Friday, June 26, 2009

In The Know

My blog friend PepperLady does a feature once a month called In the Know. She will ask a question and then you answer it on your own blog. This month she is talking about our eating habits.

Even though I am over weight, Mine are ok, Not great, but ok. Most of the time I skip breakfast, but if I do eat I will usually get a buttered biscuit from the Chick Fill A in the mall. I use a pack of jelly on it. I try to avoid the fatty biscuit of sausage egg and cheese, but have to admit I do love them.

Lunch varies. I try to bring from home at lest 2-3 times a week, which may vary from a ham sandwich with some chips, to a frozen dinner. I only buy Marie Callenders and even though they are a bit higher on sodium, they have the best flavor for the money.
If I have left overs such as spaghetti I will bring that from home too.
On the days I do buy lunch or dinner in the mall I will choose from Subway (and try to get a big chef Salad), Chick fil A grilled chicken sandwich, or sometimes Chinese
I work in a mid size mall so we have about 9 places to eat at, but those are my favorites.

Supper (or dinner as some people call it) is done more what time allows. I don't fry any meat (or if I do it is once every few months) and stick to baking. We eat more chicken than anything else, but must admit I would have steaks on the grill every night if I could afford it.
My husband prefers rice or noodles over potatoes, so when I make them I usually use instant. Along with the meat I open a canned vegetable or maybe some frozen broccoli.

I almost never have any dessert at my house. If I do buy something sweet it might be a package of chocolate covered graham type cookies from the store.
My husband loves ice cream, but he is much more over weight than I am so I won't buy it for him often.

I have to admit that I do have a weakness for chips and dip and will buy that about once or twice a month, but I try to pop popcorn in the microwave when I want a snack.
Also if you have a Walmart near you try there Sam's Club brand trail mix, I buy the one with M&M and nuts. It gives in to those sweet cravings but is still healthy

We don't drink alcohol, so my vice is Diet Dr. Pepper. I keep it for home. At work I will get sweet tea, lemon aid or regular Dr Pepper, because I buy from Chick Fill A.
I have a plastic handle cup that I get refiled for 87 cents a day with free refills once I pay for the first one. I bought it about a month ago and have been saving $1.00 a day from the regular price of a drink. That is $20.00 a month and that money is going into my vacation fund for my trip back to Gettysburg this fall.

Anyway as you can see I don't have any really healthy eating habits, but at lest they are not horrible.


Mist in the Hall

One of my co-workers Who for the sake of her privacy we will call Betty is a huge fan of ghostly things like myself, and when I arrived at work today she called me aside to tell me what had happened to her sister this week. I forget her sisters name but for the sake of this blog we will call her Linda. Linda's mother in law (Whom she did not get along with) passed away four days ago. Last night Linda was laying in bed and suddenly got very cold. She looked out into the hallway where she saw a mist. Thinking it was smoke she sat up and took a second look. The mist was growing thicker, and the room colder. All at once the mist took on a human shape and started to come into the room. Linda Yelled out, NO I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU...And snapped on the light. As she did the last of the mist disappeared and the room grew warm. Linda said she knows it was the mother in law.
Both the girls (Linda and Betty) grew up in a haunted house and both have had these type of experiences before. Betty said she told Linda to set up a video camera tonight and see what happens. I told her to also make sure she has her regular camera close by...Freaky huh

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

sky watch

Thunder Boomers rolled in here earlier this week, and of course I grabbed my camera so I could use a photo on Sky Watch Friday
The sky got really nasty, but we only got a few spinkles at our house.


Middle of the week chit chat

Sorry I have been so quiet lately. The news of my daughter being pregnant has taken a few days to sink in, and between that and work I just haven't felt much like blogging. I am trying hard for my daughter to be happy and I know once the baby grows enough to start moving and kicking I will be all involved and wanting to buy things and counting the weeks with her. Right now it is more of a hassle, just getting past the telling the parents stage (her boyfriend told his parents Father's Day) and of course they were thrilled as I expected they would be. This is there first grandchild, so emotions are going to run high. As I predicted his mom is already over excited and asking Rebecca what she needs and making plans to buy things.
I am not worrying about that end of it right now, but more concerned as to how they are going to pay for the medical end of it. She is already starting to show which worries me a bit. I am thinking she might be farther along than she thinks she is, or that there is twins. Her boyfriend is a twin (fraternal), so that incerease the chance of her having them. Because she is already popped out (she looks at lest 3-4 months already), she is not going to get to work as a dancer many more weeks. This is her extra income, so that worries me.

On the plus side she did go to social services today and apply for medicaid which should be automatic since she is pregnant. She is not counting the dads income since they aren't married and I know hers alone is only a little over a thousand a month.
Once all the paper work for that is approved she can get a list of DR in our area and get in for her first appointment.

Anyway things will find a way of working out. They always do. In the mean time I have dub the baby Tadpole...After all I think its dad is a toad ha ha


Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Perfect Day

My Husband and I had a really great day today. We went hiking and had a picnic at York River State Park which is located just outside of Williamsburg. The sun was shinning, we had a gentle breeze blowing, the water was beautiful, and the woods were quiet and peaceful.

What a perfect way to spend Father's Day and celebrate the Summer Solstice

HISTORY: York River State Park takes its name from the river along its border, which is formed from the joining of the Pamunkey and Mattaponi rivers at West Point, 10 miles upriver from the park. Croaker Landing, found within the park, is an archaeological site included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Known in its early history as Taskinas Plantation, this was the site of a 17th and 18th century public tobacco warehouse where local planters stored their crops to be shipped to England. Remnants of wooden "corduroy" roads dating from this period can still be seen along Taskinas Creek at low tide. The park was opened in 1980 to preserve the unique environment and the land that was so significant to the early history of the state.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

I haven't done a Sky Watch Friday photo in a long time, so I thought I would join in today. This photo was taken In Gettysburg PA. about three weeks ago.
Be sure and visit the Sky Watch main page for other great photos.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On the home front

Dear Jennie Wade House

A few years ago my daughter met a young man and moved in with him. At first I thought this was great, but as I got to know this man I soon realized that he is not the one for her (she just doesn't see this yet). Of course being a smart mom, I try not to say to much because as we all know the more mom protest the more daughter will rebel and do what she wants. So time goes on and I smile and hope that said young man will fall in a big hole somewhere and disappear. So what does this have to do with the Jennie Wade house? Well, it is like this. On May 24th of this year we made a visit to your house. My husband, daughter my grandson and myself. I had told my daughter ahead of time about the legend. You know the one on your door. It says that if an unmarried girl sticks her finger in the bullet hole that she will become engaged with in a year. Well......I told her not to put her finger in that hole. I even threatened to cut her finger off if she put it in the hole....But do you think she would listen..OH NO...She sticks her finger in that damn hole..We leave, we come home. Three weeks have passed, and guess what..NOOOOOO she isn't engaged....

I'm thinking of suing for child support

Sincerely Me....

P.S. (Can you put some gum or something in that hole? we don't want her to get married, because that is the last thing she needs)


Monday, June 15, 2009

Yes, I've lost my mind

Ok, now I know I've lost my mind. I have no where to store things in my apartment, but I keep coming up with these bright ideas. The latest being a wall dedicated to the battle of Gettysburg. I want to take some of my favorite photos along with Union and Confederate leaders and put them on a wall. Don't ask me what wall since mine are full, but I am going to at lest gather some things I want for display and see how it goes.
I have a couple of things already the first being this photograph. The copy I am showing here is just a black and white taken off the Internet, The one I have is the exact same photo only it is matted and framed. i purchased it while in Gettysburg. I will try and take a photo of it and post it soon.

This is a very popular photo and is of three Confederate Soldiers being held prisoner.I found the following information on line about this photo

"In all truth, the men in the image are not in anyway burdened with too much equipment for prisoners. All prisoners were usually allowed to keep their canteens, haversacks and blankets. None of these men are carrying quartermaster equipment i.e. cartridge boxes, belts, cap pouches, bayonets all of course would have been taken at the time of their surrender/capture

The picture in question was photographed by Mathew Brady. Originally a Stereo view image it for the record was logged as Stereo # 2397 and was taken by Brady on July 15th, 1863. The photo in question was taken on Seminary Ridge on the edge of the Lutheran Seminary grounds. The site today is easily found and near a sign for the Seminary. The site of this photo was accurately located by renowned Photographer William Frasanito. To offer better reference to the location it was taken one must of course see an "uncropped" version of the image. In the original image, one can see on the left hand horizon the huge sycamore tree atop Cemetery Ridge in the back ground which helped Frasanito to finally located the precise point the photo was taken.

In that the picture was taken some two weeks following the close of action at Gettysburg. It is reasoned that they were stragglers captured somewhere along the Chambersburg Pike or Haggerstown Road during the Federal mop up operations following the battle. Frasanito is quite certain the photo was not staged as some of the Gettysburg series by Gardner were. It is reasoned that these three individuals were just being moved through the area at the time Brady was on that location taking other shots. (He also took pictures of the Thompson house "Lee's Hdqrs" that same day along with several others. Brady more then likely posed the men and no doubt Federal Guards were standing but a short distance away off camera. The log breastworks seen in the photo were erected on July 4th by Southern forces under Rhodes Division after Ewell had relocated to Seminary Ridge to take place to cover the retreat. This line of defenses today is marked by a stone wall. "

One noted point about the photo it is one of the best recorded images of common Southern Soldiers referencing their dress etc. ever recorded.

(If I am infriding on any copyright laws by printing this information please let me know and I will remove the review)

Some of the other photos that I want to add to the wall are:
Abe Lincoln President of the United States (I found a wonderful 11x14 in a frame photo of him at the thrift store last week and will post it when I get it hung up)
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy
General Robert E. Lee leader- Leader of the Army of Northern Virginia (Rebels)
General George Meade- Leader of the Army of the Potomac.(Yankees) Mead took over
this title just days before the battle of Gettysburg

I would also like to have photographs of some of the other men who were leaders as well.
Along with this type of photos I want photos of the battlefield and the town.
I think I am going to need a really big wall.

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Flag Day

Happy Flag Day

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chit Chat

I just booked five days in Gettysburg at our usual campground for the second week in Oct. I know that is a four months away, but when I called for the reservation she said I was smart to book it now because they were already filling up. We will arrive there on my birthday so I am already excited. That day is also special because it will mark 11 years from the day I flew out to Utah and met Dean for the first time. It will be nice to have a mini honeymoon again this year (our wedding anniversary is Dec and it is always to cold to go anywhere so celebrating the Oct. date makes more sense) Also the National Apple Festival is going on that weekend. From what I understand it is a big thing there with over 300 vendors. I know I am going to enjoy it.(Check out the link)

I requested the cabin we had last Sept when we went up there and it was available. I am happy about that for several reasons. The first being is that it is in the main campground and not in the over flow area like the one we were in a few weeks ago. That means that we are just a short walk to the bathhouse instead of having to drive over each morning. Also the lake is just behind us and it was really beautiful last fall.

Ok, I confess, the number 1 reason I wanted this cabin is it is the one that is suppose to haunted. Nothing happened last year, except for a couple of photos which had some strange reflections in them, but we were told that others have had things happen. Things like voices, hoof beats from horses that weren't there passing by, and even a full body apparition at the foot of the bed.

i suspect the entire campground has some kind of paranormal effects. My daughter swears she saw the light outside our cabin (over flow area) and we both heard voices, singing and that strange horrible sound as if a horse was being slaughtered.

Time will tell

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Note on ghost story

I wanted to add a note about my last post. I had described the claw marks found in the river bed/bridge area as fossil like. I probably used the wrong word here. They did not actually find fossils but found claw type marks as if someone had tried to claw there way out of the water. The part about finding finger nails is as I remember the story. I would think any type of marks found in wood or clay after almost 150 years would be hardened, there fore I used the word fossil.
Sorry for any confusion. Also please remmeber this is a story that was told to us and there is no documentation that I am aware of.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A story from my Gettysburg Ghost Walk

I promised to tell you one of the ghost stories that I heard on the ghost walk in Gettysburg. The one that stood out in my mind that night happened here.

The area you see here may not look like much now, but on July 4, 1863 this area was known as WILLOUGHBY RUN. It was all dirt with a creek running through it. During the combat, the Confederates used the seven foot banks of Willoughby Run both as an entrenchment and a place to get some relief from the blazing sun and the heat of the battle.
It's said that on the last day of the battle as the troops were pulling out that a sudden thunderstorm hit the area and cause a flash flood of Willoughby Creek (there actually was a storm like that on July 4th.) It trapped several troopers and drowned them, and you're supposed to be able to hear their cries to this day. The stream crosses town, and it's been reported that if you get too near a storm grate that ghostly hands will grab at your trouser cuffs in an effort to pull themselves out of the surging waters. We were told that the little stream and a footbridge were still there a few years ago, and that when the city went to close it off (as shown in the photo above) that they found both fossil type claw marks and human finger nails embedded into the sides of the dirt. We were also told that Some of the wounded soldiers were down in the entrenchment and that for several days after the battle that the water ran red with blood.
Now I don't know how true any of this is, but it made for a good ghost story, and I don't mind admitting I hurried across that area and on down the sidewalk.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Thinking ahead

I'm sure most of you are sick of hearing about my love of Gettysburg by now, so I am going to move on a bit to other things, but I am already dreaming of my next trip there. We had such a hectic time on this past trip to Gettysburg that we have already decided to try and make up for it. I have another weeks vacation coming up in Oct. and as it turns out my birthday and the anniversary of when my husband and I met in person for the first time fall within that same week, so we can't think of any better way of celebrating than returning to the town we love.
I put $10.00 in the savings jar today to save toward the trip. That doesn't sound like much but if I can save just 10 a week until we go we will have an extra $130 dollars to spend. That will pay almost half of the money for our cabin. Of course I hope to save more as we get closer, but I figure 10 a week is a safe amount and won't be missed as much as setting a higher goal.
It looks like we will take our dog with us when we go back next time. Up until now either my daughter or my ex-husband (yes we have a strange divorce) have watched her for me. This time however they have a vacation planned for the same time. The Campground charges an extra 15 a night for pets (which is a bit high considering that they only charge 60 for the cabin), but that beats what a local kennel will charge. She (the dog) is use to staying in a kennel/cage while we are at work, so I think she will be fine in it at the cabin. We can check on her every few hours and still enjoy ourselves. Anyway this is months away, but I am dreaming already....

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shiver me timbers! Pirates are everywhere!

Dean and I attended the annual Blackbeard festival in Hampton VA. this afternoon.
It was the first time we had been and we had a fun time visiting all the vendors, smelling all the food and checking out the pirates. There was an area just for kids, and several stages set up with shows. All in all we had a nice time. Next year I want to go with more money because I did find that most of the crafts were a bit different than what I usually see at festivals. This evening we are just sitting around relaxing....Awww summer time is here

The Blackbeard Legend
Once a bustling seaport, Hampton was the doorway to commerce for the colonies. Between the export of tobacco to England and the import of manufactured commodities, Hampton's waterfront became a prime target for one of the fiercest and most successful pirates of the Caribbean, Blackbeard. Legend has it that when Blackbeard was finally defeated by the Royal Navy, his head was mounted on a post at the mouth of the Hampton Harbor warning all other Pirates of their impending fate. Today, it is Hampton's fame as an important colonial seaport and Blackbeard's demise that the city celebrates.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Carrie asked me why we didn't smile for our old time photo, and I wanted to let her (and anyone else who didn't know) that we did it that way because in the 1800's photography was still in the very early stages. It took several minutes before the picture "took", so people did not smile because it would not only hurt keeping a smile, but probably look very unnatural by the time the camera went click.
Also people were more formal in those days and it was probably considered improper to have a big smile on your face.
We wanted our photos to look "real" as if we were living in 1863 so we tried to look solem. If you notice Cody looked almost sad and I loved the way the photographer captured that. It was as if he is saying My daddy is gone off to war, and I don't want to leave my mommy and grandma but I am going to march off with my big drum and find him. For a child of four he really took this whole Civil War stuff serious. He was so interested in the stories and asked several times to see the soldiers. I guess in his little mind they should still be there.

I am lucky enough to have several "real" photos from the 1800's and early 1900's of my great/great grandparents.

This is my great great grandmother Jeannie Wilson Fincher, born 1857 and lived until 1940
I especially love this photo because it was done in color
our "old time photo" is done in very similar color and I think Rebecca may even favor her a bit. If you look at the shape of the nose and face, to me they look similar


Ghost Walk

My copy of "The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide..Gettysburg and Beyond, by Mark Nesbitt" is well worn and has proven to be a valuble resource when I have visited Gettysburg. One of the statements he makes has stood out in my mind and gives you something to think about.
I am not quoting it exactly the way it reads in the book, but it is something to this effect.
"Five-One thousand men were killed or wounded in the three day battle. Out of this three days they actually fought about 24 hours. When broken down this means that for every hour that they fought 2,125 men were shot. Every minute of that 24 hours 36 men where hit, so every two seconds a man was hit. For twenty-four hours."

When most of us think of this three day battle we tend to think of those men, but what is sometimes forgotten is the people who lived in the town of Gettysburg.
On June 1st of 1863 the town of Gettysburg had a population of 2,400. I was told on a recent tour of one of the homes in the area that when the troops pulled out on July 4th, that approx. 23,000 men were left behind. Almost every home had to take in a wounded solider or help to bury the bodies. A lot of these men died within the weeks that followed. It's little wonder with these statistics that Gettysburg is haunted. And of course being haunted everyone has a story to tell.
Look on any corner and you will find some sort of "Ghost Walk"

Mark Nesbitt "Ghost of Gettysburg" tour has been nominated as the #1 tour in Gettysburg, but for my trip this time we choose a different company to take a walk with. We opted for Sleepy Hollow tours.
Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours is owned and operated by Cindy Codori-Shultz. Cindy is the 6th generation granddaughter of Nicholas Codori, of the Codori Farm, site of Pickett's Charge. Although Cindy did not give the tour the night we went we did have the opportunity to meet her while there and enjoyed talking with her. She seems like a very nice lady and her tour guides were well informed and interesting.
The night we took our tour we went with Amanda

She was a delight and told us several very interesting stories. Unlike the worst ghost tour I ever took in Richmond VA where we were rushed up and down hills and told stories at such a fast pace that we got very little out of the story I was pleased not only with Amanda's story telling ability, but also with the pace at which she told her stories and the way she lead the tour. She made sure everyone was together before she started talking, gave us time for questions and photos and seemed generally interested in having us as her guest.
I will try and relate some of those stories in my next post

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Photo Fun

If you've been around lately you have probably noticed that I have changed my profile picture. This was taken while we were in Gettysburg at Servant's Old Tyme Photos.

This is the original one done by the photographer
It is done in a technique call antique color. I love the result.

And this is the one my husband took while we were being posed. I had ask him to do it so we could see the real color of the clothing we wore.

The following photo is one that I bought while at a local art store in Gettysburg. I couldn't resist it. You all know how much I love ghost, so when I saw this it had to come home with me. I have changed the mat to a black one (the white one came in the frame) and it is now hanging in my bedroom. I also picked up a couple of other photos but don't have them hanging yet.

If you like Civil War art then Gettysburg is the place to go for it.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everyone Loves A Parade

Everyone loves a parade and the Memorial Day one we witnessed in Gettysburg was a lot of fun. We went into town early so we could find a spot to sit in the shade and we lucked out and got on the steps of the library.

From there we were able to see everything. We had a bit of a wait, but were entertained by the street vendors who were busy selling things to the kids. As you can see Cody got a spider man toy, but they had several things to choose from.

The parade started off with the sounds of a band which came down the wrong street. It confused some of the people at the opposite end from us and they all came rushing up the street. They were soon send back to where they came from and the parade started again..

(Band coming down wrong street)
Once things got to rolling we enjoyed seeing a variety of things including bands and Civil War re-en-actors. Even ABE Himself was there.
I am posting some photos in no particular order for you to enjoy

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