Sunday, July 30, 2006

Birthday Photos

Well supper is out of the way and the baby is down for the night..Hubby is zzzzzzz on the couch and I finally have a few mintues for ME. I'm about to go in and take a nice long hot bath, shave my legs and put on something nice..Then I plan on waking up the hubby...ohhh never mind that is a need to know thing *giggle* and everyone doesn't need to know.

Oh the serious side, I have to do some ironing first and get tomorrows work clothes ready. I miss my dryer..before I could either toss something back in or make sure it got hung up as soon as it came out. Now by the time the shirts make it home from the laundry mat they are ready for the iron. Sigh! Also my hubby is ready for visitors to his please go by and check it out..He is feeling a little lonesome so please leave him a comment and let him know you were there.

Anyway here are the photos from today.

The birthday girl


Yum cake and ice cream


Oh look at all those calories


My daughter and one of my son's room mates goofing off in the yard.


My kids showing me just how talented they are..This is their retarded arm routine.


No, it isn't a used car lot


Well that is it..I have a few more, but I'm saving them for another post.

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Sunday should be for sleeping

Sometimes I hate having a weekend day off. I don't seem to get any real rest, and usually rush around doing ten things instead of cleaning house or spending time with a good book. I can't remember the last time I sat down to watch an entire movie, and forget sleeping late. Take today for example, my eyes opened to the sound of Meow, Meow, Meow. I looked down and there was not one but both of my kittens in the bedroom with me. Maggie who is the oldest at four months was up on the bed with me. Molly who just turned 8 weeks and is still a little uncertain about jumping that high was trying to make her way to me via the clean clothes basket I had left at the foot of the bed from last nights laundry. Magggie of course got the first bit of loving since she was in my face, and then I called to the little one to come to the side of the bed, where she clawed her way up the sheets and into my arms. "Daddy/my hubby" was no where to be seen. He had woke up early and was in the other room already. Now I dare not complain since he did at lest let me sleep in...somewhat...but my babies were starving..How hard is it to open a can of cat food. I mean they have pop tops.. Men...Sheeh. Anyway I got them fed, thew my clothes on and we headed out to visit my mom and sister. Today is my sisters birthday..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE...Her blog is called A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

We brought my ex along for what was one of his first outings since his heart surgery, and my kids met us there. My daughter had spend the night at my sons last night spending some quailty time with her brother. We had a nice visit and enjoyed the cake and ice cream mom served. While we were there my ex brother in law showed up to say hello and we all went outside to take a look at his new car. A 2006 Dodge Charger...La Dee Da..A very nice ride indeed. Red and sleek and made my new one look like an old ladies car..Oh wait it is an old ladies car..but you knew what I meant. My sons room mates showed up and them along with my son and daughter took off to Busch Gardens for the rest of the day. Since my grandson was with his dad this weekend we didn't get to stay long, and had to come home for his arrival. I will keep him now till morning when the work week starts all over again..Dinner is cooking and I am trying to catch up with some blogs while the baby is napping. I will come back later and post photos of the day.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rub A Dub Dub

Tonight was laundry night. Yuck. I love my little apartment except for one thing..No washer or dryer, and right now the complex does not have a laundry area (but we have been told they are building one....but then again we have been told we were getting new indoor/outdoor carpet for the area in front of our door and I am still seeing cement)

As soon as supper was finished tonight the hubby and I loaded up the dirty clothes, and headed out to do them. Several weeks ago my daughter and I started going to a laundry mat about 10 minutes from the house. It is big and new and there never seems to be a crowd, but in order to get there we pass at lest three other ones. Tonight because my husband and I were both tired we decided to stop in to one of those. BIG mistake..Not only were there a zillion people there, the change machine would not take my $20, and the washers and dryers sucked. I normally can put in four quarters and have dry clothes..Tonight I had to put in 6 in each one and part of the things are still damp.. Next week we travel the extra 5 miles..


Flea Repellant Pillows

Flea Repellant Pillows
6 ozs pennyroyal
3 ozs thyme
3 ozs wormwood
Herbs may be cut or whole; construct a pillow for your pet to sleep on stuff it with the pennyroyal, thyme, wormwood
This makes a nice gift for those favorite dogs in your life These herbs help to repel fleas naturally and without harsh chemicals.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Morning After

My friend Nancy left me a comment, telling me that my hubby loves me and I should at lest give him a scobbie snack while he is in the dog house. I left a comment back telling her he didn't even get a wet kiss on the nose. He did however have a sleepless night the same as I did. We were up until 3 am fighting. He had to leave at 9 to go to work and I have just about enough time to post this entry and I have to go and stay until 7 tonight myself. He has to stay until 9 tonight since he has been working over time and has to do so again today. I am shaky this morning, depressed and totally upset that some strange woman who he has not seen in 30 years or I have never met can wrack havoc into my marriage. I am angry at myself for letting her, and for letting myself slip into an old pattern I swore I would not let happen in this marriage. This is the first time in 8 years that my husband and I have EVER had this kind of argument. Matter of fact I can count on one hand the number of disagreements we have ever had. My husband and I NEVER fight. He may get a bit snappy, or I may get a bit snappy and we sulk for 10 minutes, but we never have more than a word or two. EVER. When my ex and I were married we would fight at the drop of a hat. If I said it was hot, I said it was cold. If I said it was daytime he said it was dark. We sat up all hours of the night fighting sometimes until 4 am. It was not a happy life or the way we should have been living. When Dean and I met 8 years ago, he took a emotionally bruised woman and nurtured me back into a healthier, stronger person. Trust me I could write a book on here about some of the things I went through. Anyway as I was saying. It was a really bad night for us. The basic out come of the fight was this. I love him, he loves me and he is not going to contact this woman again. I have the yahoo account I made to view his (and her) blog, but have left everything in it blank which is how it will stay. I have no interest in yahoo or anything this woman has to say. I have removed anything to do with her so hopefully she will crawl under the rock she came from. I think my husband has learned a good lesson from this. At lest I hope so. Ok time to move on to other things. I have wasted enough energy on this subject. However I haven’t ever talked a lot about my husband and myself and how we met in a chat room on the Internet..Maybe I will do that soon.

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I'm Still Hot!

My husband and I are still bickering about this "old friend" of his. I made him give me his yahoo password so I could see if there were any letters from her, or him to her. Seems that she did find him. My husband said that anyone who has yahoo can find him...Ok yes that might be true, but answer me this. Why does someone who knew him 30 years ago and knows he is married and who is married herself feel like she should look. A bit fishy to me. Accually I turned into super bitch. I wrote her a letter. Not a very nice one, she wrote back, I wrote back.She claims she was "touching base with an old friend" I told her one email is touching base. The THREE emails I found that she wrote to him is getting involved with a married man, and she should know better. Women more than anyone should do NOT mess with someone else's man. High school sweet heart or not. I think we ironed it out. I pretty much told her don't F*ck with me...I am not a nice person when I get mad. Just ask my husband who is still so far in the dog house, he may sleep outside for a week.


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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Why are men so weird, and why do they think we are stupid?

Take my husband for example. He knows I've had a blog for over a year now. I've told him a couple of times he should start a blog so he can share his photo's of the celebrities he met when he was younger and working in LA at the airport. So what does he do. He sets it up with yahoo. DUH! Now I'm sure yahoo has a very nice blog area, but if you want to comment on his blog or even read it, you have to be invited or at lest know his name and how to find it. Seems pointless to me. Anyway he is in trouble with me over it. Seems he invited an old friend from high school to view it. (He says she found him which makes me even more angry)SHE is someone who has been reading it. I hadn't received an invite until today. Well once I got on there I found out that they had been commenting each other..When I confronted him about it. I found out that that not only did he know her in high school he had dated her. Seems he took her to his high school prom. Now does he think I am stupid or what. Does this man not realize that not only am I now going to read every word that he writes but every word of her blog too.(oh and just so you know..He doesn't read my blog which pisses me off even more to know he has been reading hers)

Dumb Dumb Dumb...

and by the way..This is the second time over the years that this woman and him have been in touch. We had a huge fight over her this morning. He thinks I am silly for being jealous I think he just really really stupid for thinking I wouldn't be. I am not really as much jealous as I am pissed that I "caught" him corresponding with her. I don't stay in touch with old boyfriends. I think we are way to old for that. He is going to be in the dog house awhile on this one.

*update* As he went to work today he was mumbling something about not seeing her in 30 years and how she was an OLD GIRLFRIEND...hmmmm at first he said she was just his prom date. He is getting in deeper isn't he!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Judge lifts order requiring treatment for teen with cancer


Judge lifts order requiring treatment for teen with cancer

Abraham Cherrix

Abraham Cherrix

By ELIZABETH SIMPSON, The Virginian-Pilot
© July 25, 2006 |
Last updated 6:26

ACCOMAC – A 16-year-old Chincoteague boy with Hodgkin's disease was given a reprieve this afternoon from the cancer treatments he doesn’t want.

Accomack County Circuit Court Judge Glen Tyler suspended lower court orders that the parents of Abraham Cherrix report to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk today and give their consent to whatever treatment the hospital deemed necessary.

Abraham wants to continue an alternative treatment called the Hoxsey method, which consists of herbal supplements and an organic diet. He has been using the method since visiting a clinic that administers the treatment in Tijuana, Mexico, in March

The type of cancer Abraham has is highly treatable in early stages. Abraham had court-ordered X-rays at CHKD in June. He also had a follow-up exam with his doctors at the Biomedical Center in Mexico, where he’s receiving the Hoxsey treatment. Both exams showed that his tumors – one in his neck and one near his windpipe – had grown since February.

The case has drawn sharply divided opinions nationwide, with some maintaining that government has no right to interfere in a family’s health choices, and others believing that Abraham needs to resume chemotherapy to save his life.

Virginia Attorney General Robert McDonnell filed a brief in juvenile court on Monday requesting the order be blocked, pending an appeal.

A new trial has been set for Aug. 16.

A lawyer for Abraham and his parents argued that if the lower court order was allowed to stand, any further legal appeals would be moot.

"Once those doctors take control of Abraham, then the game is over in terms of their appeal that they're entitled to by statute," said John Stepanovich, lawyer for Jay and Rose Cherrix.

Abraham's parents embraced as Tyler lifted the order.

Tyler also ended joint custody of Abraham between his parents and the Accomack County Department of Social Services, which also had been ordered by the lower court judge.

Carl Bundick, an attorney for the department, told the judge the department would not object to a suspension of that order, provided that a new trial would take place quickly.

"What the department is interested in is this young man being cured of cancer," Bundick said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report


Monday, July 24, 2006

Have You Seen Our Mother?

The following is reprinted from the book Soft Moon Shining.


Brother Wind
Have you seen our Mother?
Was she sitting alone and silent
on some lofty snow capped peak
as you crossed the Rocky Mountains on your way to caress the vast prairie grass lands?

If you see our most beautiful Mother
please tell her I am calling her
and that I can no longer contain my love

Sister Earth
Have you felt our Mother's footsteps
as she walked across your endless lands
planting the seeds of creation and dissolution?

Have you heard her singing her sweet song
of compassion and love?
If so, tell her that her child
who loves her so very much
has awakened from his long nap
and yearns to hug his Mother once again

Sister Ocean
Has our Mother passed through your rivers today on her way to direct the waters of eternity up into her garden of clouds
floating in the deep blue sky of primal awareness?

Or have you felt her moving in the unfathomable depths
of your inky black belly where she often goes to stir the boiling cauldron of destiny?

If you know where our sweetest of Mothers is
please tell her that I am unable to stop the flood of tears that rises from the well of my deep longing and that I yearn to hold her
and to be held by her again

Brother Sun
Nothing at all escapes your warm life giving gaze!
Please look all around now from your high place
and tell me if you see our Mother's dancing form as she goes about her many tasks
- can you catch a glimpse of her shadow
as it plays on the steep cliffs of revelation?

If so, please tell her to come for her child who stands now in his crib gripping tightly and shaking the constraining rail of the ego
crying Mother! Mother! Mother!
unable to find contentment in anything but her

If you see her please kiss her affectionately for me and tell her to come quickly as I am through sleeping and dreaming and only want to be with her


A Busy Sunday

I didn't get a chance to visit the cats tonight. My day has been so busy that I am just now sitting down to read the blogs. My daughter and I started off about 10 this morning in search of bargains. We headed back across the bridge to the same flea market I had discovered last weekend. It was a nice day for it. Cloudy and overcast. Not to hot with a breeze. Since we arrived fairly early most of the outdoor vendors were there, and we took a look at them first. There are close to 25 or so shops at this flea market that sell "junk" and antiques. We had fun finding all the bargains. Among them were video tapes for $3.00. I bought four...The Ya Ya Sister Hood, The Net, Dances with wolves, and Baby Boom. I've seen them all a dozen times but hey for three bucks I can see them again. My daughter also got about 6 or 7, so we won't be bored for awhile. Among some of the other things we got today were:

For her: Some decorative baskets, a picture to hang above her entertainment center a plaque of Kuan Yin (statue in a frame), some enamel bowls (to use as cat food dishes) and a new table cover for a round table in her living room.

I got a little marble cat, a blue bottle to add to my collection I have in my dinning room window. A enamel bowl full of fake veggies and fruit (it came that way) an enamel pot of flowers. And the bargins of the day were two Native American items. One was a pipe, that someone had made, and the other a type of good luck stick. I talked with the lady who sold them to us and she said that she made the stick to ward off evil from her home, and to keep away people she did not want to be around. She talked in depth about it and how she had smudged and charged it. She warned me to use it wisely for it has great power. My daughter took the pipe, she liked it and it will be a good converstation piece for her, and is usuable.

Anyway we made a day of the flea market, stopping on the way home at another antique store, and at Walmart for cat food. Tonight was laundry night. So as you can tell the ferals didn't get a visit. Maybe tomorrow night.

Here are some photos of my daughters house



and also some of the things I got today.





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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thoughts of a feral

Thanks to my sister Michelle of A little bit of this, A little bit of that for sending me the link to the page this poem was on

(Annette Easdon)* Dedicated by the author to all the kind and caring people who give the lonely ferals a little care, a little love, and a little hope.

I sit beneath the bushes as she fills my dish each day,
I only venture out to eat when she has gone away,
I know it will upset her when I turn away and hide,
As every day she tries her best to get me by her side.
I wish that I could let her know that I don't want to run,
And hope that she will understand it's nothing that SHE's done.
I'd like to have her stroke me and pat my weary head,
But fear will overcome and I'll run and hide instead.
For all the kindly people who feed the strays each day,
I pray the Lord will care for them as they have cared for me.


Saturday, July 22, 2006


You might remember awhile back me mentioning the Feral cats that live in my apartment complex. Several weeks back my daughter and I went for a walk and spotted what appears to be about 10 cats living wild at the edge of one of the building on the next street over. At the time we suspected someone was feeding them, since they had been hanging around there for awhile. The last few days we have been walking around over there again, and saw where one of the apartments had food and water out. We haven't found out who lives there yet, but are hoping to meet them so we can let them know how nice it is that they are doing this. The cats really need a friend. Tonight the cats were there eating when we arrived so that is a good sign. They are skittish and won't come near anyone, but if you sit real still, they will sit about 20 ft. away and stare at you. There is one kitten that appears to be about 8 to 10 weeks old. My daughter has her eye on him/her. We are hoping it is still young enough to be convinced it needs human contact and possibly a home. On the down side. I found out today that our city passed a law effective last month that you can not feed Ferrel cats. Anyone caught doing it will get a fine. Hopefully none of the neighbors will turn these people in. I think its a stupid law. The cats are hungry..What do they expect them to do, dig in the trash. I just don't understand society sometimes, or the laws we as citizens are imposed to follow.

Tomorrow we plan on returning with a bag of food and a feather on a string...that little kitten is calling out to us. I also plan on taking the camera out there so expect some photos soon.


Taking A Tour

Welcome to Hampton Roads is a bit of scenery
























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Friday, July 21, 2006

Three More Years

Whoo hooo. Today is my step sons 15th birthday. Just three more years of child support! I'm telling everyone now. When they finally release my husband from the bonds of payments for his brats. I am going to throw a big party and your all invited. I can't wait to sing....

Ding Dong The Witch is Dead, which old witch...the ex wife witch...ooops sorry I'm getting off track here

Now don't get me wrong. I think every man should pay child support for his kids. My son pays it, my daughter gets it, kids need it. It's the American way. What makes me mad is the women who take advantage of the system like my husbands ex wife. Some how this woman managed to lock him into child support payments of the same amount until the last child graduates or turns 19. My husband has four kids. Three of them are over 18, one of those three has been married for almost three years. Yet he pays the same amount of money EVERY WEEK, that he paid from day one. Almost half his pay..Yep he pays almost 130 a week EVERY WEEK...that is over 500 a month...and it is going to one kid. In the mean time his ex is a fat slop who does not work. She has remarried, lives off disability, and until last year was living in an apartment provided by her new mother in law for about 200 a month. (This was at the same time we were paying about 8 hundred for a place we were in) When she was working she made MORE an hour than my husband and two of the four kids were working at the time. Plus she was getting help from social servcies and had the kids on medicade because WE don't have health insurance for them WE don't have health insurance for US, because we support her lazy butt. We can't afford it.

Can you tell this is a sore subject with me.

Now maybe I wouldn't be so bitter if the little brats would at lest call there dad once in awhile or send him an email to at lest say kiss my butt. Do you think we hear from them. Nope.

My husband and I have been together 8 years now, the first 6 years he had 3 letters total, from the kids. For the first 5 years we were together he hand wrote them a letter EVERY week. First to the oldest, then the next week the one under her, and so on so that each kid got one personal letter per month from him. In these letters he put the child support check made out to the ex. We never got so much as a thank you. We never hear from the kids. (she has soul custody so now we don't even have an address or phone number.) My husband use to call. She blocked our number. Then she moved out of state. Then she had child support enforcement take over the payments so that he can't even write them. Now one in a blue moon his second to the oldest daughter (who is married) will get a bug up her butt and contact her dad. About 6 months ago she even called. At this time her and her dad did a lot of talking. We found out that her and her sisters and brother did not even know that child support has been paid to there mom. Seems mom just didn't bother to tell them. They thought there dad didn't care. What a shame. These kids have lost 10 years with there dad. He has not seen his kids in those 10 years but once. And then his oldest daughter wouldn't see him.

I'm sure by now your wondering hmmmm, what happened to make her keep the kids away. Did he abuse her or them in some way. Nope..The only thing he is guilty of is being poor. When the ex left she left the state, she took the kids (they had four plus she had three older ones). She got tired and lonely and he got tired and lonely and they both gave up. Working all the time and rasing SEVEN kids in a three bedroom condo got to be to much for them My husband was working two jobs. He never knew if it was day or night. She was worn out and tired of being tired. Finally they just couldn't do it any more. She left one sunny day and never looked back.......

Two years later him and I met. Two years after that we married. A few months later she did too. (remarry) She basicly turned the kids away from there dad. They were young and didn't know any better. Sad huh.

Happy birthday David....I hope life is treating you good.

Hugs from your step mom.... oh and dad said to say he misses you very much and loves you even more...

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Feline Friday



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Thursday, July 20, 2006

In The News

Remember the post I made the other day about Abraham Cherrix' and his fight for an alternative treatment for his cancer. Here is the judges decision. I think it is a sad day.

Eastern Shore teen ordered to hospital for cancer treatment

By SONJA BARISIC, Associated Press
© July 21, 2006 |
Last updated 7:24 PM Jul. 21

NORFOLK — A judge ruled today that a 16-year-old cancer patient fighting to use alternative treatment for his Hodgkin's disease must report to a hospital by Tuesday afternoon for testing, evaluation and treatment as doctors deem necessary, the family's attorney said.The juvenile court judge also found Starchild Abraham Cherrix's parents neglectful for risking his health by permitting him to pursue alternative treatment of a sugar-free, organic diet and herbal supplements supervised by a clinic in Mexico, lawyer John Stepanovich said.

The judge made no change in his previous order requiring Jay and Rose Cherrix of Chincoteague on Virginia's Eastern Shore to share custody of Abraham, as he's called, with the Accomack County Department of Social Services, Stepanovich said.

Stepanovich said he will ask a higher court on Monday to stay enforcement of the order, which requires the parents to take Abraham to Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters in Norfolk no later than 1 p.m. Tuesday and to give the oncologist their written legal consent for treatment.

The family has 10 days to appeal, which in Virginia juvenile court cases means requesting a new trial in Circuit Court, Stepanovich said.

"I want to caution all parents of Virginia: Look out, because Social Services may be pounding on your door next when they disagree with the decision you've made about the health care of your child," Stepanovich said.

Phone calls to the Cherrix home went unanswered. Stepanovich said the family was devastated by the order, which came down at the end of the day.

The lawyer declined to release the ruling, since the judge has sealed much of the case. He said Judge Jesse E. Demps based his reasoning on the traditional medical protocol described by Abraham's oncologist.

Social Services officials have declined to comment in the case, citing privacy laws.

After three months of chemotherapy last year made him nauseated and weak, Abraham rejected doctors' recommendations to go through a second round when he learned early this year that his Hodgkin's disease, a cancer of the lymph nodes, was active again.

A social worker then asked a judge to require the teen to continue conventional treatment. In May, the judge issued a temporary order finding Abraham's parents neglectful and awarding partial custody to the county, with Abraham continuing to live at home with his four siblings.

The judge also initially forbid the family to leave Virginia, then let Abraham return to the Mexican clinic after the teen had X-rays to assess his disease. The X-rays showed the chest tumor had grown mildly, Abraham has said.

Last week, the judge heard 11 hours of testimony over two days during a closed hearing. The teen said afterward that he told the judge what it's like to go through chemotherapy and that he didn't want to relive it

On the Net:

Abraham Cherrix:


So Much For Progress




It's 11 am. I have heard the trucks in my court since 7.....They asked us to move our cars out by 6:30 YESTERDAY

Tell me again why I can't park my car here?

I don't see any progess.

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re-posting some old photos


Top row from left to right:

My husband and myself...we were playing around squirting each other with water just before the photo was taken.

Next is a picture taken at my dads funeral.

Next is my prosperity hex hand made by a Pagan friend of ours.(we did all the painting on it)

Next to that is a picture of the river in the Smokey Mountains.

Next, is my Samhain (Halloween) Altar taken a couple of years ago

my collection of brooms

Next, some of my witches

some of my favorite cystals

My tolls

And my butterfly tattoo

Hope you enjoyed these

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