Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seeing is believing

While surfing the web I ran across this news story. You have to see this!


In Case Your Wondering

Thank you everyone for the kind words about the disclaimer that I added both here and on the Paranormal blog. The comments that were referred to in my last post were left on the Paranormal blog and not here on this one. However I have the same post on both blogs so felt like I needed to address it here too. If you have ever clicked the link to the paranormal blog you are probably wondering why I have the exact same post there that I do here. The reason for this is, sometimes I like to ask a friend or co-worker (or a stranger that I have met while out "ghost hunting") if they would like to read the stories.
By keeping two blogs I can give them the link to the stories without giving them a link to this blog. After all who wants their co-workers reading about how they drive them crazy at work, or a cousin saying hey did you know that Patty thinks Aunt Betty Sue is crazy (no I don't have a Aunt Betty Sue). It is much the same as why a lot of people have more than one email address. You don't mind them knowing some things about you, you just don't want them knowing everything about you.
Also some people that are subscribed to the Paranormal blog are not readers here. They have no interest in my daily life (boring as it is) and simply read the ghostly stuff and move on.
Anyway I hope this clears things up a bit.
As far as the post I removed, the comments were from family members of the original owner of the home. I had accidentally posted the wrong photo of a home with information I had
obtained from a book about the haunting's of Williamsburg. The family phoo phoo the idea of the home being haunted by there ancestor so out of respect to them I just removed the entire post.



In case you haven't noticed I have added a disclaimer to my side bar. For the record I want everyone to know that unless I tell you otherwise that the local/or other wise the history behind the stories on this blog ARE NOT written by me. I have either found the information on another blog or somewhere on the Internet or in a book. Some stories are from personal experience, but a lot of these are not. This blog should be viewed as "entertainment only".The reason for this disclaimer is:
I recently realized that I had made a mistake by posting information on The Dora Armistead House localed in Colonial Williamsburg and have been asked by family members to please remove the post since the information was not correct.

I would like to publicly apologize to them and want to let them know that I was posting information from a source that seems to be incorrect.
I am also sorry that it took me several months before this post was removed. I did not know that I had been reqested to remove it. If I had known it would have come down at the time of the request. I do not normally go back and recheck for comments after more than a few days. Again I am very sorry for any upset that it may have caused.

As mentioned I use other sources for my paranormal post and local folklore.

Thank You.



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A few more photos

Here are a few more photos from my trip yesterday to Endview Plantation

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Monday, January 26, 2009

As Promised

As promised I visited two of my favorite old homes today. The first is Endview Plantation. (Here is a brief history of the plantation)

Built in 1769 by William Harwood. By the outbreak of the Civil War, Endview had passed out of direct ownership of the Harwood family and was purchased by William’s great-grandson Dr. Humphrey Harwood Curtis. Dr. Curtis was one of two physicians in the county at this time. The 1860 census shows that Curtis owned $8,000 worth of real estate, $21,000 worth of personal property and 12 slaves. By 1861 Dr. Curtis was off fighting the Civil War, but returned home and retreated with his family to Danville VA. for the remainder of the war. Federal troops occupied the Endview property and remained in and around the area until the end of the war. In early 1864, the Federal government confiscated the plantation and relocated seven African-American families there to farm. The Curtis family returned after the war and within a few months regained possession of there things.

As you can see the farm and land has a rich history so it is no surprise that the home is also associated with hauntings.

Reports have said that a woman has been seen crossing the road from the cemetery towards the house during re-enactments that are held at the Plantation. This woman is known as the woman in white. Reports also show that the room, that was used as a nursery has curtains that open after they have been closed for the night. Civil War re-en actors who would stay in the cabins (built for them to stay in during re-enactments) have reported ghostly happenings. Doors open and close on their own, cold spots appear even in the summer, and many of them felt a presence when they were alone and heard disembodied voices.

With these stories in mind I arrived early and joined a tour. No photos were allowed in the home itself but I did get a lot of shots of the outside.

These last two photos are graves of the Curtis family. I may be mistaken but I believe the child's grave is their child (They had 11). It is documented that one child a girl age 8 died in the home. She was suffering from intestinal worms and the "cure" at that time was arsenic. Her father being a DR. administered the dosage and she was given to much and died.

After I walked around the grounds near the house, I went back a bit further to the natural spring.

It is a bit hard to see in this photo, but when I visited last summer it had quit a bit of water in it. We were told that this spring was one of the main reasons that soldiers stayed here on the property during the war as it was one of the only natural springs in the area.
I continued on and found the Hargrove Cemetery. Several children and adults are buried here, and it is believed that there are several more unmarked graves.

Beyond this area through a field is where the famous "haunted" cabins were. I had never been back there and must admit I was a bit nervous. After all I was the only one walking around the property and could not see the house from where I was at. It is the dead of winter and this place looked creepy...I wondered how long it would take anyone to find me if something happened ha ha..
I took a deep breath and moved forward.

What I found back there were a bunch of old run down cabins that were once used for the re-en actors. It made me wonder why there are no longer in use. I felt very uneasy in this area and didn't stay long.
I had been at Endview awhile and knew I needed to hurry if I was going to make the tour at Lee Hall

I was very disappointed in this tour and will not waste your time talking about it. The tour guide was very brisk and rushed us from one room to another.
If your interested in this home you can learn more from my post last summer I have the history and some photos there.
The only interesting part of this home was at the end. I met a lady and her daughter who had been on the tour with me at Endview. It seems that they were also interested in ghost and we started talking. It turned out this was the highlight of my day because the daughter (who is about 10) "see and feels" ghost. The mom "senses" things and together they were a lot of fun. The daughter said she felt a friendly presence there at Lee Hall. She mentioned this to the tour guide. Of course she phoo phoo the idea and within a minute of us talking to her the men's bathroom door swung open on it's own and hit me in the leg. We all started laughing and the daughter told the tour guide...well the ghost you don't have just went into the bathroom. I loved it.

Anyway and the mom, daughter and I started talking we of course turned the conversation back to Endview. I asked them if they had walked the grounds to the old cabins and they had said no, then the daughter told her mom she wanted to go and told her mom that she wanted me to come along..

Since the two homes are on the same road it took less than five minutes to return to Endview where we were told we only had a half hour before they closed, so we hurried to the back area where I once again took some photos. Both mom and daughter felt creepy and the mom said she felt as if someone was there. I am far from psychic but had to agree. I don't think it had anything to do with the cabins, but more with the land. Perhaps it was the spirits of the slaves or the soldiers of long ago. I suppose we will never know. While there the mom and daughter both turned on the recording area of there cell phone. Mom asked...Is someone here, Can you tell me your name, why are you here (with time between each question to hear an answer)
Then she played it back. If I hadn't been there I wouldn't have believed it, but clear as a bell when asked CAN YOU TELL ME YOUR NAME..I heard a clear whisper..STEVEN
We had a name..Steven..

One my first trip to this plantation I did not especially feel like it was haunted. Now I am not so sure. I suppose it depends on what you believe. Do spirits linger? Can they interact with the living?
Here is one thing that did happen that I haven't mentioned...
Take a close look at these two photos

Do you see the difference?
Yes the door is open..
The first photo was taken at 1:23
The second one was taken at 3:36
Could someone have come down the path in those two hours and opened the door? Of course they could have. We can always debunk the photos. After all I wasn't the only person to take a tour that day...but maybe, just maybe it was STEVEN, going out for a walk...

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Revisiting an old haunt

Most of you who have read this blog for any length of time know that I adore anything to do with ghost and hauntings. Especially Civil War Ghost. I have mostly put my ghost hunting/visting of old places on hold for the winter months, but I have a trip planned on Monday to revisit two of the local homes in my area that are reported to be haunted. The first of these is Endview Plantation.

I stopped in here last summer but did not get any impressions of anything out of the ordinary. However I only visited the house and small cemetary that is on the property. Since then I have learned the following information and will be taking a walk back to that side if the property.

Civil War re-enactors who would stay in the cabins near Endview Plantation in Newport News would report ghostly happenings. Doors open and close on their own, cold spots appear even in the summer, and many of them felt a presence when they were alone and heard disembodied voices.

The second home on my list is Lee Hall Mansion.

During my first visit there, I asked if there were any ghost stories. I was told there was one of a woman, but they didn't seem to want to talk about the story.
I do know of one person who lived in the townhomes that have been built on the adjoing land next to the mansion (this all belonged to the family at one time) and she told me strange mist has been seen on the grounds of the mansion, and also she along with others have reported strange things happening in there apartment/townhome.
It should be interesting to see if my visit next week shows me anything "strange"

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Molly The Queen

Oh, You must be joking..Neither one of them are the Queen...Everyone knows it is Me


Maggie The Queen

Excuse ME!!
Did You see that D-O-G calling herself the QUEEN?
How dare she..Everyone knows I am the Queen


Queen Lucy

I am the Queen...


Friday, January 23, 2009

a good day

I paid my car payment, my electric bill, and my cable bill and have money left over..
whoo hoo life is good


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Presidential curse

While watching the history channel tonight, I learned a bit more about our Presidents. Not only did some of them see ghost (As Mentioned in my post on Jan. 20th).
Several of them are elected only to suffer death from a curse.
It all started with our 9th President William Henry Harrison who was born here in Virginia at Berkley Plantation.
(See This Post to learn more about my visit there.)
It seems that Harrison was cursed by Chief Tecumseh because he did not like the way his people were being treated in the Indiana territory while it was governed by future President William Henry Harrison. When Tecumseh threatened to hasten an Indian uprising to try to prevent the Americans from taking any more lands, Harrison fought back.

The resulting battle - the Battle of Tippacanoe - found Harrison successful, and Tecumseh even more upset. He then cursed Harrison and all future Presidents that would be elected every 20 years.

Presidents in the line of the alleged curse

1840 William Henry Harrison Died of Pneumonia 1841

1860 Abraham Lincoln Assassinated 1865

1880 James A. Garfield Assassinated 1881

1900 William McKinley Assassinated 1901

1920 Warren G. Harding
Heart attack, stroke, or possibly poison 1923

1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt Fourth Cerebral hemorrhage 1945

1960 John F. Kennedy First Assassinated 1963

1980 Ronald Reagan Attempted assassination - injured but not killed 2004
(Did not die in office)

2000 George W. Bush Attempted assassinations Currently living


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Watery Wednesday #19

I have tried on an off to follow some of the photo theme related blogs, but have quickly run out of photos to use on them. Today I ran across Watery Wednesday and knew this could be something of interest. Since I live near the water I do tend to photograph it a lot, so I will try this meme for awhile and see how it goes.
To start off the water theme I want to show the fishing pier in Virginia Beach VA.

If you think you might like to try this meme stop by the link above and join up.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

White House Ghost

As we all know the White House has new residents tonight. Congratulations to President Obama and his family. May you have four years filled with peace,love and hope. May you bring the change this country needs, and may we all come together as one people united the way this country is meant to be....God Bless you as we travel this road together.

Now with that said Let's talk about some past residents. Residents who refuse to leave...Those who linger on and have been seen by countless people.

Yes I am talking about GHOST. Did you know that the White House is one of the most haunted houses in America? One of the most frequent sightings is that of former President Abraham Lincoln. He has been seen near his bedroom (which he never used as a bedroom but as an office)Grace Coolidge,Franklin Roosevelt’s staff members and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands are among those who claim to have seen him.
President Harry Truman claims Lincoln once knocked on his bedroom door and Winston Churchill flatly refused to sleep in the room that was once known as Lincoln’s sleeping chamber. After having sighted the ghost of Lincoln.
Even more modern day Presidents like Richard Nixon were Among the many witnesses to the various sightings of President Lincoln – aside from the ones previously noted – were Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson and Maureen Reagan.
Although the ghost of Abraham Lincoln is said to be the most active –other Ghost are said to reside in the house too.
Presidents Harrison,Andrew Jackson, and John Tyler have been seen.

Presidents are not the only ones who have been said to haunt the home. Reports show, that the wife of President John Adams has been seen." Dolly Madison has been seen in the rose garden on several occasions, and is said to have appeared when Edith Wilson – wife of Woodrow Wilson – made plans to have the rose garden replanted. As the gardeners prepared to go to work, Dolly appeared to them and told them to leave her garden alone and not bother her arrangement. The gardeners were so frightened that they fled in terror and refused to make any changes to the rose garden. To this day, it’s still arranged in the same way as it was when Dolly Madison was alive and well in the White House"
Willie Lincoln, one of the son’s of President Lincoln who died in his childhood at the White House, has been seen by a number of witnesses – including White House staff members
A British Solider has been seen along with The ghost of Major Henry Rathbone, who’d accompanied President Lincoln to the theater on the night of his assassination.
Humans are not the only ghost that have been seen...
a spectral black cat has also been viewed by a multitude of people. According to witnesses, the cat appears in the basement of the White House immediately preceding a national tragedy, such as in the case of the Stock Market crash and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Sighting are not the only thing that happens at the White House..Sometimes only sounds are heard..
Did you know that the screams of President Grover Cleveland wife have been heard. She is the first woman to give birth in the White House and it is said to be be her during the pains of childbirth.
Footsteps have been heard and even the smell of laundry soap are some of the oddities that go on.

Of all of the spirits that are reported to walk the floors of the White House, Abraham Lincoln seems to be the one whose sightings have a specific purpose. His ghost is said to become particularly active during times of war, when he’s seen and heard restlessly pacing the hallways and knocking on bedroom doors throughout the day and night. Also during such times, witnesses tend to see his gaunt figure standing at the window of his bedroom or the Oval Office, looking out over what were once the battlefields during the Civil War.

The fact that Lincoln is sighted so frequently is of particular interest, since both he and his wife – Mary Todd Lincoln – were known to have conducted séances in the White House, in an attempt to contact the spirits of their deceased sons. Both strong believers in the existence of the afterlife, the Lincolns devoted a great deal of time trying to establish contact with the youngsters, and were said to be quite open-minded about interaction between the two planes of existence.

Please note that all of this information was "borrowed" from the Internet and was not written by me personally I took what I read and presented it here...

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Blogger problems

Yes, I know my background has been changed AGAIN.

I had to settle for this one because I kept getting an error message when I tried to make some changes to the other background. I am not sure what happened but the background I had on here with the rose with the fairy in it must have had some kind of bug in it. When I went to do some background changes the photo (header) would not go away.
I finally managed to get rid of it, but now it won't let me load anything but the classic blogger backgrounds...
Maybe it is a temporary thing with blogger. I sure hope so..


The Days Events

Well the day and come and gone and we did not get any snow. Not even a flake. I knew that was going to happen this morning when we got up and the grass was still green. We always get this big hype and then nothing happens.

Court went well. Child support enforcement was there to represent my daughter and she only needed to provide her financial statement. The judge denied the dad's appeal to have his support lowered. It is only based on $8.50 an hour and the judge said even if she based it on minimum wage it wouldn't be enough difference to make it lower..and advised him if he gets a higher paying job that it can be raised. Child support enforcement ask for a jail sentence to be suspended today, but the judge gave him a break and told him to be back in court in 60 days. They expect him to get a job by then and at that time a decision is made on the arrears, so he is in deep do do if he doesn't get some cash flow soon.

This is all good for my daughter but it to be honest it scares me because now he is mad and we feel like he will use my grandson as a pawn to get to my daughter. He doesn't care about his son and has not made any attempt to see him in over a year, but we are concerned that he will take the attitude that if he has to pay for him he wants to take him for the weekends.
If that happens we will be back in court to fight the visitation order because my grandson no longer remembers this man or his family.
He also made some remarks to my daughter about how it is against the law for her to being living with her boyfriend with his son..

It just breaks my heart that this man can just waltz in and disrupt her life and my grandson's life.
Anyway that is enough of ranting for today..

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S-N-O-W....that ugly four letter word

Oh my gosh...they are calling for SNOW in our area...It is clear as a bell outside and all the schools are closed down..The store shelves are empty and people are all excited! (If we are lucky we might get an inch). You would think the world was coming to an end. This is bigger than Obama..I am laughing.
Ok I admit it, I did charge the batteries in the camera...Just in case..
Stay turn, Maybe, just maybe, there will be a thin white layer on the ground later today and if so I will bring it to you.
In the meantime, today is the day my daughter and I head to court with the "sperm donor" (this is the term I refer to my grandson's dad is much nicer than @ss-hole) As I mentioned in a previous post he is trying to lower the child support payments for my grandson. Please keep us in your thoughts and I will check back in later..

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Historic St. Luke Church...The world around me

Continuing with my "The World Around Me"

Yesterday was one of those misty, half raining yucky days, so my husband and I took a drive. I know it sounds crazy to go site seeing in that kind of weather, but I wanted to stop by the St. Luke Church in Smithfield VA and take some photos. I had some of the cemetery and church on my computer but had lost them when it crashed last year and I have been hoping to replace them.

I wanted to go inside the church so I could take photos to show everyone. They have a wonderful old organ that is over 300 years old and some beautiful stain glass windows.

When we arrived I learned that the church is closed for the month of January,so the inside photos will have to wait until another time. I did however take several photos of the outside and hope you enjoy them.
Here is a brief history of the church.

Founded in 1632, Historic St Luke's Church is the oldest church of English origin in America and is the oldest example of Gothic architecture in America. Located in Smithfield, Va. - Isle of Wight County. The church was originally referred to as the "Old Brick Church" until named St. Luke's Episcopal Church in 1820. The church has played a prominent role in the early colonial era as well as the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. In 1953 St' Luke's was declared a National Shrine and in 1960 becomes a National Historical Landmark.

I also took some photos of the cemetery
Yes, I know, I have one of those sick twisted kind of minds that think cemeteries look cool in the dead of winter in the rain and mist. Ok I admit it I have watched one to many episodes of ghost hunters ha ha

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update on 7-11 and other family stuff

Some of you have asked if there is any update from what happened the other day at 7-11 and I am sorry to say that I am very unhappy with the way the company has handled things. After calling corporate in Dallas it took two days for a local rep. to call me back. Then all he did was leave me a message saying that he had talked to the manager there and that they had reviewed the tape and he was sorry that it happened. That "these things happen". He did leave me a number and told me I could call him back if I wanted to talk with him. I called the first thing the next morning and left him a very long message telling him I was NOT satisfied and asked him to call me again. That was Friday and I still have not heard back from him. He also told me he would follow up with an email which he has not done (yes I checked the junk mail to make sure).
I'm really irritated by all of this, but I am going to let it drop because to be honest I don't think it will do a darn bit of good to keep stirring things up. My daughter talked with the police again and they again said she could charge the woman with assault, but that since she hit her back that the woman can counter charge and it then turns into a big mess. At this point they both have agreed to just drop it.
The store obviously is not going to accept any responsibility and have just convientantly not told the district manager the "entire story" since he did not seem to know about the comments that were made that it was ok to run my daughter over. I could push it, but I have the feeling if I did that he young ladies at the store might turn out to cause problems for my daughter on a personal level. The young woman who assaulted my daughter lives in a very bad neighborhood which just happens to be a few streets over from me. This area is so bad that it once had to have its own police station and a young man was shot there just a few months ago..These are not the kind of people you want to have coming after you. I fear for my daughter because she works two jobs and one of them is nights and many times goes home to an empty house. Her boyfriend also works at night and is sometimes gone over night. Although she lives about 7 miles from me, I don't want these people following her and harassing her.

I worry enough about her being a single mom and never knowing when my grandson's biological dad is just going to show up and bother them.
He only lives two miles from her and is a known crack head. We have had several people tell us that he is really bad now and I have even had one of his neighbors report to me that the federal agents are watching the house...I hope they catch him and lock him away. Good bye to bad rubbish is all I have to say.
He is a dead beat dad who has not seen his son in over a year and does not pay a nickle in child support. Matter of fact she has to go to court this coming Tues. because he is trying to get the support lowered. He is 4,000.00 dollars behind now. Child support enforcement is already handing the case, so we are not sure if the judge will allow it to be lowered or not. The judges in our city are idiots though and we have dealt with them before so it would not surprise me if they don't agree for a lower amount. My grandson is three and he (the sperm donor crack head) already has father another little boy who is two and as far as we know does not support..and we recently heard he has another child with a third woman on the way.
I will let you know how things go on Tues...
Oh and someone had asked how old my daughter was. She is 24 and weighs about 110 pounds soaking wet. I guess people try to intimidate her but trust me she has a mouth and will use it when the need arises, and yes she gets that from me.

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The frosting on the cake

Could it be that my daughter just picks the wrong stores to go to or is she really having a bad week of people with attitude.
Last night she stopped at the local WalMart to purchase a small cake. You know the kind, those ready made cakes that you buy for birthdays without any writing on them.
Well, she picks one and ask the lady behind the counter if she can write Happy Birthday on it. Not a problem she says...Then my daughter ask would she be able to put a flower on it..ONE flower....Here comes Miss Attitude..OUR CAKES ARE ALREADY DECORATED WHEN WE PUT THEM OUT..I CAN'T BE PUTTING NO FLOWERS ON THEM..
Now tell me what is the difference between writing and a flower. Sheesh!!
My daughter was good this time..She said ok thanks anyway and takes the cake with the writing on it..

I told her I would have left the cake and told her never mind I will buy one somewhere else..

People are so weird.


Friday, January 16, 2009

The world around me..... my town part 2

Yesterday's post was rather long so I thought I would wait until today to show a few more photos from my trip to the Mariners Museum. As I mentioned they had a lot of information on the Monitor itself, but also showed a lot of history of ships in general. One of the more interesting areas was on the Titanic.

They not only had displays of things like this china from the ship itself

They also had some information on some of the passengers that were on board like this couple.

They even had a life boat (not a real one of course) to show us what it must have been like to row away.

I really enjoyed learning so many things.
The museum also talked about modern ship building and had some displays of old fishing lines and crab traps. We had fun with a ships wheel and enjoyed our day.

Thanks for coming along with me as I showed you The world around me...

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The world around me...Talking about my town

Well, moving away from the unpleasantness of my last post I want to share my day yesterday with you. Remember me telling you how the city gave us free passes to visit different things this month? Well this week is The Mariners' Museum This museum is 60,000 square feet of gallery space with rare figureheads, handcrafted ship models, Civil War ironclad USS Monitor artifacts, paintings, small craft from around the world and a lot and lot of information n ships in general.
My daughter and I went alone and spent about two hours just walking through and trying to take it all in. It would take at lest a half a day if you really want to read all the information, but we knew we didn't have that much time so we concentrated mostly on the information on the Monitor.
This is some of what I learned (This information has been copied off the Internet)

USS Monitor, a 987-ton armored turret gunboat, was built at New York to the design of John Ericsson. She was the first of what became a large number of "monitors" in the United States and other navies. Commissioned on 25 February 1862, she soon was underway for Hampton Roads, Virginia. Monitor arrived there on 9 March, and was immediately sent into action against the Confederate ironclad Virginia , which had sunk two U.S. Navy ships the previous day. The resulting battle, the first between iron-armored warships, was a tactical draw. However, Monitor prevented the Virginia from gaining control of Hampton Roads and thus preserved the Federal blockade of the Norfolk area.

Following this historic action, Monitor remained in the Hampton Roads area and, in mid-1862 was actively employed along the James River in support of the Army's Peninsular Campaign. In late December 1862, Monitor was ordered south for further operations. Caught in a storm off Cape Hatteras, she foundered on 31 December. Her wreck was discovered in 1974 and is now a marine sanctuary. Work is presently underway to recover major components of her structure and machinery, to be followed by extensive preservation efforts and ultimate museum exhibition.

The 13-foot-long Dahlgren gun, which weighs about 17,000 pounds, helped the famous Civil War vessel make naval history when it squared off with the CSS Virginia - also known as the Merrimack - on March 9, 1862, in the first battle between ironclad ships
But not since the Monitor sank and landed upside down off Cape Hatteras, N.C., at the end of 1862 has either of its two guns laid upright, enabling onlookers to inspect the commemorative engraving chiseled into the top of the barrel after the landmark engagement.Carefully hoisted from the ship's pioneering gun turret in late 2004, both the starboard and port cannons were transferred to separate 8,000-gallon treatment tanks inside the cavernous USS Monitor Center conservation lab. There the huge guns have soaked for nearly three years in a sodium hydroxide bath designed to draw potentially catastrophic deposits of chloride compounds from their vulnerable cast-iron barrels.
(The above photo is part of the gun soaking in the solution talked about in the above description)

Here are a few more photos of original parts of the ship.

- The signal lantern from the Monitor was possibly the last thing seen before the USS Monitor sank, and the first object recovered from the vessel in 1977

- The unique four-fluked anchor from the USS Monitor was recovered in 1983.

Here are some other things that were in the museum.
I love these authentic old figure heads. They are from ships all over the world.

Stay turn to part two where I will be showing you some of the china that was on the Monitor and also a special treat a photo I took of the original china from the Titanic