memorable, and your hearts and spirits be filled to overflowing!

Second harvest festival, new wine pressing/making preparation for winter and Samhain, rest after labor, Pagan day of Thanksgiving, honoring the spirit world, celebration of wine.

death of the God, assumption of the Crone, balance of light and dark; increase of darkness, grape harvest, completion of the harvest.

Beauty, joy; fullness of life, harvest of the year's desires, strength; laughter; power; prosperity, equality, balance, appreciation, harvest, protection, wealth, security, self-confidence, reincarnation.

Symbolism of Mabon:
Second Harvest, the Mysteries, Equality and Balance.

Symbols of Mabon:
wine, gourds, pine cones, acorns, grains, corn, apples, pomegranates, vines such as ivy, dried seeds, and horns of plenty.

Tools, Symbols & Decorations:
Indian corn, red fruits, autumn flowers, red poppies, hazelnuts, garlands, grains especially wheat stalks, and colorful, fallen leaves, acorns, pine & cypress cones, oak sprigs, pomegranate, statue/or figure to represent the Mother Goddess, mabon wreath, vine, grapes, gourd, cornucopia/horns of plenty, burial cairns, apples, marigolds, harvested crops, burial cairns, rattles, the Mysteries, sun wheel, all harvest symbols.

Herbs & Plants of Maybon:
Acorn, aster, benzoin, cedar, ferns, grains, hazel, honeysuckle, hops, ivy, marigold, milkweed, mums, myrrh, oak leaf, passionflower, pine, rose, sage, solomon's seal, tobacco, thistle, and vegetables.

Foods of Mabon:
Breads, nuts, apples, pomegranates, cornbread, wheat products, grains, berries, grapes, acorns, seeds, dried fruits, corn, beans, squash, roots (ie onions, carrots, potatoes, etc), hops, sasssafras, roast goose or mutton, wine, ale, & cider.

Incense & Oils of Mabon:
Pine, sweetgrass, apple blossom, benzoin, myrrh, frankincense, jasmine, sage wood aloes, black pepper, patchouly, cinnamon, clove, oak moss, & sage.

Colors/Candles of Mabon:
Red, orange, russet, maroon, brown, gold, deep gold, green, orange, scarlet, all autumn colors, purple, blue, violet, & indigo.

Stones of Mabon:
Sapphire, lapis lazuli, yellow agates, carnelian, yellow topaz, & amethyst.

Offerings to land, preparing for cold weather, bringing in harvest, cutting willow wands (Druidic), eating seasonal fruit, leaving apples upon burial cairns & graves as a token of honor, walk wild places & forests, gather seed pods & dried plants, fermenting grapes to make wine,picking ripe produce, stalk bundling; fishing,. on the closest full moon (Harvest Moon) harvesting corps by moonlight.

Activities of Mabon:
Making wine, gathering dried herbs, plants, seeds and seed pods, walking in the woods, scattering offerings in harvested fields, offering libations to trees, adorning burial sites with leaves, acorns, and pine cones to honor those who have passed over.

Spellworkings and Rituals of Mabon:
Protection, security, and self-confidence. Also those of harmony and balance. Celtic Festival of the Vine, prosperity rituals, introspection, rituals which enact the elderly aspects of both Goddess & God, past life recall.

Animals/Mythical beings:
Dogs, wolves, stag, blackbird, owl, eagle, birds of prey, salmon & goat, Gnomes, Sphinx, Minotaur, Cyclops, Andamans and Gulons.

Modron (Welsh), Bona Dea, Land Mother, Aging & Harvest Dieties: the Triple Goddess-Mother aspect, Persephone, Demeter/Ceres, Morgan (Welsh- Cornish), Snake Woman (aboriginal), Epona (Celtic-Gaulish), Pamona (roman), the Muses (greek)

Mabon ap Modron (Welsh), Sky Father, The Green Man, Wine Gods, Aging Gods, John Barley Corn , the Wicker-Man, the Corn Man, Thoth (Egyptian), Hermes, Hotei (Japanese), Thor, Dionysus (Roman), Bacchus (Greek) & all wine Deities




Friday, September 21, 2007

As the wheel turns

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Once again the wheel has turned. I just wanted to say

Happy First Day Of Fall, and Blessed Mabon to those who celebrate it. May your day be filled with wonder and beauty

*I didn't realize until I got home tonight and had comments that I had published this post today. I thought I was saving it into my drafts. The first day of fall/Mabon is not until Sunday the 23rd, but I am working all weekend so I wrote the post early thinking all I had to do on Sunday was hit publish. It just goes to show you shouldn't click a button and then not proof read the blog...SOOOOOOO Happy EARLY First day of fall and Mabon*


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Journeying With Persephone

I posted this article about a year ago but with Mabon just a few days away I thought it was worth repeating
If for some reason this article is not for public display due to copywrite laws, please let me know and I will remove this post asap.

Journeying With Persephone

By: Natalie Harter, Acquisitions Specialist: Witchcraft, Paganism, Magick

As we enter the season of autumn, we have the opportunity to take a long and fruitful journey with the goddess Persephone. She is quite the intriguing lady. As bringer of spring and Queen of the Underworld simultaneously, she is paradox incarnate. She helps us to find balance in the many roles of our lives, and also to strike out on bold and daring new paths. Traditionally the story of Persephone is quite dark and violent, and paints the goddess as more of a victim than a strong young woman with opinions and desires of her own. The tale is usually told in such a way that Persephone is innocently picking wildflowers with her mother, the harvest goddess Demeter, when she is snatched away by Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Varyingly referred to as her “kidnapping” or even her “rape” in these tales, Persephone is taken against her will to be Hades’ bride, and then tricked into consuming the food of the underworld, thereby trapping herself there.Would we not expect a bit more from a goddess? Ellen Dugan, in Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon, finally sets the story straight by showing how Persephone might have had a bit more choice in the situation.Persephone’s StoryWhile out picking flowers with her mother and the nymphs, Persephone decides to slip off on her own and muse about why life of late has seemed so very dull to her.

She sits among the flowers and tall, waving grasses and rests her chin in her hand. She sighs really deeply as she at last identifies that feeling deep in her heart as restlessness. Why won’t her own mother, incredible goddess though she is, acknowledge that she’s no longer a child? Persephone wonders what it would be like to have a lover; she hears the nymphs talk about it. What she really needs, Persephone decides, is a little intrigue, romance with a dark stranger and an adventure.

As soon as the thought pops into her head, Persephone notices an unusual flower blooming all by itself over in the field. Intrigued, she rises and goes over to take a closer look at it. The flower is a narcissus. It wafts out an incredible fragrance and glows in a luminous shade of white. Delighted at the unusual flower, Persephone leans over to pluck the blossom when the ground rumbles and suddenly opens up beneath her feet. Persephone screams as she falls and is then caught by a dark man driving a chariot pulled by black horses. As the ground begins to swallow them up, Persephone screams even louder for help. Then there is silence.

Persephone turns to look at her captor and her heart slams into her throat. Here she sees the dark, handsome and dangerous man she was secretly daydreaming for. She asks for his name and he turns to look down into her face. Her mouth dries up as she recognizes Hades, Lord of the Underworld. His voice is deep and final as he announces that he has taken her to be his bride. This is a statement, not a request, and Persephone begins to argue that she would like to have some say in the matter.

Hades silences her with a passionate kiss, which Persephone responds to despite herself. A few moments later Hades breaks off the kiss with a grim smile, and the rest of the journey is silent as they rush toward his Underworld kingdom. Rather than struggle, Persephone decides to give him the silent treatment, as if the kiss meant nothing. She waits him out and plots as to what she’ll do when they reach their destination. If he thinks she’s going to make it easy for him, he has quite a surprise coming.

Once they arrive at Hades’ great hall, Persephone begins to realize that she may be well and truly trapped. However, being a goddess herself, she decides to make Hades work for her affections. Hades sets out to woo his reluctant bride and slowly, in time, she falls for the “bad boy.” (What do I mean by bad boy? Well, let’s see. Picture a dark, gothic, prince type. Ooh, he’s dark, he’s tormented and he suffers; he needs her. A romantic secret fantasy come to life. Yup, she’s a goner.) Here in the Underworld, Persephone is a queen and she has powers of her own. She begins to settle into the very different world that she now rules and time has no meaning for her.

However, Demeter wants her back, and the earth is suffering. If Demeter is withholding her blessings from the earth, then people are starving and the land must be desolate. Persephone wanders off into the shadowy gardens of Hades, overwhelmed with guilt and admits to herself that she has fallen for her husband. While she ponders what to do, she plucks a deep red pomegranate from a tree and sits on a bench to think. While she misses the sunlight and would like to see Demeter again, she is torn between staying with the man she has grown to passionately love or returning to the sunlight, never to see him again.

Persephone is faced with a huge decision; one that will break her heart no matter what she decides. How to choose between two people she loves? She focuses on the pomegranate and realizes that she holds the answer within her hands. She splits the fruit open and tastes the ripe, ruby red fruit. She feels the importance of what she has done sink into her like a stone, for no one who eats the food of the Underworld can ever leave.

When she is eventually found by her mother, the truth that she has eaten the fruit of the Underworld is revealed and Demeter is devastated. However, having only eaten a few seeds, the gods are able to strike a bargain that she spend half of the year in the Underworld with her husband, and the other half on earth with her mother. Each year when she descends underground Demeter begins to mourn, and the earth responds with the bareness of winter, but each year when she returns to earth, Demeter is overjoyed and all the land begins to blossom. Persephone, by embracing both her dark and light sides, brings balance to earth. Mabon, her traditional time of descent, is the perfect opportunity to learn from her experience and ask for her help.

Choosing Your Own Path with Persephone

The autumn is often a time when we choose to begin a new venture, and certainly a time to embark upon some deep inner work by tapping into the darkening rhythms of the season. As a season of transition, the autumn is a wonderful time to work on the transitions in our lives. When faced with a difficult choice on where life will take you next, entreat the goddess Persephone for her help with the following spell. As Dugan says, “when you know that your decision will tear open your heart no matter what path you take, try having a little talk with Persephone. Remember, this is a young woman in her prime. Persephone is both confident and wise. She will send you strength, courage and conviction as you close one chapter of your life and begin another.”

Put a ripe, open pomegranate on your altar or table. You may wish to add candles and flowers that are associated with Persephone, including the narcissus or any deep purple or black-hued blossoms (examples include “Black Magic” pansies, “Queen of the Night” tulips, chocolate cosmos, black iris, black hollyhocks or roses in a deep, dark shade of burgundy). Meditate on Persephone and her journey, then take a few moments to examine your fears and what may be holding you back from making a rewarding but frightening change in your life. Do your best to let the fears melt away, and when you feel calm and centered, repeat this charm:

Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, hear my call,

Your sacred seasons of power are the spring and fall.

I stand in doubt at the crossroads of my life,

Help me to move forward without pain or strife.

It is time to let go of the past and of old dreams and fears,

The future is bright and many opportunities are near.

Taste the pomegranate, setting a few seeds aside to dry. If you used any flowers in your arrangement, let them dry out as well. Place the dried seeds and petals in a small charm bag, and keep this with you as a talisman during your coming journey of transition and transformation


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Passing the test

I don't think I have mentioned it before but I am a student at WitchSchool. This is an on line school offering basic classes of a variety of subjects for the Pagan Path. I have heard both good and bad things about the school, but joined several years ago and have enjoyed the classes I have taken so far. I recently completed my courses in Correllian Wicca and now hold the title of first degree. In all honesty I doubt if I will go any further on the Correllian path, but I am still proud that I was able to pass each test for the year of lessons...



I finally finished reading my book!!! I have been reading The Mist of Avalon for over a month now. It is the third time I have tried to read this book and never could get through it. This time I made it. To celebrate I watched the move AGAIN. I love it and have watched it over and over. Here is a snippet.


Monday, September 17, 2007


I am so tired. I've spent all my spare time the last few days helping my daughter sort things out and move. So far she has the living room and dinning room things there, along with a couple of dressers and about half her boxes. She still can't move everything because her boyfriend doesn't have the air conditioner working. The house is still to hot to sleep comfortable. We always have hot weather here until at lest Oct and sometimes later. Speaking of air conditioners
Why would anyone need 31 air filters that don't fit the vent in there house?
His excuse....They were here when he moved in....THREE years ago!!
This is the mess my daughter and I had to clean out today at the boyfriends house

Of course I am sure the reason he kept the air filters was the same reason he had half a box of OLD outdated Jerky strips in the same closet

Men are such pigs!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Apple Pudding

Along with Autumn comes fresh picked apples, and with apples come dessert!

Topped with warm Brown Sugar Sauce--

1/2 cup raisins
1 cup sugar
1 egg well beaten
1 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of salt
3 medium apples, pared and chopped
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease 7 x 11-inch or 8-inch square baking pan. In a small bowl, "plump" raisins by covering with boiling water 5 minutes. Drain; dry on paper towels. In a large bowl, cream sugar and margarine until light and fluffly. Add egg; beat well. Sift flour, nutmeg; mix throughly. Add raisins, apples and nuts; blend thoroughly. Batter will be quite thick. Pour into prepared pan. Bake 30 minutes. Serve warm topped with warm Brown Sugar Sauce. Serves 8

Brown Sugar Sauce
1/2 cup margarine
1/2 cup light cream, Half and Half
1/2 cup brown sugar, firmly packed
1/2 cup sugar
1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla

In a small saucepan, combine margarine, cream, brown sugar and sugar. Cook over medium heat until mixture is thick and bubbly, Remove from heat, Stir in vanilla. Serve warm.



Someone got a hair cut today

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A Woman's Creation Myth

In the infinite moment before all time
the Goddess arose from chaos
and gave birth to Herself.

This was before anything else had been born
... not even Herself.
And when She separated the skies from the waters
She danced upon them.

As She danced, so did Her ecstasy increase.
In Her ecstasy She created everything that is.

Her movements made the wind and the element
Air was born and did breathe.
And the Goddess named Herself:
Arianrhod, Cardea, Astarte

And sparks were struck from Her dancing feet
so that She shone forth as the Sun,
and the stars were caught in Her hair.
Comets raced about Her,
and the element Fire was born.
And the Goddess named Herself:
Sunna, Vesta, Pelé

About her feet swirled the waters in tidal wave and river,
and flowing stream.
The element Water did move.
And She named Herself:
Binah, Mari Morgaine, Lakshmi

And She sought to rest her feet from their dance,
and She brought forth the Earth
so that the shores were Her footstool,
the fertile lands Her womb,
the mountains Her full breasts,
and Her streaming hair the growing things.

And the Goddess named Herself:
Cerridwen, Demeter, the Corn Mother

She saw that which was and is and will be,
born of Her sacred dance and cosmic delight,
and infinite joy.

She laughed, and the Goddess created Woman in Her own image,
to be the Priestess of the Great Mother.

From Her Elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water,
the Goddess created for Herself a Consort-
for love, pleasure, companionship and sharing.

The Goddess then spoke to Her daughters, saying:
"I am the Moon to light your path
and to speak to your rhythms.

I am the Dancer and the Dance.
I whirl without motion.

I am the Sun who gives you warmth
in which to stretch and grow.
I am All that will Be.

I am the Wind to blow at your call
and the sparkling Waters that offer joy.

I am the Fire of the Dance of Life,
and I am the Earth beneath your dancing feet.

I give to all my priestesses three aspects that are Mine:

I am Artemis, the Maiden of the Animals,
the Virgin of the Hunt.
I am Isis, the Great Mother.
I am Ngame, the Ancient One who winds the shroud.

I shall be called a million names.

Call unto me, daughters, and know that I am Nemesis."
We are Virgins, Mothers, Old Ones- All.

We offer our created energy:
to the Spirit of Women Past,
to the Spirit of Women yet to Come,
to Woman Spirit Present and Growing.
Behold, we move forward together

And it is Good.

-Morgan McFarland


Friday, September 14, 2007

On the home front

I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Here it is almost the middle of September already and I am still thinking summer. The fall is sneaking up on me a little more each day though. I have begun to notice a little chill at night now although it is still in the mid 80's here during the day. I dread the cold weather that is going to follow these pretty days, but I have to admit this is my favorite time of year. Next month brings both my birthday and my favorite holiday.
Speaking of do you know Pea? She is a blogger buddy of mine that lives in Canada and she is hosting

Just click on her name and it will take you to her page to sign up. I think this one will be a lot of fun.

Not a lot is going on at my house right now. I'm just working as usual and still trying to help my daughter get ready to move. Her plan have been moved up a bit, and she is going to try and get her heavy things moved tomorrow. My son who is a truck driver is home for a few days and him and one of his buddies is helping her.
I have to admit that I am not thrilled at all of this. As a mother I have a lot of reservations about this young man she is going to be living with. I know every parent thinks the person that there child chooses as a mate is never good enough for them. I think that is just human nature, but somehow this is more than that. I honestly just don't think it is going to work. First of all he is a prick. Sorry for such strong language but he is. He is cocky and lazy and in-mature and the longer I'm around him the less I like him. I won't turn this into a grumbling post, but lest just say he has had months (at lest 4) to ready his house for my daughter and grandson to move in, and as of yesterday he still has crap everywhere. I try to help, but he really doesn't want me over there and I try not to say much, because I want my daughter to make this choice for herself even if I know it is the wrong one.
Deep down she doesn't think she will stay more than a few months and I hate to see her hurt. Sigh....Anyway I am working until Sunday, so I will try and update than
Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't forget to go sign up for the swap.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lady Of Shalott

This is one of my favorite pictures and I have it hanging over my couch. I had read the poem about the Lady of Shalott but had not heard the song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Just click on the youtube link below.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gathering The Goddess

This is the link for part one of ZBudapest "Gathering The Goddess". I must warn you there are six parts to this series, but it is well worth the time to watch them all. She explains a lot about Women's Spituality and Goddess Worship.


New Moon AND Solar Eclipse on Sept. 11

New Moon AND Solar Eclipse on Sept. 11
There's a new moon coming, and this month it's combined with the magic of a solar eclipse. This is only a partial eclipse, and will only be visible from South America, Antarctica and the South Atlantic. A solar eclipse takes place when the moon passes between the earth and the sun. A solar eclipse requires special equipment to watch safely, unlike the lunar eclipse we saw not too long ago, but it's still a good time for magical workings, even if you're not watching it.

If the moon represents the Mother, certainly the sun is a symbol of the Father. Strong with masculine energy, the sun was honored by many ancient cultures. Called Ra, Helios, Svarog, or any number of other names, the sun is the fire aspect in the sky. A solar eclipse signals great change and transition, so if there's something you want to see manifest, now is a good time for magical workings. Are you hoping to get a new job? Looking for an end to something unpleasant in your life? Trying to drop a bad habit? Get to work, then, because the dawn of a solar eclipse is a time of powerful energy!



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Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Days of September

*Sorry I didn't get this posted soonet. I got it late this month*

The Days of September

September 1
On this date in the sixth century B.C., the Persian prophet and mystic known as Zoroaster was born. He founded the religion of Zoroastrinism, which teaches that all of mankind is trapped in a perpetual battle between good spirits and bad spirits.

September 2
On this date in ancient Athens, an annual Grape Vine Festival was held in honor of the Greek deities Ariadne and Dionysus. In Crete, Ariadne was worshipped as a goddess of the Moon, and Dionysus as the son of Semele (who was also a goddess of the Moon).

September 3
On this day, the annual Path Clearing Festival (Akwambo) is held by the Akan people of Ghana to honor and receive blessings from the ancient god of the sacred well.
The Maidens of the Four Directions are honored on this day each year by a Hopi Indian women's healing ceremony called Lakon.

September 4
At sunrise on this day, the Changing Woman Ceremony is held annually by the Native American tribe of the Apache in Arizona. The rite, which lasts for four consecutive days, marks the coming of age of a pubescent girl, who ritually transforms into the spirit-goddess known as Changing Woman and blesses all who are in attendance.

September 5
In ancient Rome, the Roman Games, in honor of the god Jupiter, began annually on this date and lasted until the thirteenth day of September.
Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god of good luck and prosperity, is honored on this day throughout India with a parade and a festival of rejoicing.

September 6
An ancient Inca blood festival called the Situa was held annually on this date to ward off the evil spirits of illness and disease. As part of the ceremony, parents would eat a special cake consecrated with the blood of their offspring.

September 7
Healer's Day. This is a special day dedicated to all women and men who possess the Goddess-given gift of healing and who use it unselfishly to help others.
Daena, the Maiden Goddess of the Parsees, is honored on this date each year with a religious festival in India.

September 8
On this date in the year 1875, the Theosophical Society (an organization dedicated to spreading occult lore and ancient wisdom) was founded by Madame Helena Petrova Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott, William Judge, and other occultists.

September 9
In China, chrysanthemum wine is traditionally drunk on this day each year to ensure long life and to honor Tao Yuan-Ming, a Chinese poet who was deified as the god of the chrysanthemum.

September 10
The Ceremony of the Deermen is held every year at dawn on the first Monday after Wakes Sunday (which normally falls on or near this date). As part of the ceremony, held at Abbots Bromley in Staffordshire, England, the Deerman, wearing antlers and carrying clubs surmounted with deers' heads, escort two young men dressed as Robin Hood and Maid Marian across the village.
On this date in the year 1930, Carl Llewellyn Weschcke (former Wiccan high priest and owner of Llewellyn Publications) was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In 1972 he was initiated by Lady Sheba into the American Celtic tradition of Witchcraft, and in 1973 he helped to organize the Council of American Witches.

September 11
In Egypt, a centuries old festival called the Day of Queens is celebrated annually on this date in honor of Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra, who were also regarded as goddesses.

September 12
On this date in the year 1902, actress Margaret Hamilton was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She is best known for her memorable role as the Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. She died on May 16, 1985, in Salisbury, Connecticut.

September 13
Egyptian All Souls' Day. Every year on this date, the ancient Egyptians celebrated a religious festival known as The Ceremony of Lighting the Fire. Sacred fires were lit in temples in honor of the spirits of the dead and the goddess Nephthys, protectress of the dead and Queen of the Underworld.

September 14
In ancient Rome, the Feast of the Holy Cross was celebrated on this date in commemoration of a supernatural vision of a cross in the sky, as well as a battle victory of Roman Emperor Constantine I.
On this date in the year 1692, the Witch trial of two Pilgrim women opened in Stamford, Connecticut. One was found not guilty; the other was convicted and sentenced to die, but was later reprieved by an investigating committee.
On this date in the year 1486, ceremonial magician Agrippa von Nettesheim was born in Cologne, France. He was skilled in the arts of divination, numerology, and astrology, and wrote several books that had a great influence over Western occultism. He died in Grenoble, France in the year 1535.

September 15
The full moon of September, known as the Harvest Moon, normally begins on or around this date. Many believe it to possess great magickal powers, and numerous superstitions are connected with it. Harvest Moon rituals are performed throughout the world on the first night of the full moon by many Witches and Pagans, especially those who dwell in the country.

September 16
Feast of Saint Cornely. On this day, villagers and farmers who live in Brittany honor Saint Cornely, the patron of horned animals who is believed to have created the Carnac megaliths by magickally transforming enemy soldiers into stone. At midnight, oxen are blessed in a shrine dedicated to him.

September 17
On this date in the year 1964, Bewitched (the first television sitcom about a Witch) made its debut on ABC-TV. It became an instant hit and received twenty-two Emmy nominations.
In ancient Greece, the goddess Demeter was honored annually on this date with a festival of secret rites.

September 18
In the town of Berkshire, England, a centuries-old celebration known as Scouring the White Horse begins on this date. The festival of games and athletic competition takes place on a hillside carved with the huge figure of a galloping steed, and lasts for two consecutive days.

September 19
On this day in ancient Babylonia, an annual festival of prayers and feasts took place in honor of Gula, the goddess of birth.
On this date in the year 1692, Giles Corey (a Massachusetts man charged with the crime of Witchcraft) was pressed to death by two large stones in Salem for refusing to acknowledge the Court's right to try him.

September 20
The Spring Equinox (South of the Equator) was celebrated approximately on this date by the ancient Incas. It was a time for honoring the Sun God, feasting, rejoicing, animal sacrifices, and divinations. Festivals were also held on this date throughout South America to celebrate the birthday of the god Quetzalcoatl.

September 21
Saint Matthew's Day. In many parts of the world, this is a traditional day for performing divinations of all kinds. In Germany, fortune-telling wreaths of straw and evergreen, made on this day by young girls, were used for love divination.
In ancient Greece, the birth of the goddess Athena was celebrated annually on this day.

September 22
On the first day of Autumn (which normally occurs on or near this date), the Autumn Equinox Sabbat is celebrated by Wiccans and Witches throughout the world. Autumn Equinox (which is also known as the Fall Sabbat, Alban Elfed, and the Second Festival of Harvest) is a time for thanksgiving, meditation, and introspection. On this sacred day, Witches rededicated themselves to the Craft, and Wiccan initiation ceremonies are performed by the High Priestess and Priests of covens. Many Wiccan traditions also perform a special rite for the goddess Persephone's descent into the Underworld as part of their Autumn Equinox celebration.

September 23
On this date (approximately), the Sun enters the astrological sign of Libra. Persons born under the sign of the Scales (the Balance) are said to be artistic, resourceful, extroverted, balanced, and often indecisive. Libra is an air sign and is ruled by the planet Venus.

September 24
In ancient Egypt, the annual death and rebirth of the god Osiris was celebrated once a year on this date. A festival held in his honor consisted of song, dance, and ceremonial plantings.
In West Africa, this day is sacred to Obatala, a hermaphrodite deity who was believed to have given birth to all Yoruban gods and goddesses.

September 25
On this date in ancient Greece, a feast of beans known as the Pyanopsia was celebrated annually in honor of the great Olympian god Apollo and the three beautiful goddesses of the four seasons known as the Horae.
The birthday of Sedna, the Eskimo goddess of both the sea and the Underworld, is celebrated annually on this date in Greenland, northeastern Siberia, and the Arctic coastal regions of North America.

September 26
Theseus, the great hero of Athens who slew the Minotaur and conquered the Amazons, was honored on this date in ancient Greece with an annual festival called the Theseia. The celebration lasted until the twenty-ninth day of September.
In ancient times, a goat sacrifice was performed annually on this day to appease Azazel, a Hebrew fallen angel who seduced mankind. He was associated with the planet Mars.

September 27
Moon Festival. On this date, an annual ceremony takes place in China to honor the Moon Hare and to give thanks to the gods for a harvest of abundance. The rites associated with the Moon Festival are always performed by women as the Moon represents yin, the female cosmic element.

September 28
On this date in ancient Athens, an annual Thesmophoria festival was celebrated in honor of the Greek goddess Demeter. The festival lasted until the third day of October.

September 29
Michaelmas. According to English folklore, it was on this day that the Devil fell from Heaven, landed on a blackberry bush, and cursed the berries. Therefore, it is unlucky to pick blackberries after Michaelmas. In parts of Scotland, special Michaelmas cakes are eaten by the superstitious on this day to ward off all evil and misfortune in the coming year.

September 30
On this date, the annual Meditrinalia festival was celebrated in the city of Rome in honor of the goddess Meditrina, a deity who presided over medicines
and the arts of healing.
In ancient Greece, the Epitaphia was held once a year on this date to honor the souls of the warriors slain to battle


Friday, September 7, 2007

Crazy State Laws

*I should make a note here that these laws are still on the books, but not enforced (thank goodness)*

Welcome to Virginia...My home town

• An old Virginia law was titled, "An Act to Prevent Corrupt Practices or Bribery by Any Person Other Than a Candidate."
• As in many towns, you need a permit to run a barbershop in Christiansburg, Va. But the wording of the town's law indicates that the permit will be revoked if you're caught operating without a permit.
• A Virginia law requires all bathtubs to be kept out in the yards, not inside the houses.
• Children are not to go trick-or-treating on Halloween.
• Citizens must honk their horn while passing other cars.
• Culpeper: No one may wash a mule on the sidewalk.
• Dayton: A person of color may not be outside or within the city limits after 7 pm.
• Driving while not wearing shoes is prohibited.
• If one is not married, it is illegal for him to have sexual relations.
• If you are intoxicated but not driving your car, but the person who is driving your car is intoxicated, both you and the driver can be charged with DUI in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
• In Christiansburg, Va., it's illegal to imitate a police whistle.
• In Christiansburg, Va., it's illegal to "spit, expectorate or deposit any sputum, saliva or any form of saliva or sputum."
• In Newport it's against the law to tickle a girl under her chin with a feather duster in order to get her attention.
• In Norfolk a woman can't go out without wearing a corset.
• In Radford, VA you are not allowed to spit, loogie, puke or urinate on the streets.
• In Richmond, Va., you must buy a license for 93 cents to sell song books on the street.
• In Richmond, Virginia it is illegal to flip a coin in any eating establishment to determine who buys a cup of coffee.
• It is illegal to sell peanut brittle on Sundays.
• It is illegal to spit on sidewalk.
• It is illegal to tickle women.
• Lebanon: It is illegal to kick your wife out of bed.
• Norfolk: Spitting on a sea gull is not tolerated. A man may face 60 days in jail for patting a woman's derriere. Women must wear a corset after sundown and be in the company of male chaperone.
• Not only is it illegal to have sex with the lights on, one may not have sex in any position other than missionary.
• Perhaps anticipating telemarketing, the town fathers of Albany, Va., have for years prohibited peddlers from using the telephone to either sell things or raise funds.
• Police radar detectors are illegal.
• Richmond: It is illegal to flip a coin in a restaurant to see who pays for a coffee.
• Stafford County: It is legal for a man to beat his wife on the courthouse steps so long as it is before 8:00 pm.
• Swearing at someone over the phone in virginia is punishable by a $100 fine.
• There is a state law prohibiting "corrupt practices of bribery by any person other than candidates."
• There was once a law in Salem Virginia that made it illegal to leave home without knowing where you were going.
• Victoria: It is illegal to skate down the sidewalk of Main Street.
• Virginia Beach: If you are drunk and not driving your car, and the person who is driving the car is drunk as well, you may both receive DUI's. It is illegal for a person to ride on the handlebars of a bike. It is illegal to use profanity on Atlantic Avenue or the boardwalk. It is also unlawful to drive by the same place within 30 minutes on Atlantic Avenue.
• Waynesboro: It is illegal for a woman to drive a car up Main Street unless her husband is walking in front of the car waving a red flag.
• You cannot buy hardware of any kind on Sunday.
• You cannot sell lettuce on Sunday, but you can sell beer, wine etc.
• You may not have oral or anal sex.
• You may not work on Sunday.

Did you know the following state laws are still on the books?


Idaho: the state where a box of candy cannot be given as a romantic gift unless it weighs more than 50 pounds.


In Kalamazoo, Michigan it is against the law to serenade your girlfriend.

In Monroe, Utah daylight must be visible between partners on a dance floor; in Norfolk, Virginia girls are not allowed to attend public dances unless they are wearing a corset; in St. Croix, Wisconsin women are not allowed to wear anything red in public and in Cleveland, Ohio women are forbidden from wearing patent leather shoes, lest men should see the reflections of their underwear.

Firemen may not whistle or flirt at any woman passing a firehouse in Huntington, West Virginia.

In Abilene, Texas it is illegal to idle or loiter within the city limits for the purpose of flirting or mashing and in San Antonio it is illegal for either sex to flirt or respond to flirtation by using the eyes and/or hands.

Responding to flirtation by using the eyes will also get you into trouble within the city limits of Ottumwa, Iowa, where a man may not wink at any woman he does not know.

Flirting between men and women on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas can result in a 30-day jail term; men in Norfolk, Virginia may face 60 days in jail for patting a woman's derriere and women who sit on men's laps on buses or trains in Seattle, Washington without placing a pillow between them face an automatic six-month jail term.

It is illegal to tickle women in Virginia (maybe it's those corsets?)and in Portland, Maine men cannot tickle women under the chin with feather dusters.

In Dyersburg, Tennessee a woman cannot call a man for a date.

It is against the law for men to "ogle" women from a moving car in Detroit, Michigan.

In New York City a fine of $25 can be levied for flirting. Men are specifically prohibited from turning around on any city street and looking "at a woman in that way." Males who are convicted of this crime twice are subsequently forced to wear a "pair of horse-blinders" whenever they go outside.


In Boston, Massachusetts, two people are not allowed to kiss in front of a church and in Hartford, Connecticut it's illegal for a husband to kiss his wife on Sundays.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa it's a crime to kiss a stranger and in Wisconsin it is illegal to kiss anyone on a train.

In Logan County, Colorado, it is illegal for a man to kiss a woman while she is asleep.

In Indiana, it's illegal for a mustached man to "habitually kiss human beings." In two Eurekas, one in Illinois, the other in Nevada, men who wear moustaches are forbidden from kissing women; in the State of Iowa, where kisses may last for as much as, but no more than, five minutes, men who wear moustaches are forbidden from kissing women in public. They're a little stricter about the time limit in Halethorpe, Maryland, though, where it is illegal to kiss for more than one second, mustache or no.

In Florida, men may not kiss their wife's breasts.

MASTER...(well, you know!)

In Oxford, Ohio it is illegal for a women to disrobe in front of a man's picture.

In Arizona, having more than two dildos in a house is against the law; in Dallas, Texas, you can have as many as you want, although it is illegal to possess realistic dildos.


New Mexico State officials ordered 400 words of "sexually explicit material'' to be cut from Romeo and Juliet.

In Clinton, Oklahoma it is illegal to molest an automobile; in Daytona Beach, Florida the molestation of trash cans is banned.


In Clawson, Michigan it is legal (that's right, LEGAL) for a farmer to "sleep with his pigs, cows, horses, goats and chickens."

In Big Pine Key, Florida, those who molest a Key deer are subject to a fine and/or jail time; in all of Florida, having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal.

The citizens of Crete, Illinois commit an offense if they attempt to have sex with their dog, but in West Virginia it's okay for a man to have sex with an animal as long as it does not exceed 40 lbs.

In Tennessee any person who cripples, kills or in any way destroys a proud bitch that is running at large shall not be held liable for the damages due to such killing or destruction.

Animals in California are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, a school or a place of worship. (Look out, San Francisco Zoo! (Press Back Arrow below for details.).)

And, of course, in Missouri it is illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone.


In North Carolina, if a man and a woman who aren't married go to a hotel/motel and register themselves as married then, according to state law, they are legally married. Another state law mandates that all couples staying overnight in a hotel must have a room with double beds spaced at least two feet apart, and making love in the space between the beds is strictly forbidden.

Oddly enough, in Hornytown, North Carolina massage parlors have been banned.

In New Hampshire checking into a hotel under an assumed name is a crime; in Salem, Massachusetts they don't care what name you use, but even married couples are forbidden from sleeping in the nude in rented rooms.

Massachusetts taxi drivers are prohibited from making love in the front seat of their taxi during their shifts.

In Detroit, Michigan, making love in a car is illegal unless it is parked on your property.

Men over the age of 18 in Indiana may be arrested for statutory rape if a female passenger under the age of 17 is in his car and not wearing her socks and shoes.

Police Officers in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho who suspect the occupants of a vehicle are engaging in sex must either honk or flash their lights and wait three minutes before approaching the car.

No one may have sex in the back of an ambulance in Utah if it is responding to an emergency call and, in the town of Tremonton, Utah, if you are caught the guy is let go and the woman is punished and her name appears in the newspaper.


In South Carolina, by law, if a man promises to marry an unmarried woman, the marriage must take place.

Getting married on a dare in Delaware is grounds for annulment.

In North Carolina a marriage can be declared void if either of the two persons is physically impotent.

Any marriage in Rhode Island where either of the parties is an idiot or lunatic is null and void.

A bridegroom in Truro, Mississippi must "prove himself manly" before the wedding by hunting and killing either six blackbirds or three crows.

In Pennsylvania ministers are forbidden from performing marriages when either the bride or groom is drunk.

In Texas you can be legally married by publicly introducing a person as your husband or wife 3 times.

In Lebanon, Virginia it is illegal to kick your wife out of bed.

In Utah, when a person reaches the age of 50, he or she can legally marry their cousin.

And, quite naturally, in Kentucky, it is illegal to remarry the same man four times.


In Mississippi Adultery or Fornication (living together while not married or having sex with someone that is not your spouse) results in a fine of $500 and/or 6 months in prison.

The age of consent in Tennessee is 16, but 12 if the girl is a virgin.

In Oklahoma, where it is illegal to have sex before you are married, it's statutory rape for a man over 18 to have sex with a female under the age of 18 if she's a virgin. If she's not a virgin, it is okay to have sex with her, but only if she is over 16. If the two are both under 18, then the law does not apply.

In Auburn, Washington men who deflower virgins, regardless of age or marital status, may face up to five years in jail.

It is illegal in Virginia for those who are not married to have sexual relations. After marriage, couples are allowed to have sex, but only missionary style and only if the lights are not on.

In North Carolina it's illegal to have sex in a churchyard. If you're not in a churchyard, it's okay to have sex, but only if you stay in the missionary position and only if the shades are drawn.

The missionary position is also the only legal position for having sex in Florida.

A woman in Massachusetts is not permitted to be on top during sexual activities.

And try to remember not to whisper "dirty" things in your lover's ear during sex in Oregon; that kinda talk is illegal there.


In Florida, Indiana, Minnesota and Missouri, oral sex is still illegal. In Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee and San Diego, California oral sex cannot be either given or received. North Carolina law considers oral sex to be a crime against nature; in Arkansas it is considered sodomy (Click here for proof: Welcome to Arkansas). In Oklahoma oral sex is a misdemeanor, punishable by one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

In Virginia, you may have neither oral nor anal sex; in Owensboro, Kentucky one may not receive anal sex; in Cincinnati, Ohio anal intercourse is banned.

Unnatural intercourse, if both parties voluntarily participate, results in a maximum sentence of 10 years and a $10,000 fine in Mississippi.


It is illegal for a man to scowl at his wife on Sunday in Detroit, Michigan.

Anyone arrested for soliciting a hooker in Oklahoma must have their name and picture shown on TV.

Males are not allowed to be sexually aroused in public in Indiana, Mississippi, Allentown, Pennsylvania, Nashville, Tennessee or Kenosha, Wisconsin.


In New York City, a marriage cannot be dissolved for irreconcilable differences, unless both parties agree to it. That rarely happens, since one party regularly says "no" to the other, or there wouldn't be a reason to dissolve the marriage. If one of the spouses says "no" to the divorce, the other party has to prove that the spouse saying "no" committed one of four terrible faults. If one spouse abandoned the other, i.e., left the house for a year or if there hasn't been sexual relations for a year, that's a fault. Another oft-cited fault is to assert that one spouse has treated the other with physical or mental cruelty, but for the court's purposes, yelling and screaming is not usually enough, although pictures of bruises taken in an emergency room might do the trick. If a spouse has been imprisoned for two or three years divorce is easy. The last fault, adultery, is much more difficult to prove. Lawyers then, get paid to "prove" fault or, on the other side, to show how lame the opposing side's "fault" claim is.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Around the town.

*NOTE* Click on photos to enlarge them

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ours we fun and My husband and I were able to spend some well deserved time together. On Sunday we hit the road for a drive and ended up in Matthews Co. VA on Gwynns Island. There was nothing there but private homes with no where to pull off, but we enjoyed the scenery. We went on up the road a few miles to the small town of Kilmarnock VA. They had a wonderful antique store and I spend awhile there.

Yesterday we took my grandson and headed to Va. Beach for an afternoon at the Farmers Market. I was surprised to see the pumpkins already for sale.
After we walked around a few minutes we went inside one of the little shops for a ice cream cone. Yummy

After our trip there we went by for a visit with my mom and my sister. It was a beautiful afternoon so we sat outside. Just look at all the pears on the trees!

Well that is about it. How are things with everyone else?

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Monday, September 3, 2007

The Face Behind The Blog

Pepperlady tagged me for the face behind the blog. I hope you this as much as I enjoyed making it.

* Update. I was so tired last night by the time I finished this and posted it that I completely forgot to make the link click-able to THE FACE BEHIND THE BLOG website, so here it is. The idea behind this meme is your suppose to tag five other people to participate. if your a regular reader of mine you already know that I have to many favorite blogs to pick only five. If you like the idea of doing this then consider yourself tagged. Come back though and let me know if you post photos so I can drop by and see them. They can be anything you want and do not have to be a slide show. The details are on the THE FACE BEHIND THE BLOG website.

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