Monday, August 31, 2009

Highway Happening

I had the strangest thing happen to me last night. I was traveling home from my mom's house (about a 40 minute trip). My husband was driving and I was fully awake. We had been talking just moments before.
My husband's driving makes me a bit nervous sometimes so I was paying close attention to the road.

My husband was safely changing lanes and I glanced in the direction of the lane to our left that he was about to change too. For a split second I swear someone was in the middle of the lane. It caught me by such surprise that I actually gasp for breath. It only lasted for a second, but I swear I could see legs. It was as if they jumped out of the way, but no one was really there.
In the next second we were in the lane and I could see long skid marks where at some point someone had applied there breaks.
I couldn't help but wonder if there had been an accident of some kind at this point in the road.

Do you think I really saw something? Of was it the over active imagination of a long day?


Ohhh Books!

In spite of my last post I did get a nice surpise in the mail.
My buddy Jazz at October Farm knows what a big Civil War fan I am and send them this wonderful package in the mail. Not one but TWO great books.

Look at the pretty paper and bow she used.

Notice the cats like to read too.

I can't wait to read them.


Monday Update

Well, here it is Monday afternoon and nothing on my list for the weekend got done. I did manage to get the dog her shots and I am finishing up laundry, but other than that the cleaning plans were a bust. I had full intentions of cleaning my house, but we had a bit of a family crisis. My younger sister (who is only 35), husband of just a little over a year came home on Saturday evening and boldly announced he did not love her any more and told her to move out.
This came as a shock to everyone including her. The marriage for the most part had been good and they rarely argued. It seems that he is just tired of her, and feels she is lazy and he wants someone who will wait on him hand and foot, work (she works 60 hour weeks as a nurse), keep the house spotless, and be ready to jump up and go out and golf, fish, or do what ever he wants to do on a whim. He said he is tired of her having panic attack. (This is a condition she can't help)
She comes home tired and does lay around a lot and doesn't feel good most of the time, but he has known her for over four years and knew she was like this before he married her.

Anyway I say good reddens to bad rubbish. He is 10 years older than her, has two grown kids, a dead end job and together they are in debt so the lifestyle she leads is going no where fast.
I am pissed at him because it seems to me he used her to help get his last few years of child support paid off (His youngest was 18 and out of school this past spring)
Although my sister has a decent paying job, she doesn't really have the money to live completely on her own yet due to loans to pay back her school. She had no choice but to move back home with our mom and now she needs to re-group.
I spent the entire day over there yesterday helping her pack and prepare to move.
My son and his buddy came today and took her stuff out.
I think the reality of it all is hitting her and my mom said she has been crying.
It breaks my heart. This is her second marriage. She has no kids at lest, but I know this must be so hard for her.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Up Date On To Do List

Here is what I accomplished on Saturday

1. I did take the dog to the vet to get her rabies shot

I Did not clean out the spare bedroom,
I Did not clean out the closet, or take any items to the thrift store

Instead, I went with my daughter to VA, Beach, where I had a nice visit with my mom and my sister, and stopped in three different thrift stores where my daughter found some maternity clothes, and I was really really good and only spent $2.00 for a spider man Pillow for my grandson....What can I say...I gotta spoil him.

So....Tomorrow I have to clean out the spare bedroom, hopefully get to the coat closet, and take some things to the local thrift store.
My closet is on hold for now. Tomorrow night I have a baby shower to attend. One of the managers at work is expceting a little girl in Oct. That should be fun

Oh and did I mention..I still need to do laundry...Whew


Friday, August 28, 2009

To Do List

Weekend List

1. Take the dog to the vet for her rabies shot
2. Clean the spare bedroom
3. Take all the JUNK from the spare bedroom, including all paperback and craft books that are piled up and give to thrift store
4. If time allows....Clean out coat closet, remove JUNK
5 Take to the thrift store along with JUNK from bedroom
6. Laundry, Laundry, Laundry....

Did I mention I need to do laundry?


Sky Watch Friday

It is Sky Watch Friday, and today I am sharing a photo I took this week at Bush Gardens, Williamsburg Virginia. This is the new Sesame Street area for kids. Look how beautiful the castle is. This is a mini water park for the kids..Sprinklers everywhere. Just look at those fluffy clouds and blue sky. What a beautiful summer day!

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For more great Sky Watch photos Visit HERE


Getting Ready

I just bought the most perfect hat for Halloween....
Now I just need to remember where I put that darn dress

Photos to follow soon

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Bushed (Bush Gardens that is)

Whew, what a busy couple of days. Yesterday my grandson had his last gymnastics class

and today his mom and I took him to Bush Gardens.

I'm beat!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Bringing a night light


(Photo is mine and was taken in Sept. 2008 in the attic of the Farnsworth house) As you know I love Gettysburg and the ghost found there so when I found this article on the net this morning I thought I would share it. I have been to Farnsworth house, for a ghost tour and smelled the roses in the basement. Only one other woman and myself smelled them among everyone there. Very strange. My husband and I plan on going back to the Inn for another tour in October.

 Please note that I STOLE Borrowed, this article off the Internet and in no way take credit for it or any part of this article

Real men don't fear ghosts - do they?

A haunted Gettysburg inn quivers with stories of the supernatural.

Ghosts galore
For more information on the Farnsworth House Inn, located in Gettysburg, Pa., go to

By Pete DiPrimio

of The News-Sentinel

GETTYSBURG, Pa. — Real men sometimes sleep with a night light.
Is that so bad?
Ghosts sometimes do show themselves if you know where to look.
Does this sound farfetched?
Let me explain.
I am lying in a bed designed for Civil War-era comfort, which is appropriate considering this is a pre-Civil War-era room in a pre-Civil War-era bed and breakfast. Specifically, it is the Farnsworth House Inn of Battle of Gettysburg fame. It was once occupied by Confederate sharpshooters. It is currently occupied, if you believe in the supernatural, by at least 14 ghosts, seven of whom are regulars and one of whom is, well, not nice.
Hanging across from me on a 19th-century-styled wallpapered wall is an antique mirror framed by carved hardwood. It's the kind of mirror that reflects this world and, if you have an active imagination, the next.
At this moment, with the clock ticking well past midnight, my imagination is off-the-charts active. It tells me to look into the mirror to see if something is looking back or if something is in bed with me ready to strike with beyond-the-grave force. There is nothing there, I tell myself with closed eyes, except my own reflection. Do not look. Do not be foolish. Go to sleep. But sleep doesn't come, and thoughts of what the mirror might reveal overpower. I open my eyes and see …
Hold that thought.
Here are a few facts. My 15-year-old, won't-stop-texting son, Vince, and I have traveled from Bloomington on a ghost-hunting, history-enlightening quest to this famous south-central Pennsylvania town. We have brought a digital camera, a camcorder, a digital tape recorder and open minds. We have booked a ghost-hunting tour and a couple of other ghostly expeditions as well as a battle-field tour.
I have read the history of the Civil War-changing battle as well as the history of the 199-year-old Farnsworth House. (Its red brick side is marked by more than100 bullet holes courtesy of Union soldiers trying to take out those Confederate sharpshooters.) We have come because we know of its haunted reputation amid Victorian elegance.
We are prepared, ready, engaged.
And then comes the first curveball.
We arrive at the inn to discover our room was changed from two single beds to one romantic queen-size bed. This won't work. Another room is available, free of charge — if we want it.
In most circumstances, this would be wonderful. For instance, I would not have to listen to the constant beep of Vince's cell phone signaling yet another text message, or his rapid-fire (can a thumb really move that fast?) response. He could text — even talk — to his girlfriend in Dad-free peace.
But we are staying in a haunted inn, one of the most haunted places in America if you believe the Travel Channel. This is a place known for ghostly cats and ghostly children and ghostly Confederate soldiers and ghostly women and, oh, yes, that one nasty spirit.
It has 10 bedrooms where things sometimes really do go bump in the night. It has a cellar with a coffin and a history of unexplained occurrences. It has an attic that, if you roll a ball along the wooden floor, something sometimes rolls it back.
Did we really want to sleep alone?
Yes, I could mention my concern to the inn people. I could say, “We are too scared to sleep alone.” I also could put on a pink dress, ask for a pacifier and give my son a wimpy example I could never live down.
We'll do it, I say.
Cool, Vince says.
And then we hear the ghost stories. One involves Mary, perhaps a nurse during the Battle of Gettysburg. She appears to the smell of flowers. A guest once sprained his ankle. He wanted to take a tour of the battlefield, but didn't know if he could make it. He told a waitress at the inn's restaurant that he suddenly felt tired. So he went to bed. The waitress noticed a floral smell around him as he left. The next day he was refreshed. His ankle was fine. He took the tour. Mary had healed again.
A guide tells us that once during a late-night tour in a supposedly haunted grove of woods at the base of Cemetery Hill (the scene of some of the fiercest fighting) a man appeared. He was dressed in a Confederate uniform. The guide assumed the man was dressed for a battle reenactment. The guide himself was dressed in 19th-century clothing. But the man never said a word. He walked through the group, and everyone noticed the sudden chill despite the warm night. The man went into the woods. Some of the people tried to follow him, but he had disappeared.
Was it a re-enactor or a ghost?
Hold that thought.
I get the McFarland Room, a charming room well-decorated with photos of dead people and paintings of cats and children that rates as one of the inn's most haunted. Its rocking chair has been known to rock by itself.
Recent guests wrote in a journal next to the bed that the alarm went off even though it hadn't been turned on, that a woman was tapped on the shoulder by an unseen presence while lying in bed, that another woman felt pressure on her neck as if invisible hands were trying to strangle her, that a ghostly cat had run through the room and disappeared under the bed, that people heard unseen men whispering and an unseen child giggling, and watched coins move on their own.
Adding to the eeriness, we have just returned from a late-night ghost-hunting tour — it includes ghost stories and devices that can detect ghosts by measuring temperature, electromagnetic waves and magnetic waves (plus divining rods) — in which the guide mentions that nasty spirit. At first, he only calls the ghost “W” because he says calling him by name might cause a chilling reaction.
Later, of course, he tells us the name — Walter. He was a Confederate soldier who had received a “Dear John” letter, which left him bitter toward women. Then, he was shot and killed in the Farnsworth House, which left him really bitter. All that negative energy was trapped inside the house. Sometimes it manifests itself toward women who invoke his name or provoke him.
For instance, Walter once threw a chair at a woman (her boyfriend caught it to prevent serious injury) who dared Walter to show himself. He shoved another woman's head into a chair. He dislocated the guide's wife's shoulder just for saying Walter's name.
So, I begin wondering, what if Walter can tell I'm thinking his name. What if he's in a bad mood, there aren't any women staying in the inn and he has to go all poltergeist on somebody.
So, yes, I leave on a couple of lights because if a ghost is going to play hardball with me, I'll see it coming in time to play back. I'm not scared, you see. Just prudent.
And so I look into the mirror, check out every shadow, consider every noise. Nothing happens except I have a lousy night's sleep.
Not so for Vince.
He stays in the Schultz Room across the second-floor hall. He says he twice has ghostly encounters. He insists he is not lying or imagining. Who knows? Perhaps a ghost, tired of Vince's never-ending texting, pays him back.
Vince says he wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of a man's moaning. In the morning he takes a shower. The backstop to the door is in place. When he gets out of the shower, the backstop has been removed and placed on a chair by his bed next to a stuffed cat. His room remains bolted shut from the inside so no one from the inn could have been playing a prank.
Eerie? You bet. Proof? Not quite. Still …
Here's a final ghost story. We are on our last ghost-hunting excursion and the guide has a tale to tell.
It seems a woman was on a late-night tour in that same wooded grove just below Cemetery Hill. She thought she saw a little girl in the darkness where no little girl should be. She took a picture with her digital camera. When she saw the picture, she screamed and ran back to the group.
“What's wrong?” the guide asked.
“Look at this,” the woman said.
The image showed, not a picture of a girl, but of a dark shape hanging by a noose. The girl, it seemed, was a ghost.
She had supposedly hanged herself in the woods and still haunts them and those who dare visit.
Night lights, anyone?

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekly Chit Chat

Hi gang,
How is your week going? It's the same old thing here, work and sleep. This has to be one of the most boring summer's I have had in years. I haven't done a darn thing worth blogging about. I've spent a little time with my daughter and grandson this week, and I did go get my state inspection on my car, but other than that I haven't got much accomplished.
We did have a nice family picnic last weekend with my son, my daughter and grandson, and my husband, my ex husband and I...Yes you read it right. The ex was there. I didn't mind, (he brought the fried chicken ha ha). His girlfriend refused to come as did my daughter's boyfriend, as neither of them as sociable where family stuff is concerned, but they are both a pain in my butt so it was just as well.

I always enjoy our local park, the kids have a big area to play in

Also the park is full of deer and the rangers feed them each evening so we were able to get close enough to take these photos.

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over, soon the leaves will start to turn and fall will be here.
I have to admit though that I love the fall more than any other season and look forward to it. Also I am not sure if I have mentioned it or not but my husband and I are traveling back to Gettysburg in 6 weeks. I am excited, but a little nervous as we have not been able to save the money needed yet to go on. I have five nights booked with the same campground we usually stay in (This time we are staying in the cabin that is suppose to be haunted). I have up until 2 weeks before the trip to cancel without losing the deposit and I am not sure if this includes dropping a night.
At $75.00 a a night I might have to make a choice to either drop a night and do only some of the things on my list or just stay the fifth night and do more of the free stuff. There are several things I was wanting to do this time that we haven't done before so I guess I will see what the next few weeks bring for us financially.

Last time we were there my daughter went half with us on the money so we didn't have to stress as much. Oh speaking of, she is getting her ultra sound the end of Sept so in about four weeks I will know if I am having a grandson or grand daughter..(If it has its self turned right). I am anxious to find out so we can think of it more as a little person.
Anyway that is the news here. I will update again soon

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Day

My day so far

I have spent to much time playing farm town on facebook

I have sorted through some of my paperback books and set them aside for the thrift store (I need to do a lot more)

I have cleaned out the top shelves of my dinning room hutch (which holds nothing but junk)

I added about half of what was in there to a bag for the thrift store.

I sorted out some papers and now have 1/4 of a bag of trash.

I've talked to my daughter and will be having lunch with her in about an hour.

It rained for about five minutes really hard..then just suddenly went away...Weird

So how is your day going?


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trip out of town

I almost forgot that we did go out of town a couple of weeks ago. We went to Richmond Va. and visited the Hollywood Cemetery. I have been there a couple of times and really enjoy going and rambling around the old grave stones. This trip we went with a purpose in mind. To find the graves of the Confederate Dead who were killed in the Battle Of Gettysburg.
The first thing you see when arriving in that area is This...

It is a 90 ft pyramid, completed in 1869, it serves as a monument to 18,000 confederate soldiers buried nearby.

As I mentioned I was anxious to see the graves of the men from Gettysburg, so we went in search of those.

One of the most famous of those being General George Pickett

Seeing all these men really stuck a place in my heart. All of you know how much I love Gettysburg and knowing that these men have a resting place was very rewarding.
(The Confederates killed at Gettysburg were left there for months and sometimes years in mostly unmarked graves, until they were finally removed and put in cemeteries down south such as this one)
Most of the graves in this area of Hollywood Cemetery are marked unknown

And looking out over all the Confederate graves was a bit overwhelming

This is just a few of those graves. I have lots more photos but won't bore you with all of them.

Also the same day we went to the cemetery we visited Berkley Plantation and I will tell you about it in my next post.

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Daily chit chat

Wow it seems like ages since I have blogged..Sorry to be so far behind. It seems like I have just not been in a writing mood the last few weeks. Things are really at a lull at our house and life is boring..Well not really boring, but just everyday stuff that I don't really think is worth writing about. My daughter is feeling better, and is struggling to maintain a relationship with her boyfriend. They have a lot of issues to work out before this baby comes, and she is keeping an open mind that she may have to move back home with my husband and I. Of course I hope she can find some happiness, but it really wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't leave him in the end.
My husband and I have already picked out a bigger apartment "just in case" and are making plans to move there sometime next year on our own..Or if need be sooner with her and my grandson. As far as us, we really don't have monies for deposits and such until we get the last of my husband's child support payments behind us. We are on the downside of that and by this time next year will be done. Yippee.
The apartment itself is a townhome, but is in a complex so it is listed as an apartment. Downstairs has a Nice size living room, a half bath, a dinning area and kitchen with a you know how rare it is for an apartment to have a pantry (at lest in our area) The cabinets have a very country feel and are painted white. Which is something I love. I have an old antique Hoosier style cabinet (the kind with the flour sifters in them), that I use in my dinning room, and it will go perfect. The kichen window is right above the sink which will let in a lot of light.
This unit also offers an optional den which runs 100 a month more, but would still be in our price range (maybe). Even without the den it is big enough for us.
Upstairs is a stack-able washer and dryer, two ok sized bedrooms, and a bath, with an added extra vanity area. AND......The best part of the place is it has a back yard! Fenced with a garden gate of my own, and real trashcans..(you do share with one neighbor but the city picks it up TWICE a week) There is also outside storage and because the yard is fenced we are allowed to plant what ever we want..It even has electricity, so I can use those cute little garden lights.
I also will have my own mailbox..and my own parking place...
This place is soooo perfect for me...The only thing holding us back from moving there now, is $$$$. I look at it this way though..They aren't going anywhere, so I am going to take this next year to save a little money, sort through my piles of JUNK and dream.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009


I am still alive, just on a 6 day work week. I promise to post soon