Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flags Everywhere

Finding myself in a place like Gettysburg PA for Memorial Day weekend was really exciting. I had done my homework so I already knew that they were having a Parade downtown and also that the National Cemetery would be decorated in flags. 6,000 individuals who served in a number of American wars, from the Mexican-American War to the present day are buried there. Out of these 3,512 Union soldiers are buried in the cemetery; of these, 979 are unknown.

Let me tell you that seeing that many flags is a bit overwhelming. Everywhere you looked was a flag. Knowing all those Union Soldiers were killed all around where we were was overwhelming. Knowing that the Rebel Soldiers are somewhere else buried all across the south.....Overwhelming..

So many men died in three short days.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Rocks In My Head, Bears In My Heart

Sorry I don't know how to remove the music from the slide show at the end of this post. It seems to be built in to the program I used. Please turn off your speakers before you click to watch

After a good night's sleep our second day in Gettysburg got off to a little better start. We headed out to tour more of the battlefield. One of my favorite places is the famous Devil's Den.
If you know any of the history of Gettysburg then you probably already know that
the photo below is a famous one.

It is the Body of a Confederate sharpshooter, behind famous shooting blind at Devil's Den. (Taken on July 6 or July 7, 1863, by Alexander Gardner.)
It is now believed that the photo was staged for dramatic effect with a body recovered elsewhere.

This photo is how the area looks today and the photos below show my grandson playing on the huge rocks.

After playing here awhile we went a few miles south of town to The Boyd's Bear Factory

This video is long, but if you take time to view it I am sure you will enjoy the shop. As you can see they sell more than just bears.
My grandson made a dog while we were there (see video) and he named him Gettysburg..
That little stuffed dog has now gone everywhere with us..
Enjoy watching the slide show and I will continue more of what we did in my next post.

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A rough start

Before you start reading please note that you will need to double click on all photos to enlarge them. Please do that so you can fully see the details..

Well I am home from Gettysburg and let me tell you this trip was a really rough one. We had a good time, but it seemed that nothing went right while we were there. As you know we opted to take my daughter and grandson with us this time and because my daughter’s car is in better condition than ours she was driving. Well the night before we were suppose to leave her car started over-hearting. I had a feeling that it might be something serious, but we packed it anyway and headed to the local Mickey D’s for breakfast. We were in line at the drive through and sure enough the car started over-heating again. At this point we had two choices, either go in our car, which had no gas or fresh oil and really needs a timing belt or stay home. We already had the trip planned so I was about to pack everything into my car when Rebecca called her dad. She talked with him a few minutes and my ex offered us his car for the five days. (Have I mentioned lately that in spite of the divorce I really do have a great ex-husband)

We loaded up his car and finally arrived at our campground about 2:30 in the afternoon. Several hours later than we had originally hoped for but hey we were there!



We weren't sure what to expect as far as our cabin because we were in the over flow area, but it turned out that it was a great area. We not only had a cabin but we were in the area usually used by groups so we got a fence and a pavilion with fans and lights and even a refrigerator. We had two port-a-potty's and were near the field that the horses grazed in each day.(Photos to follow in later post)

We quickly unpacked and decided to start out the trip at the visitor center. Being the Saturday before Memorial Day, we soon found that we were not the only ones with that idea and found ourselves in the middle of a crowd. We also found that the museum area which had been free last fall when my husband and I made our first visit, now had a Five dollar fee. Since there were other things we wanted to do that day we opted to go back another time and just took a quick look around the gift shop.  My grandson being a typical little boy went straight to the hats and guns. He looked so cute in his  little Rebel hat that we couldn’t resist and  his mom bought it for him


From there we went to the Leister House which was used as General Meade’s Headquarters during the three day battle.IMG_7569

We were lucky enough to find a group of Civil War re-enactors camping out there. They had set up their tents along the fence.



I was glad to know I had a bed waiting for me at the campground.


We left Meade’s Headquarters and took a drive around the battlefield stopping where General John Reynolds had been shot from his horse on the first day. Several people had left flowers at his memorial and when we explained to Cody what had happened there he wanted to leave something too. We found some wildflowers for him and he gently placed them next to the others.


By then we were getting tired and hungry and decided to head back to the campground to settle down awhile and have something to eat.

When we arrived we found that someone had stolen the flags that we had bought and placed beside the larger flag pole. We had placed both an American Flag and a Rebel Flag to honor both sides in this tragic battle.  I couldn’t believe someone had taken them. We reported it to the office and they were nice enough to give us a new set.



To be Continued……

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Just a quick hello to let everyone know I am home from Gettysburg It was a crazy trip and I am tried. Just trying to relax this evening and work on dowloading photos and trying to get my thoughts together on the trip. I will be posting all about our "adventure" soon


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Count Down

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

See You Later,and Happy Memorial Day

This will be my last post until I get back from Gettysburg, I am working for the next few days and will be leaving on Saturday morning bright and early. You can be sure when I get back their will be lots to tell and photos to share. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day. A big Parade is planned in Gettysburg On Monday and I am looking forward to it..
did you know

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (on May 25 in 2009). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the civil war), it was expanded after World War I to include American casualties of any war or military action

Also while their I will be revisiting the place where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg on that note I leave you with this..

See you soon..

(Photo taken by me Sept. 08)

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
November 19, 1863
On June 1, 1865, Senator Charles Sumner commented on what is now considered the most famous speech by President Abraham Lincoln. In his eulogy on the slain president, he called it a "monumental act." He said Lincoln was mistaken that "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here." Rather, the Bostonian remarked, "The world noted at once what he said, and will never cease to remember it. The battle itself was less important than the speech."

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

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Last minute stuff

Well, I am getting down to the wire as far as getting ready for my trip this weekend. I have my clothes packed, but may have to take them back out and repack with some warmer things. The forecast for Gettysburg seems to be much cooler than the shorts and tee shirts I have in my bag. I have most of the food bought and ready to go. I had planned on serving rague sauce over elbow macaroni the first night, so I cooked up the meat and sauce tonight to put in the freezer. I thought that way all I had to do was heat it up and cook the noodles. Well, somebody out there doesn't want me to eat sauce. I cooked it , cooled it off and poured it in a bag, Now my first mistake was buying the cheap brand zipper bags. Yep you guessed it, it busted and the sauce went everywhere. I was able to save about half of it. the other 1/4 of it went to the trash, and 1/4 of it went on my toes giggle. Now tomorrow I have to go more meat and sauce..But hey at lest my feet are clean now..I wish I could say the same for my floors and tub.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eternal Peace Light...Gettysburg PA

Did You Know?
The Eternal Light Peace Memorial at Gettysburg National Military Park was the result of a cooperative effort between veterans of the North and South. It was dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on July 3, 1938 during the 75th Anniversary celebration of the battle of Gettysburg.

The light burns at all times day or night...

(photos taken by me 2008)

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I’m running away to join the circus

Do you ever have those days where you just want to pack your bags and run away and join the circus? Well I do and this is one of those days. It just seems when things go wrong in our family they all go at the same time. I usually do really well under stress, then after awhile I just reach a point where enough is enough and I break. When I break I blow up and when I blow up I get really ugly. This is what happened to me yesterday.

I won’t go into all the details because I know no-one likes to read blogs full of drama, but I will say this much.

Yesterday was my grandson’s birthday My daughter’s boyfriends mom finally got on my nerves to the point that I broke and then I blew, It involved her obsessive behavior towards my grandson and something she said. I lost it and freaked out and started screaming at her and called her a bitch in front of her husband my ex and his girlfriend. my daughter and my daughters babysitter ( It could have been worst, at one point their were about 30 people at the party) I went on to tell her that she was not the grandmother, never would be and that she better never over step her bounds in front of me again or attempt to try what she had threatened. I left the party in a huff, she left not long after me in tears and my daughter is upset and mad. I cried all night from being so upset and my daughter and I are barely speaking.

Don’t you just love these happy family get together’s

On top of this my son is going through drama and is about to go through a custody fight for his daughter. We found out her mom has a drug problem and is suicidal. Thankfully my grand daughter is living in the home of her other grandparents, but I am upset over this situation which is to long and involved, but anyone who wants the details can email me and I will explain this and the problem yesterday with the grandsons party.


I hope your weekend is going better than mine.

On the upside the forecast for the week I am in Gettysburg has changed and we should get some sunshine after all (unless it changes back again). That is if my daughter and I are speaking to each other by then..


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Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am so upset, I just checked the forecast for the five days we are in Gettysburg and everyday they are predicting RAIN.
Everyone sing with me....



Friday, May 15, 2009

Gettysburg Ghost Story

At Spangler's Spring, farmland once claimed to have been used as the site where both Union and Confederate sprang during the battle, lives the legend of the "Woman in White." Her story is tragic but vivid...she was apparently engaged to be married, when her fiance decided to terminate the engagement, and, distraught, the young woman took her own life. Not a small few have attested to seeing the woman wandering around Spangler's Spring


Fatty Foods Are My Friend

I went to the DR. a couple of weeks ago for a routine checkup and lab work. They called me this week to let me know my cholesterol is high..Well, Duh, I knew that!
I asked if the DR. ordered meds..No, Well Duh, why did that surprise me, This DR. really is beyond being bad, I have used her a couple of times now because they use a sliding scale for payment and we have no insurance. This last time they told me we now make to much money not to pay full payments, so I have already planned to chance DR. Thankfully the only thing wrong with me is the cholesterol, I did ask about the blood sugar and it was a tiny bit high 106 when it should be 99, but that I can watch. I just wish she had give me something for the cholesterol, because I know myself and I know am not going to watch what I eat. Fatty foods are my best friend, and I don't have many friends ha ha..


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jennie Wade House-Gettysburg

Of all the places I visited last year while in Gettysburg, I think the Jennie Wade house had to be my favorite. I am sure I will have lots of new photos when I get back from the new trip, but I wanted to share some I took their last time.

Click to play The Jennie Wade House
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Mary Virginia Wade, or better known as Jennie Wade was the only civilian killed during the American Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 3, 1863 while baking bread for Union soldiers in the now famous tourist destination, the Jennie Wade House. She was struck by a single bullet that traveled through two wooden doors killing her instantly. Jennie Wade was 20 years old. The house looks very much the same as it did over 140 years ago.

The Jennie Wade house, originally the McClellan home, lived through the Battle of Gettysburg and witnessed the tragic death of Gettysburg civilian Jennie Wade, as she was preparing bread for the Union soldiers. This brick house was not a good spot to be in during the fighting as it was between both armies and commonly referred to as "No Man's Land". Northern soldiers were setting up defenses South of town while Confederate forces were occupying the North side of town. As both armies fired on each other, the Jennie Wade home was struck repeatedly and riddled with bullets. The north side received most of the damage as it faced the Confederate position and today is marked with over 150 bullet holes. Also causing damage to the Jenny Wade house was a Confederate 10-pounder "Parrot" artillery shell. The shell hit and entered the Jennie wade house going through and causing damage to the 2nd floor wall that separated the two dwellings. Fortunately, the Civil War projectile did not explode, and remained lodged in the house for many years after the war until it was removed. Evidence of this direct hit can still be seen today while taking the tour of the Jenny Wade house. The house is now a museum and contains a Gift Shop in the rear

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Gearing up for camping

Time is running together here and I am busy trying to finish up plans for our trip to Gettysburg next weekend. I have most of the food bought and some of my clothes packed, but I know there are still a million things to do. All the things to cook with has to be gathered up and ready to pack and the food we are taking put in bags. I can't pack the fresh food until the morning we go and of course things I use daily like my frying pan and utensils. I still have to buy charcoal (I'm getting match light)bread, snacks and stuff like that. I wish I had more money, but I suppose everyone feels that way when they get ready to go out of town. Thankfully I get paid twice before we go, once this Friday, and then again next Friday before we leave on Saturday morning. I just hate having to wait till the last minute to finish up shopping. At lest I am not working much between now and the time we leave. I work tonight until 9, but have the day shift on Thurs, and Friday. I am off again this weekend, which never happens, but Saturday is my grandson's fourth birthday (where does the time go?) so I will be busy all day that day helping my daughter with his party. I lucked out and got Sunday off because one of the girls at work needed Monday off which was my scheduled day next week. She traded me it for Sunday which worked in my favor. I go back to work Monday, work Tuesday, Wed. night again and only work half a day on Thurs. and am off until June 1st. Yippee.
Now I just need someone to come clean my apartment. My ex husband is going to come in while we are gone and walk my dog and feed her and the cats so at lest I don't have to worry about them.I thought it was really nice of him to offer to do it. I think he is really only doing it because he knows my daughter is going on the trip with me and she doesn't want the dog along on the trip. What ever the reason I am happy. The dog will be happy and I won't have to worry.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update


So how was your Mother’s Day weekend? Mine was nice. We stayed busy. Saturday my husband and I spent some time together, which I always enjoy. It is strawberry picking season here so we decided to go to the same farm we went to last fall for Pumpkins. It is in the community of Sury VA. This is one of those pick your own kind of places, and usually worth the trip. We are about an hour from their and usually travel to Jamestown where we get on the ferry and travel across. From there it is just a few minutes It was a beautiful day and already 83 degrees at 11:30 in the morning. .


Much to my disappointment the fields were picked over and after about 15 minutes of walking up and down trying to find enough berries to fill our basket we gave up. I only got a small pint, and paid the same thing for them as I would have in the grocery store.


(As you can see their are no berries left on the plants)

We left their and headed back towards the ferry where we found a mile long line waiting to get on. We asked someone what was going on (thinking perhaps that one of the ferry’s had broken down), They told us that people were lined up to go to Williamsburg to Bush Gardens. It seems there was a big concert going on. OH great I thought, it would be hours before we got on board. Thankfully there is another way home so we opted to drive the long way through Smithfield Va and came in on the backside of my town. In the meantime my daughter had called and asked us to stop by her house. She is trying to get her yard cleaned up for my grandson’s birthday party. He will be four on Saturday. My hubby and I helped her take an old fence out to the curb, where her boyfriend and my husband broke it up for trash pickup. 


We shared pizza with them and then my daughter and I decided to get out of the house awhile and go to the thrift store. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we got there. Look what we found.


An entire collection of Civil War books. 

My daughter bought them for me as a Mother’s Day present. I had told her not to buy me a gift this year, since she  had already bought me a Bush Garden pass, but she loves to spoil me and when we saw these….well she knew I had to have them.

Anyway that about sums up. Saturday. Yesterday we went to see my mom, and we went out to lunch at Red Lobster. Thanks to my wonderful son who sent a gift card so all of us could enjoy the day together.

Today my daughter and I are going to head back to the same thrift store that we found the books in. The clerk told us that they had some more Civil War books and things that had not been put out yet so we want to go check it out. I will let you know if I find anything

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hello World

Have I bored all my readers to death? It seems no one is coming by ....HELLO WORLD...are you still out there?


Friday, May 8, 2009

Civil War Song

I found this on You Tube
This song was written as part of the words and Music program at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee. The lyric is based on the writings of two fifth grade students.

Written by: Jeremy McConville & Jarrell Reeves
Songwriters: Candace Corrigan ( & Janne Henshaw (


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Post Script to previous post

I wanted to add one more tidbit to my previous post. If you look at the top of my blog their is a house. I think I have mentioned before that this is the home of my grandparents and my grandmother and one of my Aunts lived in this home until after my first child was born. They moved out in 1984 and a few years later the old house was torn down. However the house next door (which I wish I had a photo of but don't) was left standing and turned into office space. That home has a bit of history.
It seems during the Civil War it was used as a hospital, and I was told as a young woman that the house was haunted. It wouldn't surprise me, but I never saw anything..Oh well, it is still an interesting story.

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Harts in my home town

Although I have lived in several places during my life my roots run deep in the south. For many generations most of my family was born and raised in Georgia. I was born in the town of LaGrange and wanted to share a bit of the Civil War history with you. Now I don't know about you but when I think of the Civil War, I think of the men marching off far from home to fight in long forgoten battlefields. However since going to Gettysburg PA last fall I have spent countless hours on google searching all things Civil War, which also includes the women. The following is a bit of information about the women of my birthplace during the Civil War...

The settlement of LaGrange began in the early 19th century soon after the territory was ceded by the Creek Indians and the subsequent establishment of Troup County, Georgia. The City was incorporated in December 1828. During the American Civil War, LaGrange was defended by a volunteer women's auxiliary group known as the Nancy Harts. After the Confederate defeat in nearby West Point, Georgia, the Federal troops, led by Colonel Oscar LaGrange, marched north to LaGrange, with Confederate prisoners near the front of the column. The Nancy Harts formed and negotiated a surrender.

Although local assets were burned and looted by Union troops, Colonel LaGrange spared the homes of LaGrange, including Bellevue, the home of Senator Benjamin Harvey Hill. This may have been a returned favor. Colonel LaGrange had previously been under Confederate medical care for wounds received and had been cared for by the niece of Senator Hill. After his care, LaGrange was later exchanged for a Union prisoner and returned to duty. This became an opportunity to return the kindness he had been shown.

To show their gratitude for sparing their homes, one of the Nancy Harts hosted a dinner for Colonel LaGrange, and the Colonel paroled some local prisoners so that they could attend. Many women of the town cooked all night to provide the meal. The next morning the Federal troops marched out taking various men of LaGrange as prisoners of war. They were soon freed when it was learned of Robert E. Lee's previous surrender

(From the Marker at the LaGrange Court House)


In 1863, a company of women soldiers was formed in LaGrange by Mrs. J. Brown Morgan. They called themselves the "Nancy Harts" in honor of Georgia's Revolutionary War heroine. Organized to defend LaGrange in the absence of its men, the Nancy Harts held drills and target practice and became proficient at each.

On April 17, 1865, a column of Union cavalry was reported to be approaching LaGrange from the west. This column, the 2nd Brig., 1st Div., of Wilson's cavalry corps, was commanded by Col. O.H. LaGrange, 1st Wis. Cav. On the 16th, it had crossed the Chattahoochee River at West Point (18 miles SW), captured fort Tyler, a strong redoubt commanding the town, and destroyed the bridges, the rail facilities, 19 locomotives, 340 cars loaded with army supplies, and much valuable machinery. Early on the 17th, it had marched toward LaGrange, destroying the railroad enroute.

The Nancy Harts mobilized promptly, determined to resist any attempted depredations, but they were spared a trial at arms. Seeing the charmingly militant array formed to meet him, Colonel LaGrange complimented them upon their fearless spirit and fine martial air and, after a brief delay, marched on toward Macon, leaving no scar other than the broken railroad to deface this gracious Georgia town whose name he chanced to bear


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a day...and it is only 9 am

Whew, I'm already tired and it is only 9 in the morning. Have I been cleaning you might ask? No, Shopping? No, Having wild sex with my husband(in my dreams)? No,Then why I am tired. Well if you want to know the truth I have been sitting here thinking about how even though I am not the brightest light bulb in the pack, their are so many other people who are just plain idiot! Mostly I have been thinking about the lady who does the rent checks at my apartment complex. I really wonder how she keeps her job.
Let me explain what happened.

Our rent is due each month by the 3rd and since it fell over the weekend I paid my rent on time (Yippie) on the 1st. I sat down, wrote the check, gave it to my husband who put it in an envelope and took it over to the office and slipped it in the night deposit box. Whew I thought, paid up for another month.

Now I don't know about you but I am not a check book person. I don't use checks and I never balance the book. In fact the rent check is probably the only one I write in the month. I use my ATM card and update on line. Since I don't shop much and we live a pretty poor life financially there is usually less than a hundred dollars in my account between paydays so I don't worry about keeping the account perfectly balanced.
However I do check it so that I don't over draw. Before I went to bed last night I looked at my balance and saw where the rent had not come out yet, so it really surprised me when my husband came in to wake me up before he left for work and announced we had over three hundred dollars in the bank. I told him we better have more than that (since the rent had not posted as of last night). In a panic I jumped up and came in to pull up the account. The rent had come in alright...for
THREE HUNDERED DOLLARS LESS than it should have. For some reason being the brain dead half way to alzheimer's with blonde roots woman I am I had wrote the check out for 528.00 instead of 828.00.
I continued my panic at this point yelling oh shit we are going to get a late fee, as it is now well past the 3rd of the month. Late fees are over a hundred dollars and as I am throwing my clothes on and grabbing my keys and checkboook I am seeing my trip to Gettysburg in two weeks taking little wings and flying out the window.
I jumped in the car and speed over to the office where I pay rent, ran in out of breath and asked to speak to the apartment complex manager who has dealt with us for three years now (in which I might add we have never been late on the rent)
She isn't in yet I was told by the receptionist at the desk.
Well, I explained I wrote my check wrong for the rent..She looked at me like I had three heads and said oh ok, Sorry I said, here is what I owe you. Again..oh ok.
Now for some reason it dawned on me, I am not the only idiot here.
At that point I said (sweetly) that I was surprised they didn't call me when they realized the check was not for the right amount. (Thinking do they not check off that I have paid my rent each month and look at the amount since we add our water on to it and that changes slightly each time). Oh well she says...SHE was the one that did the deposit because the manager wasn't there.
Somehow this made me angry, because I, ME, PATTY, would have been the one with the late fee (which by the way she said not to worry about) if I had not caught this and got it back into them. I just smiled and her and left
After I got home I got to thinking about it. Not only am I dumb for writing the check wrong, she was dumber for not reading the amount on the check before she marked it off...and while I am throwing out ribbons to wear in this category, let's give one to my husband who took the check from my hand and put it in the envelope without reading it..

So as I said I am tired and I still have to go to work in a couple of hours and stay until 9 pm. I already dread it, I know how STUPID the people there are....After all most of my customers are so bad they can't even hang clothes on a rack. They just drop them on the floor where even dumber people like myself come along behind them and pick them up....

Ok, I know your thinking to yourself your tired now just reading all this blather
ha ha..
Enjoy your day

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Known Facts

In the battle of Gettysburg, 1,100 ambulances were in use. The medical director of the Union army boasted that all the wounded were picked up from the field within 12 hours after the battle was over.

General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate forces, traveled with a pet hen that laid one egg under his cot every morning.

And More than 3,000 horses were killed at Gettysburg

After the Battle of Gettysburg the discarded rifles were collected and sent to Washington to be inspected and reissued. Of the 37,574 rifles recovered, 24,000 were still loaded.


Sunday, May 3, 2009


HERO OF GETTYSBURG (Gettysburg, Adams County) This is a bit of lore and spook story rolled into one. John Burns, 69 years old, Gettysburg's former constable and a vet of the War of 1812, watched the Union troops marching past his house on July 1, 1863. He grabbed his trusty musket and ran outside to see if anyone could use an extra gun. The 7 Wisconsin, part of the famed Iron Brigade, was going by, and they signed him up (although they made him take the musket back home and issued him a rifle.) Marching in a high hat and a swallow tailed coat, Burns got into combat that day. The Iron Brigade clashed with the rebels at McPherson's Ridge, and the old-timer ended up shot three times. He was left wounded on the field. His civilian outfit saved him. He convinced the rebs that he was an innocent bystander caught up in the battle (even though he claimed to have killed three Confederates after his escape), and they let him be. A neighbor carried him home the next day, where his wife (probably after a good tongue lashing) nursed him back to health. When Abe Lincoln visited Gettysburg to deliver his address, he made a point to meet the patriotic Burns, who he called "The Hero of Gettysburg." The ghost tale? When he was 75, Burns went back to McPherson's Ridge. While walking in the woods, the spook of a rebel soldier jumped out at him and threatened him with his rifle. Maybe it was one of the soldiers he claimed to have shot or maybe one of the group that let him go. Either way, he never went back to McPherson's farm again.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun Stuff

Did I mention that last week it was 90 degress here? Well, it was, and just look at the crowd at the beach already. My grandson had a ball.
Don't you just love summer!


Friday, May 1, 2009


Happy May Day Everyone!